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>>Interested to learn more? You know like me there are about 50 games in the series. :P

AbsolArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Absol, a dark type Pokemon.
ArceusArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Arceus is a Pokemon that can change its type. The different Pokemon types are represented around it in this picture.
Arceus 2Artist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is Arceus, the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon world.
DialgaArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Dialga, the legendary steel/dragon type pokemon.
EnteiArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: A picture of Entei, the legendary fire Pokemon.
GroudonArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Groudon is a legendary ground-type pokemon.
LugiaArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Lugia, a legendary flying/psychic Pokemon.
MewsArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: An extremely cute picture of 4 Mews flying together. :D
MewTwoArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: The legendary psychic Pokemon MewTwo.
PalkiaArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Palkia, the legendary water/dragon type pokemon.
RaikouArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: A picture of Raikou, the legendary electric Pokemon.
RayquazaArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is Rayquaza, a legendery flying/dragon type pokemon.
Shadow LugiaArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Shadow Lugia, a legendary psychic Pokemon.
Shining NinetalesArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: The silver shining Ninetales.
SuicuneArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Suicune, a legendary water Pokemon.
SuicuneArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: A different version of Suicune, the legendary water Pokemon.
Ditto ArtArtist: Jim McGovern
Description: A graphically-coloured drawing, coloured in Photoshop.
Marvin the MarillArtist: Jim McGovern
Description: An enhanced photo of a Marill ted, inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Spotty Spoink cardArtist: Jim McGovern
Description: A fan-made Pokemon card, with a sky backdrop photo taken with a Fujifilm Finepix 2400Zoom.
CharmeleonArtist: Ket Shi
Description: Charmeleon is kicking stuff.
In The RiverArtist: Ket Shi
Description: Dratini, Marill, Azurill, and Mudkip apparently having a lot of fun in the river.
SkittyArtist: Ket Shi
Description: A bright red picture of Skitty. Drawn before it was very clear what Skitty looked like, so some details are off.
VapoeronArtist: Ket Shi
Description: Vaporeon calmly sitting there.
Pikachu in GraveyardArtist: punkeymonkey
Description: This is a funky dead Pikachu in some sort of graveyard.
Pikachu!Artist: Safa
Description: Pikachu is cool!

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