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Updates Archive

January 15, 2009 - Happy (late) New Year!
October 13, 2008 - It's my day off
July 27, 2008 - One more...
July 3, 2008 - Summer update(s)!
February 2, 2008 - First of the year.
August 1, 2007 - Main Theme
June 17, 2007 - A good one.
May 2, 2007 - Finally!
March 7, 2007 - Posted while it was only -23C outside
January 28, 2007 - Yay
December 13, 2006 - Well well...
November 13, 2006 - I hate drizzle
October 26, 2006 - Days are getting shorter
October 8, 2006 - Show all pictures...
September 22, 2006 - Aftertaste
August 22, 2006 - Whaaaaaaat?
August 8, 2006 - No more delays (haha, I'm so funny)!
May 13, 2006 - Wow, I'm reliable.
February 17, 2006 - Part one of X.
January 10, 2006 - I knew it would convince you.
December 17, 2005 - In case you still didn't know, Winter sucks.
November 26, 2005 - I know I know...
October 22, 2005 - I Hate Cold (and Winter, but it's still technically Fall)
October 5, 2005 - Mouahaha!
September 14, 2005 - I'm late, but it was worth it...
August 28, 2005 - Let's wear hats to celebrate.
August 13, 2005 - There is Life Everywhere
July 31, 2005 - News.
July 17, 2005 - Yet Another One.
July 4, 2005 - Long time no see.
January 8, 2005 - And Final Fantasy is the winner
December 27, 2004 - Merry Update (haha... ha.)
October 31, 2004 - Yay.
October 10, 2004 - You can still do better *cough*!
September 21, 2004 - Is that all you can do?
August 20, 2004 - Soon to come
August 3, 2004 - Somebody finally listened to me! :P
July 17, 2004 - Artists should feel special now
July 6, 2004 - I'm already in lack of titles here
June 12, 2004 - And it took a DAMNED long time
May 27, 2004 - Let's par-tay!

January 15, 2009 - Happy (late) New Year!

Yes, so I was on vacation during the Holidays until last week and didn't actually feel like updating... >.> There are many submissions for this update and there are many more coming for the next one! I'm happy to see new artists with very original pieces. :D Keep them coming!

New submissions as of 01/15/09
Close-up YunaFinal Fantasy XBrando1005This is a close-up of Yuna. The artist had no scanner, so he took a picture with his webcam. Ok, usually, I don't accept fanart which such low quality, but I thought it looked very nice, so I made an exception!
AngealFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamut*There might be spoilers in this picture* This is the first picture of a series of 3 that EchoBahamut sent me (others will be coming in the next update :D). This is Angeal from FFVII Crisis Core. The dragon was designed to look like the pictured character. Impressive and very original!
AxelKingdom HeartsEchoBahamutThis is Axel, from Kingdom Hearts II, surrounded by flames.
FearFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThis truly is the most original and awesome picture of Bahamut-Sin I've ever seen. Terrific details and ambience.
Phoenix Crisis CoreFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutA very colorful picture of Phoenix from FFVII: Crisis Core. I like that!
Cloud Strife SketchFinal Fantasy VIIKenMaruXA quick sketch of Cloud, but hey, it's actually pretty decent.
Fungus monsterMiscellaneousMark PatrawHere's yet another awesome sculpture from Mark! This is a Fungus monster from Final Fantasy Legend 2. And maaaaaannn, I can't believe it's that tiny. o_o
Shiva - FFFinal Fantasy IVMJEDShiva, inspired by the Final Fantasy series (not exactly FFIV, but it had to be put somewhere :P). Cool design and coloring (get it?! :D HAH!).
FF BossesFinal Fantasy ITrevor SThis is a pixelized version of a few bosses from Final Fantasy I and IV: Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Tiamat, Chaos, Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo (however his name should be spelt). I thought this was quite amusing.
DirgeFinal Fantasy VIITrkJacThat is an impressive painting. Well, it is supposed to be from FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, but there's no section for that game (yet). >.>
PaopuuuKingdom HeartsVRPortgasThis is a picture of Sora as a... merman. o_o I suppose it can be disturbing for some of you, but I assure you it's very well done!

October 13, 2008 - It's my day off

So there's an update. :O I received more submissions than usual in the past weeks! THAT's how I like it. :D I took the liberty to choose specific submissions for this update and keep the rest for another one (yes, I'm that good, as always). We have a sculpture from Mark Patraw, pretty art from EchoBahamut, an impressive painting from TrkJac and a sketch from new artist Mario447. Enjoy!

PS: I beat Infinite Undiscovery today. It was easily one of the worst games I've ever played. It's one of those games you wish your mom won't barge into your room during cutscenes (for the record, I don't live with my parents anymore, haaaha). However, I dare anyone to draw fanart based on it that would make me slightly change my mind (in a positive way). Slightly.

New submissions as of 10/13/08
Bahamut from Bahamut LagoonBahamut LagoonEchoBahamutThis version of Bahamut is much closer to a snake than usual. I like it!
Bleach - ByakuyaAnimeEchoBahamutA lovely picture of Byakuya.
Digimon - GarurumonAnimeEchoBahamutThis is Garurumon, the evolved form of Gabumon (hey, I remember that episode!).
GroudonPokemonEchoBahamutGroudon is a legendary ground-type pokemon.
Rikku sketchFinal Fantasy X-2Mario447This is actually a sketch that Mario drew when he was 16. Pretty impressive. And nice shading.
Aegil sculptureFinal Fantasy IIIMark PatrawLet us all say "Awww" at Aegil's cuteness ooziness. I'm amazed at how tiny it is. o_o
Balthier sketchFinal Fantasy XIITrkJacA sketch of the leading man waiting for some action (corny description, I know). The details of his outfit are surprisingly well done.
Sunset in VI Final Fantasy VITrkJacToo large to be scanned, but definitely worth a look nonetheless. This picture (or painting, rather) is amazing.

July 27, 2008 - One more...

A small update, but interesting nonetheless. Submissions from Final Fantasy V, Digimon and Naruto (you know, just in case you can't read below :P). Keep the good stuff coming, guys!

New submissions as of 07/27/08
Digimon - KyuubimonAnimeEchoBahamutKyuubimon, Ruki/Rika's partner.
Naruto - KakashiAnimeEchoBahamutAn action picture of Kakashi. Nice special effects!
Alte RoiteFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawAn Alte Roit(e) figure. Hard to be closer to the original...
DechirerFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawAn appropriately scary Dechirer/Bold Mani figure (Dechirer is the newer GBA name, Bold Mani is the original name).
MagissaFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawThis is a mini action figure of Magissa. Love the cute bow and arrows!
Rock SlugFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawRock Slug/Rock Garter figure (Rock Slug is the newer GBA name, Rock Garter is the original name). So small. o_o

July 3, 2008 - Summer update(s)!

Hopefully without parentheses.

So, HI. I don't have any excuses for this delay... Well, I do. Between grad school (right), GTAIV, a laptop that exploded and put me out of internet access at home for about a month (horrible!) and a ninja in a tight black leath- I mean Ninja Gaiden II, I had little time (and motivation, of course). I do plan, in the future, to update more frequently because it seems many people believe this section is dead. :(

Anyway, this update was done gradually this past week because I accumulated quite a lot of submissions in the past months. *cough* Final Fantasies and Pokemon are always popular, but I also received fanart from Castlevania, Death Note (yes!), Okami and Inu Yasha. Take your time to browse around and feel INSPIRED.

New submissions as of 07/03/08
Alucard HeadshotCastlevaniaEchoBahamutThis picture made me realize that I need more Castlevania fanart. o_o Awesome details and coloring.
ArceusPokemonEchoBahamutArceus is a Pokemon that can change its type. The different Pokemon types are represented around it in this picture, which, I think, is a neat idea.
Bahamut 10Final Fantasy XEchoBahamutEcho decided to draw different versions of Bahamut from FFVII to X. Well worth your time...
Bahamut 7Final Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutBahamut from FFVII.
Bahamut 8Final Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutBahamut from FFVIII.
Bahamut 9Final Fantasy IXEchoBahamutBahamut from FFIX.
Bahamut FuryFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThat's an impressive picture... This is Bahamut Fury from FFVII:CC.
Bahamut Zero 2Final Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutBahamut in his most powerful form, Bahamut ZERO.
Bahamut-Sin 2Final Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutBahamut-Sin from FFVII:AC. The coloring came out quite nicely.
CatoblepasFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutThis is the ferocious-looking Catoblepas from FFVIII.
CoeurlFinal Fantasy XEchoBahamutI always liked the Coeurls in FFX. So cute. <3
D&D Bahamut MiscellaneousEchoBahamutThis is actually a Dungeons and Dragons version of Bahamut. Echo couldn't find any official information about how he looked, but this is what she could gather from the internets. Still, pretty good.
Death Note - LAnimeEchoBahamutFinally, first submission for Death Note. L, in his usual pose. It looks just like him.
DialgaPokemonEchoBahamutDialga, the legendary steel/dragon type pokemon.
Four-Legged KimahriFinal Fantasy XEchoBahamutA picture of a four-legged Kimahri. Echo drew this to see what he whould look like if he was like Red XIII. That's actually very interesting!
Inu Yasha - SesshomaruAnimeEchoBahamutOooh, I like this one. This is Sesshomaru's true form. There's something particularly scary about it...
Neo BahamutFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutNeo Bahamut.
PalkiaPokemonEchoBahamutPalkia, the legendary water/dragon type pokemon. He's pretty badass actually and makes funny noises. :D
Red XIII lyingFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutRed XIII is taking a break, perhaps from battle.
Seifer - The HoundFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutThis is the first part of a two-part picture of Squall and Seifer fighting.
ShiranuiMiscellaneousEchoBahamutThis is Shiranui, Amaterasu true form, from Okami.
Squall - The LionFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutThis is the second part of a two-part picture of Squall and Seifer fighting.
RemoraFinal Fantasy IIIMark PatrawOnce again, Mark Patraw comes back with an amazing figure, a Remora from Final Fantasy III. I always love those poses. :D

February 2, 2008 - First of the year.

Well, this took long enough... We had a few problems with the section after we moved servers (not to mention, I had my own computer issues as well). I've received quite a few submissions since last update, so I didn't put them all up in this one. If you submitted something and it's not there, it either means it will be in the next update or it fell into my spam mailbox (which is more likely >.>). In the meantime, enjoy the new submissions!

New submissions as of 02/02/08
Dragon Ball Z - Gohan SSAnimeDexterminatorA colored version of Gohan SS.
Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta SSAnimeDexterminatorSurprisingly, this is the first Vegeta fanart I received...
Dragon Ball Z - VidalAnimeDexterminatorVidal at the cell games (whatever those are >.>).
LinkLegend of ZeldaDexterminatorA really nice sketch of Link.
Bahamut #6Final Fantasy VIEchoBahamutEcho's version of Bahamut from FFVI.
EnteiPokemonEchoBahamutA picture of Entei, the legendary fire Pokemon.
LugiaPokemonEchoBahamutLugia, a legendary flying/psychic Pokemon.
MewsPokemonEchoBahamutAn extremely cute picture of 4 Mews flying together. :D
RaikouPokemonEchoBahamutA picture of Raikou, the legendary electric Pokemon. Yes, Suicune is coming too!
Shining NinetalesPokemonEchoBahamutThe silver shining Ninetales.
SuicunePokemonEchoBahamutA different version of Suicune, the legendary water Pokemon.
Red Mage FFTAFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceMark PatrawAn awesome Viera Red Mage action figure.

