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The FreemanArtist: Cavelcade
Description: Finally, a picture of Freeman from Half-Life.
MitsurugiArtist: CrimsonRage
Description: This is a pretty good sketch of Mitsurugi, from Soul Calibur 2, based on the art book.
YunsungArtist: CrimsonRage
Description: This is another great sketch of a Soul Calibur 2 character, Yunsung.
IvyArtist: Doe Danh
Description: This is Ivy from Soul Calibur II, portrayed with butterfly wings.
Aslan from Chronicles of NarniaArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: A picture of Aslan, the great lion from the Chronicles of Narnia.
DanteArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Great picture of Dante from Devil May Cry.
Demon SlayerArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: A pic of the hot Dante from Devil May Cry. Pretty cape.
Sword of FireArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: This is a picture of Sol, a character from Guilty Gear.
The Great LionArtist: EchoBahamut
Description: Nicely detailed headshot of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia.
ABAArtist: JAhU
Description: This is a picture of Aba from Guilty Gear Isuka.
Darth VaderArtist: Ludifer
Description: A sketch of Darth Vader surrounded by lightnings.
Master YodaArtist: Ludifer
Description: Master Yoda, in a thoughtful pose.
Night Elf ArcherArtist: Mabatsekker
Description: A female Night Elf Archer from the Warcraft series.
Dante and JubeiArtist: Zach Gill
Description: Here are Dante from Devil May Cry and Jubei from Onimusha 2. Cool concept.

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