August 1, 2007 - Main Theme

Yo. I see most people got lazy this summer... :( I received nonetheless a lot of great submissions in the past month, so check them out! With school coming back soon (for you kids), I expect more fanart drawn during class to kill time (on non-lined sheets of paper plz).

New submissions as of 08/01/07
Link from OoTLegend of ZeldaBigjonny13This is a sketch of Link in his usual stance, based on OoT.
Cloud vs BarretFinal Fantasy VIICloudyfanThis is quite an amusing (in many ways) picture of an imaginary episode taking place at the beginning of the game. It was an occasion for the artist to depict Wedge, Biggs and Jesse.
Bahamut-Sin BioFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThis is an altered version of Bahamut-Sin the artist came up with. She originally thought it looked that way based on the first clips of the movie. Very interesting.
Berserker SephirothFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutA berserker version of Sephiroth. Very vampiresque too!
Inu YashaAnimeEchoBahamutThis is a pretty colored picture of Inu Yasha (obviously from Inu Yasha).
Knight CloudFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThis is a new outfit the artist came up with for Cloud, much more knightly.
Naruto - Nine-Tailed FoxAnimeEchoBahamutThis is a beautiful picture of the cuddly Nine-Tailed Demon Fox from Naruto.
PhoenixFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutA nicely colored picture of the Phoenix.
Sephiroth vs BahamutZEROFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThis is the artist's version of BahamutZERO against Sephiroth.

June 17, 2007 - A good one.

Yes, there are many excellent submissions for this month (man, I'm getting lazy...). Take a look at them all, you won't regret it. Don't read my descriptions, though, they're lame. I used to be funny, but oh well, I'm getting old. Anyway, thank you all for your art! Keep the pictures coming (it's summer, nothing better than drawing while sitting under a tree :O).

New submissions as of 06/17/07
Bahamut FFTFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEchoBahamutThis is an FFT version of Bahamut (yes Tactics, not Tactics Advance... just thought I'd put all Tactics together).
Vampire SlayersCastlevaniaEchoBahamutHere is a very interesting trio: Alucard, Soma and Richter. Love the clothes.
Delta Bug/BeetleFinal Fantasy VIMark PatrawThis is a model of the Delta Bug/Beetle monster. It actually looks quite cuddly.
FFV Mani Wizard accessory detailFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawWell, this is awesome. I think everything is clearly explained on the picture. :P Make sure to take a look, though!
FFV Mani Wizard action figure photo collageFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawI like long titles. This is a collage of different shots of the enemy Mani Wizard as an action figure. :D
Katt action figureBreath of FireMark PatrawThis is an action figure of Katt, from BoF II, with Tigress Paw Staff accessory (the real cat is pretty cute too :D).
Laguna's head shotFinal Fantasy VIIIMehMeh is a new submitter who draws amazing sketches based on the original art. This one is of Laguna. :)
Quistis' head shotFinal Fantasy VIIIMehA head shot of Quistis (pardon my short description :P).
ShivaFinal Fantasy XMehA nicely detailed head shot of Shiva.
SoraKingdom HeartsMehSora posing, from KH II.
Yuna flyingFinal Fantasy XMehAnother head shot (of Yuna this time).
Yuna posingFinal Fantasy XMehYuna posing (man, I'm not inspired tonight >.>).

May 2, 2007 - Finally!

Yes, I'm slow. So, here are the new submissions for the past 2 months. Enjoy! (I like to pretend I'm busy and can't write more than this :P)

New submissions as of 05/02/07
Trance KujaFinal Fantasy IXAza123neoInteresting picture of Trance Kuja. This was based on a screenshot that the artist took from the game so I guess it's quite accurate (I actually don't remember this part of the game, of course- getting old >.>;).
Cloud and SephirothFinal Fantasy VIICloudyfanAn amazing picture of Cloud and Sephiroth in front of a mountainy background.
IvyNon-RPG GamesDoe DanhThis is Ivy from Soul Calibur II, portrayed with butterfly wings. It's too bad it was taken with a cell phone, because it looks decent (artistically-speaking... I'd say something else if I were a guy :P) despite the blurryness.
Bahamut VFinal Fantasy VEchoBahamutHere's Bahamut, FFV version.
White Knight.hack//EchoBahamutHere's an action picture of Balmung.
Naruto's CosplayFinal Fantasy XJay (Battousai) McClureThis is Naruto (from Naruto, hah) cosplaying as Auron! Hilarious idea. Note that the artist intentionally left out certain details of Auron's outfit to make it more representative of the cosplay aspect.
Naruto's Hinata Hyuga CosplayFinal Fantasy XJay (Battousai) McClureThis is Hinata (from Naruto) cosplaying as Yuna. The artist chose this character because of the similar body style and relative shyness.
War BirdFinal Fantasy VIIJay (Battousai) McClureA nice sketch of a Chocobo, depicted as a war bird.
White Mage On the BeachFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceJay (Battousai) McClureThis is White Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics enjoying a fine day at the beach. It was inspired by Young Wang's White mage (just type in the name in google if you don't know who it is, but don't do that when there are people around because you don't want them to see you're looking at underaged cat girls in bathing suits).I put it in the FFTA section because I realized I'd have to create a new one for FFT, oops.
Link DollLegend of ZeldaKittyThis is a pretty good still life drawing of the artist's Link Doll.
AlchymiaFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawThis is a photo collage of a sculpture of Alchymia, an enemy from FFV (that I strangely can't remember), with and without her toad and candlestand/smoke accessories.
Alchymia's ToadFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawThis is a photo collage showing her cute toad in more detail. :D And in bonus once more, here's the animated gif version.

March 7, 2007 - Posted while it was only -23C outside

This update was brought to you by a boring Master's thesis I need to write. :D There's a good number of new submissions for this month. And for last month too... Take your time to look around and send art! (I know there are a lot of forums visitors who like to draw but never send me anything. ;_;)

New submissions as of 03/07/07
DanteNon-RPG GamesEchoBahamutI don't know what to say about Echo's drawings anymore. They're always excellent. That moon looks hypnotic too. >.> This is Dante from Devil May Cry, in case you don't know.
Inuyasha - SesshomaruAnimeEchoBahamutAwesome picture of a serious-looking Sesshomaru.
NamineKingdom HeartskatieA sketch of Namine from KH 2, done in math class (tsk!). This girl actually looks psycho. o_o
RoxasKingdom HeartskatieA sketch of Roxas from KH 2 (more math class laziness).
Sora SketchKingdom HeartskatieA pretty decent sketch of Sora.
Fire DragonBreath of FireLudiferThis is a sketch of the Fire Dragon from BoF. Looks mean.
White DragonBreath of FireLudiferHere's a sketch of Fou Lou's white dragon form from Breath of Fire IV.
Cactuar modelFinal Fantasy VIIIMark PatrawHere's an amusing Cactuar model.
KornagoFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawThis is the fat, yet colorful, toad Kornago. A fat toad! I feel like giving it a hug now because it's so cute.
MadamFinal Fantasy VIMark PatrawThis is a model of the monster "Madam". In bonus, the artist also sent me a quite entertaining animated gif version.
Mindflusher/PsychoHeadFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawWarning: Can be slightly disturbing for some people. Let's just say it's a little bit goreyer than what could be expected from a sculpture. >.> Amazing nonetheless! Animated gif version.
SquallFinal Fantasy VIIIMark PatrawA different-looking Squall. Not a bad thing.
TonberryFinal Fantasy VIIIMark PatrawTonberry wants to see more dead people! I can't think of anyone who wouldn't go "AWWWWW" when looking at this picture. Except my mom.

January 28, 2007 - Yay

Ok, tons of art this month. I had to send in my laptop for repairs, which delayed me in my update. There's more coming, so don't worry if your submission isn't up. It will be in the next update!

New submissions as of 01/28/07
CarbuncleFinal Fantasy VIIIAntmandragonThis is Carbuncle, in a flying position (yeah, I think my descriptions are great too).
MoombaFinal Fantasy VIIIAntmandragonA classic Moomba pose.
QuinaFinal Fantasy IXAntmandragonA crazy-looking Quina.
ViviFinal Fantasy IXAntmandragonAntmandragon submitted a couple of nice Final Fantasy sketches. This is Vivi, standing and looking cute, as usual.
Ifrit from FFXFinal Fantasy XEchoBahamutVery nice picture of the aeon Ifrit. Love the details.
Sapphire WeaponFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutI actually never noticed it looked like that. >.> Awesome work, as always!
AgressVandal HeartsRachel YorkAgress is one of the 3 female fighters in Vandal Hearts 2. Drawn with Acrylics.
Cactuar in the DesertFinal Fantasy VIIIRachel YorkWho doesn't like Cactuars? Painted with watercolors.
Esper TerraFinal Fantasy VIRachel YorkA rather accurate drawing of Terra in Esper form. Just don't... click on the link when there are people around you. Like I did.
Flik and OdessaSuikodenRachel YorkFlik and Odessa from Suikoden.
GremioSuikodenRachel YorkA headshot of Gremio from Suikoden. In black&white.
HarleChrono Trigger/CrossRachel YorkFirst submission ever of this character (Harle, as the title suggests). From Chrono Cross.
RiouSuikodenRachel YorkRiou, Suikoden II hero, in a classic pose (like this other guy, yeah).
SergeChrono Trigger/CrossRachel YorkSerge, the hero from Chrono Cross.
Squall Poster SizeFinal Fantasy VIIIRachel YorkAlthough it's not really poster size, digitally-speaking. It does look very nice, though.
Suikoden HeroSuikodenRachel YorkSuikoden's hero McDohl in colored pencils
Watercolors LinkLegend of ZeldaRachel YorkA serious-looking link, painted with watercolors.
Winged RinoaFinal Fantasy VIIIRachel YorkA winged Rinoa drawn with markers.

December 13, 2006 - Well well...

After a few weeks of submission dryness, I finally received many excellent pictures. Take your time to browse around. I always spend 30 minutes trying to find something cool and nifty to write here, but end up failing... So, send more art, especially the artists who visit the forums but never send anything!

New submissions as of 12/13/06
Outburst of RageFinal Fantasy VIICloudyfanFrom the artist: "I don't know what he could have said or have done to him, but Sephiroth has still succeeded in rousing in his adversary this destructive energy that nothing – not even him – can contain..." Well, it sure looks professional. >.>
SoraKingdom HeartsDrunken DemonVery pretty sketch of Sora. Well done!
Griever EmblemFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutA picture of Squall's necklace emblem, Griever. Echo drew it on her wall and colored it with markers. Nice result.
BowserMario RPGsMagus1984Finally Bowser! This is a stamp of Bowser based on Bowser's look for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The funnny colors are from the acrilic paints that were used.
Mourning CyrusChrono Trigger/CrossMagus1984A piece almost (key word being "almost" :P) completed for this website only! A glimpse into what had happened to Glenn after lost his closest friend and had his life spared by a maniac.
AsheFinal Fantasy XIISchellenAn awesome picture of Ashe. The artist spent around 6 to 7 hours on that one and it shows. o_o She looks so angsty, which is perfectly appropriate for her.
Rydia of MistFinal Fantasy IVSchellenMore awesomeness from Schellen. Sooo pretty.

November 13, 2006 - I hate drizzle

Because even when you use an umbrella, everything always ends up in your face.

A nice update today. I suggest you check out Mark Patraw's website, if you haven't already, to see more of his models from varied games. It is surprisingly entertaining. Thanks for the art, people. :D

New submissions as of 11/13/06
Bahamut IVFinal Fantasy IVEchoBahamutYes, this is Bahamut, drawn according to his appearance in Final Fantasy IV. Pretty accurate.
Sword of FireNon-RPG GamesEchoBahamutThis is a picture of Sol, a character from Guilty Gear. Love the fire.
Zoids - Energy LigerAnimeEchoBahamutThe mechanical details on this one are awesome.
AxeShining ForceMagus1984This drawing is based on the box art of Shining Force II (the American version, at least). Neato.
ZyloShining ForceMagus1984And this one, just as neato as the previous one, if not more, is based on the character art from Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention.
Gimme CatFinal Fantasy IXMark PatrawThis is a scary Gimme Cat from Final Fantasy IX.
HakenleftPhantasy StarMark PatrawThis is a Hakenleft model from Phantasy Star IV.
Imp/GoblinFinal Fantasy IMark PatrawThis is indeed an Imp/Goblin model from Final Fantasy I.
VeteranFinal Fantasy IXMark PatrawA nice Veteran monster from Final Fantasy IX. Well, I doubt it's actually nice, but it looks nice. :P
Veteran and AccessoriesFinal Fantasy IXMark PatrawA couple of accessories from Final Fantasy IX.

October 26, 2006 - Days are getting shorter

And that's why the updates are less frequent. Maybe. >.> Here we have art from Final Fantasy (I didn't need to point it out, though), Pokmon, Okami, Kingdom Hearts, some anime and even, even! Drakengard. Next time, I want moooore.

New submissions as of 10/26/06
Cosmo Canyon WarriorFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutRed XIII running through Cosmo Canyon.
SunwolfMiscellaneousEchoBahamutOoooh, a very, very pretty picture of Amaterasu from Okami.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Mirage DragonAnimeEchoBahamutThis picture is absolutely gorgeous, especially the coloring.
Ditto ArtPokemonJim McGovernA graphically-coloured drawing, coloured in Photoshop.
Marvin the MarillPokemonJim McGovernAn enhanced photo of a Marill ted, inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Spotty Spoink cardPokemonJim McGovernA fan-made Pokemon card, with a sky backdrop photo taken with a Fujifilm Finepix 2400Zoom.
AngelusDrakengardLudiferA colour-shaded version of Angelus, the dragon with the fairy voice.
Anti-Form SoraKingdom HeartsLudiferThis is a 2-color version of anti-form for Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. Apparently, it would also make a good heartless-form for Sora as well, but I have no idea what this is about. >.>
BahamutFinal Fantasy VIIILudiferAnd here's yet another Bahamut, presumably from FFVIII.
Chocobo in a bucketFinal Fantasy IVLudiferNot really from FFIV, but I had to put it somewhere. :P This is a cute Chocobo in a bucket, strangely wearing a helicopter hat. Ludifer sent it for one of her friends who wish to remain anonymous.
Moomba BahamutFinal Fantasy VIIILudiferA crossover between Moomba and Bahamut!

October 8, 2006 - Show all pictures...

Yes, already more art. Take a look! There's nothing else to say about it. (And my updates are getting shorter and shorter... >.>)

New submissions as of 10/08/06
Beyblade - KaiAnimeCraigA really good sketch of Kai.
Digimon - RenamonAnimeCraigA clean sketch of Renamon, Rika's digimon (hey, I used to watch Digimon).
Dragon Ball Z/GT - GogetaAnimeCraigThis is a picture of Gogeta, probably getting ready to power up...
Inu Yasha (from yeah, Inu Yasha)AnimeCraigA nice action sketch of Inu Yasha being somewhat attacked by violent stuff. >.>
BahamutFinal Fantasy IIIEchoBahamutAnd yet another excellent drawing of Bahamut. From Final Fantasy III this time.
LeoLunarEchoBahamutAwesome headshot of Leo from Lunar 2.
MewTwoPokemonEchoBahamutThe legendary psychic Pokemon MewTwo.
Crystalis WallpaperMiscellaneousThanosA nice wallpaper from the game Crystalis for the NES. It's pink, though! You've been warned.

September 22, 2006 - Aftertaste

Hey. Mainly sketches in this update, but fine ones. Or at least decent? Thanks, everyone.

New submissions as of 09/22/06
AbsolPokemonEchoBahamutI have no idea if this pokemon appears in any of the video games, but here it is anyway. This is Absol, a dark type Pokemon.
ABANon-RPG GamesJAhUThis is a picture of Aba from Guilty Gear Isuka.
Chibi ButzFinal Fantasy VJAhUInspired by those chibi characters from the FFIII remake, Jahu sent me a couple of chibi pics from FFV. This is Butz.
Chibi FarisFinal Fantasy VJAhUA cute drawing of Chibi Faris.
Chibi LennaFinal Fantasy VJAhUAn equally cute drawing of Chibi Lenna.
Cober fightMiscellaneousJAhUA picture of Musashi fighting Cober, from Adventures of Musashi.
Floating DemonMiscellaneousJAhUAn enemy from Adventures of Musashi.
Monsters 1MiscellaneousJAhUMonsters from the game Adventures of Musashi. The first one is Cone\Bush, the second is Cober, third is Bambo, fourth Fancer and the last one is Naga.
Monsters 2MiscellaneousJAhUAnother bunch of monsters from the same game. The first one is Poleman, the second is Yamaimp, the rabbit was named Usagi, the creep on the left was named Demon and the last one was named Oni.
The CastMiscellaneousJAhUThe cast from Adventures of Musashi, based on the opening screen.
BeatrixFinal Fantasy IXSteveHere's a headshot of Beatrix based on the original art.
FeenaGrandiaStevePopular pose of the lead heroine, Feena.
Group ShotFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesSteveThis is a group shot of the main cast.
KainFinal Fantasy IVSteveA sketch of Kain, based on Amano's art.

August 22, 2006 - Whaaaaaaat?

Yes, already this thing called an update. I'm so good. Anyway, hope you'll like the new submissions and once again, Final Fantasy is a winner.

PS: Keep the art coming. :D

New submissions as of 08/22/06
SirenFinal Fantasy VIIIAaronWell, this is actually an accurate depiction of Siren's outfit. :D
Sephiroth - Ink versionFinal Fantasy VIICarolineA very artsy ink sketch of Sephiroth.
Crimson ShadowFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutOnce again, only good art can be expected from Echo. The colors are, of course, perfect for Vincent. I apologize for the weird quality of the picture, though, as I didn't have access to my usual software to keep the high-quality of the image while reducing the size. <.<
Sephiroth vs IdMiscellaneousEchoBahamutTalk about an original concept. :O The author got the idea from listening to the Advent Children remix of One Winged Angel. Somehow. :P But hey, the result is great. :D
The Great LionNon-RPG GamesEchoBahamutNicely detailed headshot of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia. It just occured to me, though, that I have no clue if the video game is actually a non-RPG one. >.>
Yu-Gi-Oh - Seto And His DragonsAnimeEchoBahamutAwesome picture of Seto and all 3 of his Blue-Eyes dragons.

August 8, 2006 - No more delays (haha, I'm so funny)!

Oooook. It's finally done. Everyone should have their submission(s) up now. If I forgot you or one of yours, don't hesitate to let me know. I listen, even though it's not always obvious. :P I'm sorry for the people who sent me art in February or March. o_o They've probably stopped visiting the website by now anyway, so it's not like they'll see it, pouahaha! Nah, joking, joking. There are submissions for all tastes. Take your time to browse around and keep on sending art. :D Thanks for your patience.

New submissions as of 08/08/06
Chibi Kuja DollFinal Fantasy IXAaronA chibi version of a Kuja doll.
SephirothFinal Fantasy VIIBeta65535This is the second Final Fantasy VII picture from this artist and it's as awesome as the first one. :D
FienaGrandiaBlake PetroA sketch of Feena from Grandia I.
Chrno Crusade - Destruction in my eyesAnimeChii MaeneChrno being evil... and cute.
Come BackFinal Fantasy VIIChii MaeneChii sent me a few gorgeous drawings. Here's a pencil sketch of Cloud, in a position the reflects perfectly the title of the picture.
Half Full or Half Empty?Kingdom HeartsChii MaeneSora with Roxas from KH2 and looking a little more like the art style from kingdomhearts.
KH2-Keys CrossedKingdom HeartsChii MaeneSora from KH2 with a few organization XIII members in the background.
Boreal HoundSeiken DensetsuEchoBahamutThis is the cute and fluffy Boreal Hound. ^^ A boss in Legend of Mana.
Chains of SorrowFinal Fantasy XEchoBahamutSeymour and his aeon, Anima. Interesting details.
Cloud (AC version)Final Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutA headshot of Cloud, based on Advent Children.
Cloud - The WolfFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutHere's Echo's very interesting description of this picture: Cloud is sitting on top of a bench, inside my version of the church Aeris is always at, and I only changed its look because the old design looked too hard to draw. Anyway, Fenrir is behind Cloud, because in the movie Cloud is compared to a wolf (that's what I got out of it anyway, and because of all the wolf symbols). I then chose Fenrir as the wolf, becouse Cloud's new motorcycle is called Fenrir. I also hade to make my own look for Fenrir, since he's not in the movie.
DeisStar OceanEchoBahamutThis is Deis from Star Ocean 2. This picture is part of a series of character pictures that Echo is doing. Each character will have a creature behind them in the picture that Echo feels fits that character best.
Fighting the Red DragonFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutI don't remember who this Red Dragon is (I remember nothing anyway -_-), but this is a cool action scene including Cloud, Vincent, Aeris and a Red Dragon.
NaesalaFire EmblemEchoBahamutNaesala is just standing there.
Vincent in Midgar RuinsFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutNothing better than a windy evening to show off long black lustrous hair.
Wolf's Rain - KibaAnimeEchoBahamutHeadshot of Kiba. Very 70's.
Cloud and TifaFinal Fantasy VIIJessChipmunkWow. Excellent sketch. The emotions can easily be seen and the shading is perfect.
Tidus and YunaFinal Fantasy XJessChipmunkAs good as the first one, but with colors. This is based on a certain scene from the game.
Pencil MagusChrono Trigger/CrossMagus1984A menacing headshot of Magus, drawn in pencil.
RM3 LizardmanMiscellaneousMagus1984Magus1984 was so surprised by the fact that a lizardman was in the list of heroes in RPGMaker 3 that he HAD to draw him.
Alexandrian SoldierFinal Fantasy IXMark PatrawA nicely colored picture of an Alexandrian soldier from Final Fantasy IX. Nice style.
AnemoneFinal Fantasy IXMark PatrawWooohooo, a sculpture of Anemone, an enemy from Final Fantasy IX. I like the poses.
BlobraFinal Fantasy VIIIMark PatrawBlobra, as a sculpture, looks SO cool. :D Check out Mark's website for more information about how he made his models.
CatastropheFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawAn amazing drawing of the sub-boss Catastrophe from Final Fantasy V.
MagissaFinal Fantasy VMark PatrawA very Amano-like picture of Magissa from Final Fantasy V. Too bad I don't remember who this is. >.>
SirenFinal Fantasy VIIIMark PatrawA B&W drawing of the summon Siren from Final Fantasy VIII.
I Don't Like FireFinal Fantasy IVProbableeProbablee's comments: A scene from Final Fantasy IV. I was going to do a full-colour medley thing but I preferred this initial sketch better! Done with an ordinary ballpoint pen. (and if you don't know which scene it is, go play the game >:E)
RufusFinal Fantasy VIIProbableeProbablee's comments: This is a sketch of the delicious young president, using no more than four colouring pencils. I based the technique on a colour values lesson in life drawing, and tried to keep it fresh in my head. The colours looked over-saturated when I scanned it in, so I used Photoshop to adjust the lines. In the original sketch, you can see flecks of blue and green in the darkest (purple) areas: pretty darn cool, as I didn't use those colours and that's what's supposed to happen! (and I totally agree with her, veeeeery nice o_o)
Shion the WonderguyMiscellaneousProbableeIt's of Shion from Wonderboy! Albeit 15 years older, a twidge more sexy and flamboyant... but what's the harm!? *drool* (yes, those are Probablee's comments :D)
GeddoeSuikodenRachel YorkThis is Geddoe from Suikoden 3. Love the coloring and the haircut.
Hugo Karayan PrinceSuikodenRachel YorkOh, he's a cool character all right! From Suikoden 3.
Lady ChrisSuikodenRachel YorkLady Chris, from Suikoden 3, was apparently one of the first female heroes who could be controlled, which inspired the artist.
Orhla Gorgeous BartenderChrono Trigger/CrossRachel YorkShe sure needs more "support". She is one of the many characters who can join your party in Chrono Cross.
ChaosFinal Fantasy ISamuelFFSamuelFF is from Hong Kong and a big fan of this site (which I assume is the FFCompendium :P). He sent me many pictures and all of them have a very unique style. :D And when I say "unique", I don't mean it in the "unique but damn ugly" way. :P And yes, this is Chaos, the final boss of the first Final Fantasy (a bit redundant). He looks like he has problems.
Diablos from FF8Final Fantasy VIIISamuelFFDiablos looks awesone on a dark pink background.
Eden from FF8Final Fantasy VIIISamuelFFEden in space.
Ifrit from FF8Final Fantasy VIIISamuelFFVery realistic too.
Leviathan from FF8Final Fantasy VIIISamuelFFLeviathan is the best.
OtherworldFinal Fantasy XSamuelFFVery creative way to see the "Otherworld".
RinoaFinal Fantasy VIIISamuelFFNow, this is what I call originality.
ViviFinal Fantasy IXSamuelFFThis could be mistaken for the original version. o_o
Albel the WickedStar OceanSewersA colorful picture of Albel from Star Ocean 3. His pose suits his style nonetheless.
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VIIxmoogiexPencil sketch based on the original art. Cloud however looks a bit more angry and determined on that one. :P
For AerisFinal Fantasy VIIxmoogiexPencil sketch of Cloud and Sephiroth based on a certain scene in the game. *SPOILERS* omg.

May 13, 2006 - Wow, I'm reliable.

This is what "soon" means for me. :P Anyway, mainly Final Fantasy VIII and IX for today. I will add more later, so don't freak out if your submissions aren't there yet. Enjoy.

Edit as of May 16 : Ok, so I added more stuff from Britt, Probablee and EchoBahamut. Still a lot more to come, though. >.>

New submissions as of 05/13/06
Monkey BoyFinal Fantasy IXBloodshy Testament(Artist's comments because it's always easier that way. :P) Toon design for Zidane Tribal. ^.^
Re-creation: Uniform, Vivi O.Final Fantasy IXBloodshy TestamentMy toon design for Vivi, in a new costume, of all things. ^.^
Sexah KujahFinal Fantasy IXBloodshy TestamentDesign for Kuja, all dressed up and slightly influenced by the works of Richard Willams and Yoshitaka Amano. ^.^ (And no, this title wasn't too racey. :P)
Touch of GreyFinal Fantasy IXBloodshy TestamentIt's Vivi in charcoal, and apparently he's just used a Pheniox Down in a very dark place. ^.^
FMA - Happier DaysAnimeBrittThis is a picture of Ed, Al and their mom. Ooooooooooh.
IrvineFinal Fantasy VIIIBrittBritt loves Irvine.
Rinoa (more)Final Fantasy VIIIBrittI think this is funny the artist drew two pics of Rinoa even though she hates her. :P
Rinoa WinkingFinal Fantasy VIIIBrittYes, this is self-explanatory. :P
Shamanic Princess - Demon TiaraAnimeBrittYeah, ok, so this is Tiara in a weird demonic pose.
Sora CollageKingdom HeartsBrittThis is Sora in Halloween Town, in Ariel's form and a normal version of him.
Sora Manga VersionKingdom HeartsBrittYes, you guessed it. This is a manga (and arabic) version of Sora.
Trigun - Vash and KnivesAnimeBrittVash and Knives when they were little kids.
Bahamut, the FirstFinal Fantasy IEchoBahamutThis is Bahamut from Final Fantasy 1, waiting for stuff to happen.
Healin'Final Fantasy IProbableeArtist's comment : Here's a doodle of a White Mage, even tho' I've never played the first game... :$
Travelling to DezoPhantasy StarProbableeAlis, on arriving to such a cold planet, needs warmer clothes. Hope these cosy furs will suffice. (Those are Probablee's comments, as always. :P)
Victory!Star OceanProbableeThis is of Rena after battle, from Star Ocean 2, coloured in with alcohol markers.

February 17, 2006 - Part one of X.

Hi. As I already said on RPGC's main page, this is the first part of a series of updates that will be done between now and next weekend. Sorry for the delay. <.< More to come soon!

New submissions as of 02/17/06
Irvine headshotFinal Fantasy VIIICarolineYep, that's a great sketch of Irvine.
*SPOILER* Cloud and AerisFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutAs I said, *SPOILER*. This is Cloud taking you know who into the lake. Very well done.
BasiliskFinal Fantasy XEchoBahamutMonsters are always the best. This is a Basilisk from Final Fantasy X.
CerberusFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutMore monsters is good. Cerberus looks badass.
Cerberus GunFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutAwesome picture of Vincent's gun from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.
Dragon Ball Z (or not) - Someone's violentAnimeJuggalexisDrawn on another lined sheet of paper, but nicely done nonetheless. Uh, do I really need to say I can't figure out who this is exactly? <.< Yeah, normally, I'd ask the artist, but it looks like I never got an answer...
Dragon Ball Z - Goku and a stickAnimeJuggalexisYeah, it's drawn on a lined sheet of paper, but it's still a pretty good sketch.

January 10, 2006 - I knew it would convince you.

Yes, take a look at those bright colorful pictures (Echo), those soft and peaceful sketches (Aleksis) and the very first Half-Life submission I got (Cavelcade). Thanks people and keep them coming!

New submissions as of 01/10/06
Chobits - ChiiAnimeAleksisAleksis sent me a couple of nice sketches from varied anime, so take a look. This one if a back portrait of Chii (yes, back).
Inuyasha - Kagome & InuAnimeAleksisThis is a pretty sketch of Kagome and Inuyasha (with a hole in his head, haha).
Yu-Gi-Oh - Ishizu IshtarAnimeAleksisThis is a head shot of Ishizu Ishtar.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Marik IshtarAnimeAleksisThis is a head shot of Marik Ishtar. Well, the evil part of him, at least.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Yugi MutoAnimeAleksisThis is a sketch of Yugi Muto.
The FreemanNon-RPG GamesCavelcadeThis is a submission from Cavelcade. Yes, the same guy who posts insanitiesstuff on the boards (I'm so funny again). Unfortunately, he didn't have a scanner, so he had to take a picture with his digicam, which reduced the quality. Still, that's an appreciated addition to the gallery. Oh, uh, and I guess I should say who this is, for those who don't know: Gordon Freeman from Half-Life.
Bahamut-SinFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThis is a very nice headshot of Bahamut-Sin from FFVII:AC. And I suck for still not having seen this movie.
Grand DragonBreath of FireEchoBahamutExcellent picture of Ryu's Grand Dragon form from Breath Of Fire 2.
LeviathanFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutI love pictures of monsters, especially summons. This is a gorgeous pic of Leviathan from Final Fantasy VIII.

December 17, 2005 - In case you still didn't know, Winter sucks.

And this will be the only December update because I might not have access to internet during the Holidays (until early January). Which means that, for the 4 people who read this, if you send art in the next 2 weeks, I will most likely not reply. That being said, I still got a ton of artwork from EchoBahamut, which is good of course, so go look at it.

New submissions as of 12/17/05
Auron's HeadFinal Fantasy XEchoBahamutI always thought Auron looked way older than a guy in teh 30's. Very good job nonetheless.
Full Moon TwilightCastlevaniaEchoBahamutInteresting picture of Alucard and his wolf form from Symphony of the Night.
KadajFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutThis is Kadaj, some dude in Advent Children. Ok, so he only appears in the movie, but it's still close enough to Final Fantasy VII to be in this section.
Light And DarkLegend of ZeldaEchoBahamutA cute picture of Link and his wolf form from The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Seph's HeadFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutGreat head shot of Sephiroth, based on Advent Children.
Shadow LugiaPokemonEchoBahamutA picture of Shadow Lugia, a Lugia that has been infused with dark powers. Yes, it's from Pokemon.
SuicunePokemonEchoBahamutThis is a nicely colored picture of Suicune, a legendary water Pokemon.
Darth VaderNon-RPG GamesLudiferSeeing as there are Star Wars video games, Ludifer sent me some related art. This first sketch is of Darth Vader, surrounded by lightnings.
Master YodaNon-RPG GamesLudiferAnother sketch of a famous Star Wars character, Master Yoda.

November 26, 2005 - I know I know...

Yeah, sorry for the delay (AGAIN). On top of being busier than usual, I had problems with internet lately. Bad reasons, I know. :P

Anyway, thanks for the submissions. If you notice yours isn't there, it's most likely because it was ugly(haha, I'm hilarious) the appropriate section in the ToC isn't created yet. It should be done shortly. EDIT: Done.

New submissions as of 11/26/05
Lenne and ShuyinFinal Fantasy X-2AnthonyA somewhat romantic picture of Lenne and Shuyin. Nice job.
Aslan from Chronicles of NarniaNon-RPG GamesEchoBahamutThis is a picture of Aslan, the great lion from the Chronicles of Narnia. Echo decided to draw a pic of it before even playing the game. :P
Balmung.hack//EchoBahamutA head shot of Balmung, from the .hack// series.
Berserk Fury - BlakeAnimeEchoBahamutFrom Zoids - This is Blake, Berserk Fury's pilot, in a deserted land.
Chased SquallFinal Fantasy VIIIEchoBahamutA picture of a T-Rexsaur (a monster from Final Fantasy 8) chasing Squall.
Get out of the way...Star OceanEchoBahamutExcellent picture of Albel, from Star Ocean 3, fighting against a monster.
Intellect DevourerMiscellaneousjimmy jimsterGreat sketch of an Intellect Devourer, a creature from Dungeons & Dragons.
Bahamut FFIX VS Bahamut FFVIIIMiscellaneousLudiferA fight between Bahamut from Final Fantasy IX and Bahamut from Final Fantasy VIII.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Blue Eyes Black DragonAnimeLudiferA blue-eyes and red-eyes fused together. Uh, interesting. <.<
MagusChrono Trigger/CrossMagus1984A powerful warlock should have a powerful stance. Magus, from Chrono Trigger.
Pen & Ink MagusChrono Trigger/CrossMagus1984Pen & ink version of Magus.
SephFinal Fantasy VIIMagus1984Another Sephiroth. In black and white.
Rinoa SketchFinal Fantasy VIIIMakenshiThis is a sketch of Rinoa's head. Makenshi did a freehanded copy of the orginal character art of Rinoa. Turned out nicely overall.
DevotionPhantasy StarProbableeProbablee sent me 3 (excellent, as always) pics based on Phantasy Star IV. Here are her comments. :D

A man's love for his religious idol/deity can usually be described as androgynous. But 95% of the male viewers of this fanart will just dismiss this as a sexed-up Zio X Juza shounen-ai pic before running to the hills.

Escape from MolcumPhantasy StarProbableeExhausted and weary from the battle against Zio, Gryz and his sister Pana make the long trek to Tonoe to start anew. *sniff* (from Phantasy Star IV)
HuntersPhantasy StarProbableeAlys and Chaz on a roll. I could have coloured this a lot better... If you _really_ close, I've made a minor alteration to their costumes.

October 22, 2005 - I Hate Cold (and Winter, but it's still technically Fall)

Yo. Let's pretend I'm not late again for this update. I got submissions from a few new artists and some other well-known individuals by now. Check them out! I know you're convinced by my lame attempts at convincing you to look at the pics.

(By the way, if you sent me pictures Thurday or Friday, it's noooormal that they're not in this update. They'll be in the next one.)

New submissions as of 10/22/05
MitsurugiNon-RPG GamesCrimsonRageThis is a pretty good sketch of Mitsurugi, from Soul Calibur 2, based on the art book.
YunsungNon-RPG GamesCrimsonRageThis is another great sketch of a Soul Calibur 2 character, Yunsung. It is also based on the art book.
FFIV Group PicFinal Fantasy IVDoubleD aka HaitaniI like group pics. This one is the first of a series of 3 sketches regrouping all the characters from FFIV, FFV and FFVII.
FFV Group PicFinal Fantasy VDoubleD aka HaitaniAnother cool group picture. And it's Final Fantasy V too.
FFVII Group PicFinal Fantasy VIIDoubleD aka HaitaniAnd the last one in the series, for Final Fantasy VII.
Yu-Gi-Oh - MarikAnimeEchoBahamutThis is a head shot of Marik, grinning in a condescending manner. Nice hair.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Playful RaAnimeEchoBahamutEchoBahamut drew this very cute picture of Marik and Ra for meeeee. ^^ Good job!
Yu-Gi-Oh - SetoAnimeEchoBahamutCool headshot of Seto. It looks 70's-ish.
Foxeh CloudFinal Fantasy VIIFashioncrimeThis is a furry version of Cloud. Weird, very weird, which doesn't mean that it's not well done. <.<
BahamutFinal Fantasy VIIILudiferThis is a nice Bahamut sketch, fully shaded. Ludifer was right, there's never enough Bahamut fanart around.

October 5, 2005 - Mouahaha!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm incredibly late for this update... Well, whatever, no one knew besides me. :P I'm really tired and I can't type anymore anyway. <.< I suggest you take time to check out all the submissions, though. ESPECIALLY EchoBahamut's ones. Not that the others aren't equally excellent, but just because they're huge and my connection is slow, so you probably have no idea how much time it took me to download them, arrr. :P

New submissions as of 10/05/05
RagnarokMageRagnarok OnlineCrimsonRageThis is an amazing sketch of some mage character from Ragnarok Online.
SephirothFinal Fantasy VIICrimsonRageThis is a cool little sketch of Sephiroth. CrimsonRage said: "I didnt shade his jacket too much because it was the last week of High school, and i wanted to finish it before the year." Sooo, in case you were wondering why he didn't shade his jacket too much, that's why. :P
Bahamut ZeroFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutEchoBahamut says Bahamut ZERO is the wrong colors, but it's not very important. This pic is cool.
Demon SlayerNon-RPG GamesEchoBahamutA pic of the hot Dante from Devil May Cry. Pretty cape.
Leon - Kingdom HeartsKingdom HeartsEchoBahamutLeon is swinging his weapon with grace. Interesting background, hypnotizing coloring.
Mighty Neo BahamutFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutAwww. ^^ I love dragons. Especially when they're drawn so well.
Sephiroth & JenovaFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutIntriguing picture of Sephiroth and Jenova. The black and white suits it perfectly.
Summoning MeteorFinal Fantasy VIIEchoBahamutSephiroth is summoning Meteor with the Black Materia.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Chaos StreamAnimeEchoBahamutWell, I have no idea who this is, but it is nice nonetheless. <.<
Yu-Gi-Oh - Marik and Ra Part 1AnimeEchoBahamutThis is a picture of Marik summoning Ra. It's based on the card info of the cuddly dragon that reads: "Spirits sing of a powerful ceature that rules over all that is mystic." EchoBahamut thought it was more representative to draw two pics on this topic. Both are neat.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Marik and Ra Part 2AnimeEchoBahamutThis is the second pic of Marik summoning Ra.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Pharaoh YamiAnimeEchoBahamutEven though I've never watched (or been interested to) Yu-Gi-Oh, I have to say this is a very well done head shot of Pharaoh Yami.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Seto & ObeliskAnimeEchoBahamutSeto is calling Obelisk. The author tried to get the picture to reflect the info on the card of the latter, which is something like "The descent of this mighty creature shall be herald by burning winds and twisted land." She generously succeeded.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Seto's Blue-Eyes Ultimate DragonAnimeEchoBahamutAs the title of the pic indicates, this is Seto's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. EchoBahamut is quite good at drawing dragons.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Yami & SliferAnimeEchoBahamutHere's a picture of Yami summoning Slifer. This pic is also based on its card info that reads: "The heavens twist and thunder rour, beckoning the coming of this ancient creature and the dawn of its power." Is it just me or this dragon, although very cute, has 2 mouths? o_o
BOF3 comicBreath of FireProbableeProbablee made fun of me because I'm always copy/pasting her comments here. So, to prove her that I don't care, I'm going to keep doing it. :P

"Some Yaoi artist may have got here first, but what the hell. This comic is just supporting my point, but I feel if they did change the character genders, oh how UNIQUE a Breath of Fire game could be! This is the bit where Garr is reunited with the adult Ryu, midway in the game."

From BoF 3. Gorgeous comic.

GreetingsFire EmblemProbablee"A softly coloured pic of Eirika and Ephraim. Hopefully, I'll do more FE:TSS pics in this style. (Yeah, I know it's chibi!)"

So soft, indeed. ^^

Ryu & Nina BenderBreath of FireProbablee"Why the gender bending? I blame it on sites like these: Whenever a time the endless slew of chibi-fied character art puts a huge stonking hair up my ass, I am reassured by sites like this with art and people who think outside the mainstream box. (The site's in Japanese, but it's mostly a Mario art gallery - with a HUGE difference!)"
Cute LinkLegend of ZeldaZeroA simple, yet adorable, picture of Link, holding his sword and shield.

September 14, 2005 - I'm late, but it was worth it...

This is definitely a great update. Nothing more to add.

In other news, taking someone else's pictures on the internet and submitting them as your own sucks. I'd understand that people would be tempted to do such a thing if I gave 100$ for each submission I get, but no, sadly, I don't. So please, no one does that again. >:E (Even though it was actually done, like, 5 months ago. :P)

New submissions as of 09/14/05
5 Year Old LuluFinal Fantasy XLauren NeelHere's Lulu as a cuuuute 5 year old kid. Awwwwww!
Aeon LuluFinal Fantasy XLauren NeelThat's a cool picture of Lulu as an Aeon in statue form.
Al Bhed WeddingFinal Fantasy X-2Lauren NeelI had to change the colors and lighting a bit for this one because it was taken with a digicam. However, I thought Lauren's detailed comments about it were worth mentioning: "I know it's terribly cliche to do a wedding dress but her culture really inspired me to try to be creative. Though nothing is known about al bhed wedding customs I assumed they were different than yevons. So I decided against a white wedding dress but more of a fancy desert gear... and instead of a kiss, cactuar spheres are exchanged (the green thing in her left hand). I also know theres wings in the picture but I didn't want to erase em..they were too cute." It's Rikku, by the way, in case you couldn't tell (I almost couldn't ^^;).
BeatrixFinal Fantasy IXLauren NeelThis is a very decent picture of Beatrix, drawn by Lauren in her math class (In math?! Impossible!).
LenneFinal Fantasy X-2Lauren NeelFirst picture of Lenne I got! "A good one out of many failed attempts", said the artist (and I agree, although if I didn't, I wouldn't say it :P).
Oh My Goddess! - Urd WatercolorAnimeLauren NeelThis is Lauren's first real attempt at watercolor with Urd. She said it didn't turn out too well, but heh, that's what practice is for. :P
WhistleFinal Fantasy XLauren NeelA cute profile of Yuna, anxiously waiting for an answer to her whistling.
CallingFinal Fantasy VIIIProbableeComments on Probablee's drawings will be her own. :D She has a lot of talent, as if it wasn't already obvious from her previous submissions. :O

"Gawd, I hate this game so much, but I gave some allowance for the summon Siren - to practise my life drawing a lil' bit."

EnlightenmentPhantasy StarProbablee"Shir emerges from the light! I drew this with red animator's pencil, but darkned it slightly as it came out very bright pink after scanning it. I could have done more contrast on her face, but otherwise happy with her clothes and extremities." (from Phantasy Star II)
Lend a HandFinal Fantasy IXProbablee"A sketch of Eiko and Vivi. I based this on the original character designs by Amano, rather than the SD ones you see in the game."
One Giant LeapMiscellaneousProbablee"This is the part in the game where your character learns the Jump ability from the Hare. I used alcohol markers (Letraset) and pen for this. It's a scene of action, but it's also lonely in a 'A.A. Milne (original Winnie the Pooh writer)' type of way."
Smile!Final Fantasy VIIProbablee"It's Aeris! I based my drawing on the style of Foo Swee Chin, a illustrator/manga-ka from Singapore. Think Tim Burton drawing for CLAMP, and you get the idea how unique her art is." This looks so cool.
Worn Out AnnaPhantasy StarProbablee"Anna, wiping her brow. I'm still practising with various painting effects in Paintshop Pro 7 (oh, the inferiority!)." Inferiority? Where?! (from Phantasy Star II, by the way)
DinLegend of ZeldaStealth NerdBeautiful drawing of Din, one of the 3 goddesses who created Hyrule (from Ocarina of Time).
Din's FireLegend of ZeldaStealth NerdExcellent picture of Link ready to use Din's fire.
Link's A Damned KidLegend of ZeldaStealth NerdVery amusing comic titled: Link - A Child Trapped Inside A Teenager's Body...
Link's Day OffLegend of ZeldaStealth NerdHmmm, I wonder if Link shaves his chest.

August 28, 2005 - Let's wear hats to celebrate.

Great. New fresh stuff to look at.

On a related note, I forced my friend Silly_Fuu (yeah right) to submit me her paintings of characters from Evangelion and Noir, which is the only reason why there's new anime submissions. :P I saw them in person (the paintings) and sadly, digital pictures don't render their awesomeness. But since I don't like being elitist by only praising my friend, I have to say Probablee and FFF appear to be awesome artists as well. Proofs are below.

New submissions as of 08/28/05
AsheFinal Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy FanPretty good pencil & paper sketch of Ashe. Unfortunately, it was taken with a digicam, so it's a bit blurry. The artist likes to receive criticism on how to improve his/her (yeah, sorry about not knowing your gender, FFF :P) drawing. Don't be lazy I know you are and send in comments! Compliments are also accepted.
HappiNeiSPhantasy StarProbableeProbablee's comments. :D "I don't say this much about my stuff, but I'm quite proud of how this one turned out. Nei jumps (for joy?), and no, she hasn't got short legs; it's drawn in _perspective_, you see." VERY nice. From Phantasy Star II, in case you're ignorant. :P
Lutz & AlisPhantasy StarProbablee"Bit more manga-styling here. I could draw something more dramatic next time... the metallic details on Lutz's cuffs and Alis' sword came out quite well." From Phantasy Star I. You ought to check it out. (I've always wanted to use "ought to" somewhere. I rock.)
Nei & Rolf DoodlePhantasy StarProbablee"This is just a small, ten-minute doodle of Nei and Rolf. Simple yet effective." A... doodle? Yeah right. Definitely worth the look. :D From Phantasy Star II.
Evangelion - Ayanami ReiAnimeSilly_FuuAwesome painting of Rei from Evangelion. It was actually painted on the back of one of those Chinese calendars scrolls. Still, nice coloring.
Noir - ChloeAnimeSilly_FuuThis is Chloe, one of the assassins from Noir. Another great painting, but with a plainer background. Painted on a real canvas this time.

August 13, 2005 - There is Life Everywhere

Well, thanks again people, especially to the new artists. Read below for more details. I wasn't planning to ramble more in this update anyway. :P

New submissions as of 08/13/05
FFX-2 RikkuFinal Fantasy X-2Lauren NeelThis is a pretty nice drawing of Rikku in her FFX-2 attire. I always wear a bandana as a skirt too.
YunaFinal Fantasy XLauren NeelYuna is probably stretching before executing some summoner's move.
Yuna RelaxingFinal Fantasy XLauren NeelWell, apparently, Yuna is just waiting there, looking cute.
Push n' Pull TifaFinal Fantasy VIIProbableeYou may ask yourself: "Why is it called "Push n' Pull Tifa"?" Fortunately, the artist answered to this question before I asked: "It's just the way I used the pencil on this. Later I coloured it in Paintshop." Very great work!
Second Push n' Pull pic: Sephiroth (FFVII: AC-inspired)Final Fantasy VIIProbableeAs awesome as Tifa's picture. Based on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
The World is a Drought When Out of LoveFinal Fantasy XTendoThe artist said that this was the scene that had more emotion than any other point like the high peak in the game, which is why I assume he drew it. This is an interesting drawing for sure (seriously).
DBZ/GT - Gohan SSJAnimeTrkJacOkay... As I have limited knowledge in Dragon Ball (they only showed the first season of DBZ on cableless TV here, which is why I liked it and never got tired of it, I guess :P), my comments will be brief. This is Gohan in his SSJ form.
DBZ/GT - Gohan SSJ5AnimeTrkJacHere's a sketch of Gohan in his SSJ5 form He has a big head.
DBZ/GT - GokuAnimeTrkJacGoku looks so menacing with an earring.
DBZ/GT - Goku & GohanAnimeTrkJacThis is a cute sketchy scene between Goku and Gohan.
DBZ/GT - Trunks with SwordAnimeTrkJacTrunks shouldn't run around with a sword. :(
DBZ/GT - Trunks with Sword Take TwoAnimeTrkJacTrunks finally came down to his senses and stopped running with that sword.

July 31, 2005 - News.

As you might have seen on the Main page, I am now allowing you, in my immense generosity, to submit anime fanart! If you're the guy who has already sent in anime stuff, it's normal that it's not up yet. :P It should be in a couple of weeks or something. Sorry for my lack of, uh, precision, I guess.

You can send me your art right after looking at these new submissions (and yeah, my comments keep getting shorter and shorter... I blame the sun). Thanks!

New submissions as of 07/31/05
LinkLegend of ZeldaAnonymousThis is a pretty sketch of Link, ready to slice stuff.
Sexy LinkLegend of ZeldaAnonymousLink looks angry and therefore, sexy.
Creepy Vivi OrunitiaFinal Fantasy IXBloodshy TestamentThis is a very interesting sketch, done in graphite, of an older type (according to the author) Vivi Orunitia.
Wakka and LuluFinal Fantasy XGraciferWonderful picture of Wakka and Lulu. Soooo romantic. (The background is indeed a screenshot taken from the game.)

July 17, 2005 - Yet Another One.

This update brings you another group of nice submissions mainly centered around the Final Fantasy and Star Ocean series (except for one and a half). Go check them out right now. :D And uh, that's really all there is to say about it. Don't get lazy because it's hot and humid outside, and keep sending me art (one day, I'll find a more original way to ask about that)! :D

New submissions as of 07/17/05
DaggerFinal Fantasy IXConnor QuigleyLast time, Connor submitted a picture of Dagger in rather modern clothes. He did it again, but drew her in a fashion style resembling more the one she had in the game.
Flower PointsMario RPGsHiryuuThis is an awesome photography of what Flower Points from the Mario RPGs would look like if the games took place in real life... Don't ask.
The One-Winged AngelMiscellaneousMasamunaIf Sephiroth from the Kingdom Hearts universe came in contact with the mysterious Black Materia from Final Fantasy VII, this is what could happen. Simply gorgeous.
Albel NoxStar OceanNekoAlbel Nox, from Star Ocean 3, looking exhausted... Well, in a sensual pose, at least.
Autumn WingsStar OceanNekoRatix and Joshua, from Star Ocean 1, in chibi form.
Joshua ProfileStar OceanNekoThis is a fan made profile page for Joshua, from Star Ocean 1, for Neko's yet inexistent fan comic. Very well done!
Ratix ProfileStar OceanNekoThis is a fan made profile page for Ratix, from Star Ocean 1, for Neko's yet inexistent fan comic. As great as Joshua's profile!
CloudFinal Fantasy VIITrkJacHere are 2 pretty sketchy drawings of Cloud based on the original art. This first one shows Cloud in his simple original pose.
Spikey-haired BikemanFinal Fantasy VIITrkJacAnd this is a sketch of Could on the bike he stole from Shinra.

July 4, 2005 - Long time no see.

Yo. After almost 6 months, the Fanart Section is finally back up! I think practically everyone who sent art in this period had been warned of these problems anyway, by myself or Hiryuu. Yeah, because if there hadn't been problems with the section in January, you would've known I was away out of the country in February and March, so I needed a temporary maintainer and blahblahblah, you get the idea. :P

Anyway, without further explanations (because uploading all this stuff tired me WAY more than it should have), you should already be looking at the new submissions! Now, I hope youll understand that considering the ridiculously HUGE amount of pictures in this update, my comments are, well, shorter than usual. And maybe less funny, even though you probably thought they have never been before anyway. Thanks everyone for your patience and you can keep sending art again! :D

New submissions as of 07/04/05
FFVII PosterFinal Fantasy VIIBeta65535A poster of the artist's 3 favorite "good" characters based on Tetsuya's designs. Too big to scan, so he took a picture of it. Sadly, it's not the best quality image, but as he spent roughly 40 hours on it, you'll make sure to take a look, right?
LuluFinal Fantasy XBrittNice and clean pen sketch of Lulu.
Yoshi and BirdoMario RPGsCarlosburgosOk, I won't comment, but knowing this is from SMRPG, you HAVE to look at it. This is Yoshi and Birdo as babies, in case you can't tell.
AkikoSweet HomeChoCho said: "I like drawing stuff from NES games. You can take liberties with character designs from those tiny 16 x 16 sprites. Anyway, this is the nurse character from Sweet Home, standing in the doorway of any given blood stained room in the game." I couldn't agree more.
DaggerFinal Fantasy IXConnor QuigleyThis is a different Dagger, to say the least.
Birthday ComicFinal Fantasy VIHiryuuHiryuu drew this crappy comic for my birthday, featuring Locke and Celes. Hey, he said it was crappy, so I can too. :P I want you all to pay attention to the moral of the story because it's so true.
Malboro AdFinal Fantasy IXHylianLink44As the author put it, this is more of an old "fan ad" (that you've probably already seen) parodying the Marlboro Brand cigarettes at the expense of the Malboro/Morbol/Mad Oscar monster. By accepting to post this pic, RPGC is by no means inciting visitors to buy or smoke Marlboro cigs. Buy Mentos mints instead. They give you a fresh breath and many occasions to look cool like in the TV ads.
Link and EponaLegend of ZeldaJosh M.Even if this has been drawn on a lined sheet of paper, this is still a decent sketch of sexy Link riding Epona. And I only said Link was sexy to create a somewhat decent alliteration.
Cloud One Winged AngelKingdom HeartsJosh WebsterHere's what Josh had to say about his submission: "This is Cloud as the one winged angel. It's my version of him after he quit working for Hades in KH. It's Cloud as the true one winged angel. No demon wing for me."
SoraKingdom HeartsJustine BuenaflorA pretty good picture of Sora, even though the paper looks brownish and wrinkled (kids these days).
Chibi Sheik and the Great Deku TreeLegend of ZeldaKat858Here's a neat pic of chibi Sheik and the Great Deku Tree.
May You Not Forget MeLegend of ZeldaKat858And now, for something completely different, a sad Legend of Zelda-themed picture titled "May You Not Forget Me." Look at it to understand its meaning (I don't, by the way, haven't played the game. :P)
Serious LinkLegend of ZeldaKat858This is a quite serious portrait of Link.
AlfadorChrono Trigger/CrossKet ShiKet Shi's art! ^^ (As always, I'll just copy/paste her comments here because I'm lazy. ^^ You'd do the same, hmph!) It's Alfador, Janus' cute purple kitty as I imagine him, from Chrono Trigger. Poor little thing is very faithful...
Corrine SummonTales of SymphoniaKet ShiCorrine, a tiny foxlike summon spirit that Sheena travels with.
MoltenBahamut LagoonKet ShiOne of Molten's "evolved" forms (or at least the way or overworld sprite appears) from Bahamut Lagoon.
NoisheTales of SymphoniaKet ShiNoishe, Lloyd's faithful...wolfish creature.
Viera summonerFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceKet ShiA little Viera summoner.
SephirothFinal Fantasy VIIKevin JacobsA pretty respectable Sephiroth drawn on computer. Oh, and blood warning. :P
Young Link and ZeldaLegend of ZeldaKevin PerryThese are young Link and Zelda (on a wrinkled sheet of paper).
Close-Up YunaFinal Fantasy XLauren NeelA pencil sketch of Yuna's pretty face. Lauren likes to receive comments on how to improve her drawings, so you're welcome to do so.
AlbelStar OceanNekoNeko sent me loads of great submissions, mainly Star Ocean 2/3-oriented. Trust me, she's a talented artist, but just be warned that if the sight of men (innocently) hugging makes you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you shouldn't take a look at ALL of them. :P

This first one is of Albel, from Star Ocean 3, sitting on the ground and leaning on a random bench.

Albel and FaytStar OceanNekoAlbel, in cat form, and Fayt hugging, from Star Ocean 3.
Albel and Fayt AgainStar OceanNekoA particularly colorful pic of Fayt and Albel from Star Ocean 3 (guess what theyre doing).
Ashton in a BarrelStar OceanNekoCute little Ashton, from Star Ocean 2, in a barrel.
ClaudeStar OceanNekoA colored version of Claude, from Star Ocean 2, in a random pose.
Claude and RatiStar OceanNekoYoung Claude and his doggy Rati from Star Ocean 2.
DiasStar OceanNekoA head shot of Dias from Star Ocean 2.
Fayt AFI StyleStar OceanNekoThis is Fayt, from Star Ocean 3, in a style that perfectly reflects the AFI lyrics written on the background.
Feel RefreshedStar OceanNekoRena in a bath suit with a Claude doll (Star Ocean 2).
FFX-2 YunaFinal Fantasy X-2NekoYuna in her regular FFX-2 outfit.
Link and FairiesLegend of ZeldaNekoLink surrounded by fairies.
LutherStar OceanNekoCool pic of Luther from Star Ocean 3.
School Girl RenaStar OceanNekoRena from Star Ocean 2 in a school girl outfit.
Silent the universeStar OceanNekoAshton and Claude from Star Ocean 2. Nice work on the folds.
Snowe and HiroSuikodenNekoA somewhat "romantic" drawing of Snowe and Hiro from Suikoden IV. It's windy and they're wearing mega-huge pants. :P
Snowe and Hiro AgainSuikodenNekoLooks like Snowe and Hiro are having fun (Suikoden IV).
Strike your mindStar OceanNekoLeon from Star Ocean 2 as a catboy.
The dim light of duskStar OceanNekoAshton and Claude, from Star Ocean 2, still hugging. They look, uh, cute.
The Incarnation of the DevilStar OceanNekoA rather evilized portrait, thanks to Photoshop, of Cyril from Star Ocean 2.
Winged Albel and FaytStar OceanNekoAnd finally, Winged Albel and Fayt hugging, from Star Ocean 3.
Baby DragonLunarPiperThis is a little doodle of a Baby Dragon from Lunar: SSS.
Pikachu in GraveyardPokemonpunkeymonkeyI admit I have no clue what's happening in this picture, but there's a zombie Pikachu and tombstones. It should be enough to convince you to take a look!
AssassinRagnarok OnlineRazeThis is a picture of Raze's RO character with an attire purely based on the official RO assassin wear. Very cool.
Maya and WilliMiscellaneousWalhallaAs some sort of response to Hiryuu's comic, I sent him this equally crappy picture of Maya and Willi from, let's sayyyy, Maya the Bee: Garden Adventure. It proves fairly well I'll accept every fanart submission, without discrimination, even though I think other accepted pictures have already proven I let everything in. :P
Arc The LadArc The LadZach GillI like Zach because he always sends pictures for games that aren't in the archive yet. :D This one is a cool-looking Arc The Lad pen sketch.

January 8, 2005 - And Final Fantasy is the winner

I got 5 submissions for the series in less than 2 weeks. It's not a complaint or anything; I'm just boringly stating a fact that I already partially stated on the Main page anyway. :P Thanks everyone. :D I realized while writing my last update that I didn't have much vocabulary for expressing cuteness as I used the word "cute" four times. It's bad. Really bad. So, I made an effort today and used this word only twice. :P That being said, I know most of you have started going back to school again, but I'm sure you can always find the time to draw something and send it for me. Rrrrrright? :D

EDIT as of June 19 2005: As some of you may have noticed, the Fanart Section is currently experiencing problems (since January 2005, actually). We are currently fixing things as all broken links have been disappeared (which will hopefully lasts, but we never know...). A new bigass update should be made soon, if everything goes well. In the meantime, don't stop sending me your submissions, please. Thanks for your patience. Walhalla

New submissions as of 01/08/05
Battle with BeelzebubFinal Fantasy IIGila-MonsterThis nifty (sweet and awesome) picture shows the FFII dudes and gal fighting against Beelzebub in Pandaemonium. The guy at the bottom is holding the Blood sword, in case you're wondering. I sure was. :P
Tropical Island NativeFinal Fantasy IIGila-MonsterI like the fact that Gila doesn't limit himself to drawing only beautiful people. He thought the people living on the Tropical Island looked really neat, so he drew one. :D
LagunaFinal Fantasy VIIITrkJacThis is a pencil sketch of Laguna. That's all there is to say.
ZellFinal Fantasy VIIITrkJacThis is a pencil sketch of Zell in some sort of virile position. There's a mysterious feel to the whole drawing.
TanukiMiscellaneousWalhallaI just wanted to give the proof to you all that I'll accept art from ANY old NES RPG. :P If you ever played Adventures of Musashi, you'll remember the cute but relatively useless Tanuki. And yeah, it deserves to be in the Miscellaneous Section. :P Drawn with cheap markers. I promise there'll be a damned background to my next picture. :P
Yu-Ri-Pa Mascots Are Go!Final Fantasy X-2XenocciaYuna, Rikku and Paine as mascots. This is so cute I can't even describe it.

December 27, 2004 - Merry Update (haha... ha.)

Large update today. Thanks to all submitters. :D However, maybe you'll notice there's a Shin Megami Tensei link in the ToC to your left, but no picture in it. Well, I don't know why, but I had a lot of problems with the updating process today (probably because I'm in a hurry now and everybody is yelling at me :P). They will be fixed as soon as I find the cause. Sorry. :P Have fun for the rest of your vacation and draw for me. :D

EDIT as of January 2, 2005 : Ok, you can now look at the Shin Megami Tensei submission. I (Cid, thanks!) solved the problem. :P

New submissions as of 12/27/04
Albel NoxStar OceanBrittThis is the first picture of the trio Britt sent me. :D Albel Nox is her favorite character from Star Ocean Till the End of Time. She said he was hard to draw, but I think she did a great job nonetheless. Dont mind the psycho look on his face.
Lady YunaFinal Fantasy XBrittBritt also sent me this cute pencil sketch of Yuna. She submitted the colored version as well, but I decided to only put up one of the two, which was, in my opinion, the best. :P
Zelda in Modern Day Clothing!Legend of ZeldaBrittFinally, Britt sent me this pencil sketch of Zelda. She enthusiastically said : "I didn't like Zelda's style so I drew her in Modern day and this is how it turned out!". Heh, Im not sure we have the same conception of what modern day clothing is, but it's still cute. :P
Garnet til Alexandros XVIIFinal Fantasy IXCelesteI've never played FFIX, but I must admit Garnet IS really cute. :P Pencil sketch colored with PSP 7.
MilleniaGrandiaCelesteThis is an amazing picture of Millenia from Grandia II, colored with PSP 7. I still think she shouldn't dress like that to fight. :P
Chrono Trigger CharactersChrono Trigger/CrossGoodthunderartsHey, Goodthunderarts. I suppose this isn't your nickname, so if you read this, you can send me a message to tell me how you'd like to be called as an artist. :P He (or she) sent me a large pencil sketch of all the characters in Chrono Trigger. Great concept.
LuluFinal Fantasy XJMaiThe details on this pencil sketch of Lulu are fabulous. I don't need to say more.
Seymour and the CAKEFinal Fantasy XKitsune LeahLet me quote Kitsune Leah to describe this submission: "^^ I like to draw Seymour all cute and stuff." And he is eating a cake! :D
Greetings from the Wild WestFinal Fantasy IkostellanoThis is AWE-SOME art. Don't read my comments. Look at the pic. :D Kostellano described it as follows : "I drew this with a Black Mage as a western can see he's wreaking quite a havoc in the background".
Roy from Fire EmblemFire EmblemLaura BrethertonLaura told me she drew this for her friend's birthday. This is a wonderful portrait of Roy from Fire Emblem. Very nicely colored. Also, she said I could probably come up with a better title than "Roy from Fire Emblem", but she was wrong. :P
Come ForthShin Megami TenseiM. SeguraHey, M. Segura. I think I forgot to properly thank you for your submission, so thanks a lot. :P I've never played any Shin Megami Tensei games, but this pic sure looks great.
JacquesSuikodenTsuki-RyuIt seems that Jacques from Suikoden III is a popular guy, based on the number of pics I got from him, compared to the other characters. Or maybe I just say that because I'm in lack of words here. :P Pretty portrait indeed.
AerithFinal Fantasy VIIXenocciaJust because it is the 47th picture of Aeris doesn't mean you shouldn't look at it. You should. :D You won't regret it. :D
Dante and JubeiNon-RPG GamesZach GillZach sent me this HUGE picture, that us, at RPGC, classify under the Non-RPG Games section, arr. I resized it in a somewhat reasonable "wallpaper size", though. It features Dante from Devil May Cry and Jubei from Onimusha 2. Cool, original, I like it.

October 31, 2004 - Yay.

Because I got many submissions. :P Thank you very much! As you can see, I'm in lack of comments here, so this will be all. I don't need to say more anyway. Oh yeah, except that if you looked at this page on Halloween, well, red, dark blue and yellow don't match at all, don't they? :P

EDIT as of November 27 2004: I'm not dead yet. Keep sending me fanart, people. I'm getting awfully more than expected. :D You'll just have to wait a few more weeks before an actual update, but it'll be worth the wait. You'll cry of joy, you won't believe it. :P

New submissions as of 10/31/04
RPG CollageMiscellaneousBrittThough titled "RPG GAMER collage", it's still a great job. :P It's a collage of various RPG characters, as you probably have already deduced.
Son of a submarinerMiscellaneousGohamaThis is a crossover of Final Fantasy 6 and Crono Trigger. I'll let you guess who's who because I totally don't get the joke there, hahah. :P
PipSootheChrono Trigger/CrossKet ShiKet Shi says : "Pip in his regular form using Soothe. Soothe has to be the cutest looking tech ever!" Absolutely.
RubyLunarKet ShiRuby, the "flying cat" from the Lunar series. She's so cute I'd eat her.
SalamandoSeiken DensetsuKet ShiAccording to Ket Shi, Salamander/Salamando from the Seiken Densetsu series is so cute and fun to draw! Indeed.
RikkuFinal Fantasy XMax the ManYou'll never find another pic like this one, I swear. This is a(n) unique pencil sketch of Rikku.
MonicaDark Cloudrikku741This is Monica from Dark Cloud 2. Very well done, whatever is, uh, in her mouth. :P
Auron_FFXFinal Fantasy XTrkJacA black and white pic of Auron. Very faithful to the original. "I'm working on one in color" says the author!

October 10, 2004 - You can still do better *cough*!

Thank you, thank you! Especially to Hiryuu, I guess. :P Keep sending your art, people. I'm waiting for it.

Oh, and if I weren't sick right now, I'd write a better update than this, of course. :P

New submissions as of 10/10/04
The Death of General LeoFinal Fantasy VIGohamaI guess I should warn you there's blood and violence in that one. :P It is an interesting depiction of General Leo's death, though.
Aila and JacquesSuikodenHiryuuThese people are Aila and Jacques from Suikoden III. Jacques is giving the lady a backrub. Omg pr0n! :P
Gau ShoppingFinal Fantasy VIHiryuuGau is doing some shopping for shiny-shiny things, but silly him. He's in the wrong aisle, hah! It's worth looking at just for the cereal boxes. :P
Girls Will Be GirlsFinal Fantasy IVHiryuuOr "The Real Reason the Guys Didn't Want to Take the Girls to Fight Zemus", as Hiryuu put it. I like this one a lot. Maybe because it's so true. :P Wallpaper size.
Kefka vs. GestahlFinal Fantasy VIHiryuuThis is a cute (yeah, cute) picture of Kefka and Gestahl's battle on the Floating Continent. Kefka is obviously not getting his ass kicked.
Poor CelesFinal Fantasy VIHiryuuCeles is looking sad and lonely on top of some cliff at some point in the game...
YunaFinal Fantasy X-2XenocciaYuna holding a gun and showing a subtle, innocent smile. Very well done!

September 21, 2004 - Is that all you can do?

Well, it looks like you're all very busy. Thanks to the people who sent in pictures, though, it's always so appreciated. Receiving almost nothing for about a month messed up my Theme of the Month plans, but you weren't paying attention to it anyway, were you? I don't know how to conclude this paragraph, so I suggest you stare at our nice logo up there while I find something better.

New submissions as of 09/21/04
AventnothingFinal Fantasy IIIAaron LongA very nice black and white Princess Sarah.
CleyraFinal Fantasy IXBarbara ConrickCleyra is a city built on top of a tree. Drawn on lined paper, but cool nonetheless.
Ryu IIIBreath of FireChris-chrisThis is something Chris-chris drew a while ago when she was experiencing with shading. Keep up the good work, lady.

August 20, 2004 - Soon to come

Thank you all for the cool submissions. :D I'd like to take this occasion to wish Champisachamp a happy birthday! I'm surprised I remembered it. :P So, that being said, I remind you there was a THEME this month: Old School NES games, huh? Seeing it's not very popular, I'll think of a more motivating and amusing concept in, uh, a few weeks. Not now. :P If you didn't read RPGC's main page, well, you should know that I won't be available to reply to any e-mails sent my way starting this evening until around September 4th. I know I always reply the best and funniest things to your submissions, so don't be disappointed if I don't in the next two weeks. :P Don't stop sending me your fanart and stuff, though. Thanks!

New submissions as of 08/20/04
Braska's Final AeonFinal Fantasy XCA BryersA rather close-up shot of a sculpture of Braska's Final Aeon. Nice hair, man.
Terra (Esper Form)Final Fantasy VICA BryersAnother close-up shot of, this time, Terra in her Esper form. Too bad we can't see her hot body, though personally, I don't really care. :P
Zorn and ThorneFinal Fantasy IXCA BryersThose are very well done (no, I couldn't find a better word to qualify them because of my limited English vocabulary :P). I don't even know who those guys are and I'm impressed. :P
Chibi MarthFire EmblemChampisachampChibis are always cute and Champisachamp's colorful chibi Marth is no exception. ^^
I Haven't Done AnythingLegend of ZeldaSylviaSmoothly colored portrait of Link. Looks like he did something wrong. Hah, little brat him!

August 3, 2004 - Somebody finally listened to me! :P

Dark Paladin sent me many wonderful pictures of sculptures from varied RPGs. :D Yeah, sculptures. Just look at them! They're worth your time! I'm sure you have nothing else to do anyway. :P That being said, Ket Shi suggested the following theme for August: pictures of old school NES games. I know that's what you've always been waiting for to draw. I'm counting on you all - not really. :P

P.S.: Thanks to Cid again for PHP-izing the section. :D

P.P.S.: Don't forget to attach your files (pictures) before sending me your e-mail! :P

New submissions as of 08/03/04
A Ship From the GraveyardFinal Fantasy VDark PaladinDark Paladin thought it would be cool to do a ship from the Graveyard in Final Fantasy V. And he was right.
BahamutFinal Fantasy VDark PaladinThis is an awesome sculpture of Bahamut on North Mountain.
Desert PyramidFinal Fantasy VDark PaladinWhat a cute little Desert Pyramid. :D
Ice BeastFinal Fantasy IVDark PaladinThe Ice Beast is scarier than the Eukaryote.
LinkLegend of ZeldaDark PaladinI always thought Link was hot. I guess I was wrong.
SandwormFinal Fantasy IVDark PaladinThe Sandworm is a nerd because it likes Starcraft. I bet I could kick its ass at it, though. Its tail seems to be broken, but it's awesome nonetheless.
ViviFinal Fantasy IXDark PaladinVivi is just standing there. Looks like something crazy is going on in his mind. :O I like the hat.
WaterbugFinal Fantasy IVDark PaladinThat Waterbug sculpture looks real and disgusting. That's all good, though. :P
Weapon ComboFinal Fantasy VIDark PaladinDark Paladin's comments: "The Dice-Fixed Dice-Genji Gove-Offering combo everyone is so fond of (since there is no visual basis of what the Offering looks like, I based it off of the Incense Offering from Draconus)." Thanks man. I could've never said it better. :P
WhelkFinal Fantasy VIDark PaladinWhelk is actually such a charming monster. :D

July 17, 2004 - Artists should feel special now

Yo. Lots of submsissions to see this week. :D Thanks to all submitters! As you might have read from the Main Page, I added an artists index, leading to the artists' individual pages. Now, I know it'll convince some of you to move your lazy butt, scan your art and submit it. You know who you are. :P Check it out, please, because that's what I did until 4 AM on Friday night instead of going out in bars to finally meet the man of my life and be happy. And I think I always re-use the same jokes. :P Anyway, if you see mistakes or think it's not organized well, don't hesitate to contact me. If you submitted art in the past and see I don't have your e-mail address, I repeat that it would be cool if you could let me know what it is. So, that's all, and don't forget I'm always pleased to create sections for new series. :D

New submissions as of 07/17/04
Archdevil PipChrono Trigger/CrossKet ShiI'll let Ket present her own art, as always. :P A simple picture of Pip from Chrono Cross in his Archdevil form.
Cait Sith & Co.MiscellaneousKet ShiA mixed picture featuring Cait Sith being annoyed by several cutesy creatures in RPGs. From left to right they're Poring (Ragnarok Online), Rabillion (Seiken Densetsu 3), Jigglypuff (Pokmon), and Pip (Chrono Cross).
CoeurlFinal Fantasy IIKet ShiThe dark and slinky cat monster from FF2, the Coeurl.
DangaardSeiken DensetsuKet ShiDangaard, the God-Beast of Wind from SD3 giving someone a dirty look.
Molten & YoyoBahamut LagoonKet ShiPrincess Yoyo giving the Molten dragon a good scratch behind the ear (wherever a reptile's ears may be).
Poring & PoporingRagnarok OnlineKet ShiThose are the obnoxiously cute Poring and Poporing enemies.
SalmandoSeiken DensetsuKet ShiSalamando from the Seiken Densetsu series, looking grumpy.
SkittyPokemonKet ShiA bright red picture of Skitty. Drawn before it was very clear what Skitty looked like, so some details are off.
Link And ZeldaLegend of ZeldaKevin PerryLink and Zelda in a cute pose. Drawn on lined paper and colored somewhat rapidly, but nice nonetheless.
Zidane & GarnetFinal Fantasy IXVeronikaAnother cute couple here. Simple, yet pretty and charming.
Emilia, Liza and AnnieSaGa FrontierWalhallaEmilia and her party trying to beat their final boss with disproportioned controllers. It's supposed to be funny, haha. Originally meant for the SaGa Maniac Community a year ago, but hey, I'm tired of waiting. :P I upgraded it since then anyway and had to honor my pseudo-monthly theme, heh.

July 6, 2004 - I'm already in lack of titles here

This update brings great submissions as can be seen below. You\'re all so cool. :D Well, I did say I\'d bring back the themes last time... but all I\'d really like you to do, for now, (as if I could afford to make requests like that here :P) is art for those RPGs that have nothing yet. You know like me it gives you almost endless possibilities. However, I probably should shut up, stop whining, and submit art myself. :P Thanks again!

New submissions as of 07/06/04
ErkFire EmblemCaitcidA special-looking picture of Erk, casting Excalibur. "One of my very first Fire Emblem drawings. My fav character!" says the artist.
ErimLufiaDragon TearThis is a revamped version of DT's old Erim picture. But too late now, hah! Because she asked me to put the old one down! She drew it with charcoal, which gives a somewhat darker, yet cool, look.
SheikLegend of ZeldaJillianWell, I had to ask Jillian who this lady, Sheik, was... *is ashamed* But I'm sure I'm the only loser here who didn't know. :P Always nice to see her art.

June 12, 2004 - And it took a DAMNED long time

Really. I never spent so many hours in a row in front of a computer, so I'll be brief. :P Thanks people for your nice submissions. :D See the details below. All sections have been re-organized, with the artists' e-mail addresses (the ones I had anyway, which means that if you see I don't have yours, you can contact me to let me know what it is) and a short description. If you think what I did could be better, if I had bad ideas or if there are spelling mistakes/broken links, you're allowed to send me your comments. Oh, and I might bring back the "Send me pics based on this theme!" thing soon like Faetan used to do - after all, I'm the one who gave her the idea :P - but let's hope I'll have inspiration. :P In the mean time, I'm waiting for your submissions. :D Get it? Good.

New submissions as of 06/12/04
Hero of TimeLegend of ZeldaJillianA very nice portrait of Link in brown and white. Taken with a digicam, not a scanner, though. :P
Archangel PipChrono Trigger/CrossKet ShiArchangel Pip from Chrono Cross.
Black RabiteSeiken DensetsuKet ShiCute but kinda scary... It's the infamous Black Rabite, the optional super boss from Seiken Densetsu 3.
BrightSuikodenKet ShiOk, Ket Shi always comments her CUTECUTE art much better than I could ever do, so I'll let her talk here. :P Bright the baby dragon as he appears in Suikoden II.
Ice-GemronDark CloudKet ShiIce Gemron from Dark Cloud 2.
KorokuSuikodenKet ShiKoroku, a lost dog with a mysterious bag tied around his neck, from Suikoden III.
MesmerizeFinal Fantasy VIIIKet ShiA Mesmerize monster from Final Fantasy 8.
Mog KnightFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceKet ShiA Mog Knight from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
PotoSeiken DensetsuKet ShiA simple line art from the Poto from the Seiken Densetsu series. The Poto hops around like a bunny and is exceptionally cute. I wanted to draw it in a rounded style, and did so successfully...on lined paper. D'oh!
ZaghnolFinal Fantasy IXKet ShiIt's an ugly-as-sin Zaghnol from Final Fantasy 9 for variety. Don't ask me why I drew it; it was a request!

May 27, 2004 - Let's par-tay!

As you may have seen from the Main Page, this section will now be maintained and updated regularly (for reelz, hah!) by me, Walhalla - for those who never pay attention to anything. So, tell your mom, your dog, this guy you don't know on the street; we want your submissions to keep it alive. I mean, ALIVE! Normally, I'd do a bunch of jokes here, but I'm feeling boring today, so you'll have to satisfy yourself with a few standard sentences and announcements. I have to repeat that if you've sent art since the last update, please, re-send it to me. Also, the section has been slightly revamped: the ToC and the few broken links have been fixed as well as the Submission Guide. Some other re-HTML-ization is coming soon JUST because I like things to be pretty. :P It absolutely doesn't take out the fact that Faetan did a great job at organizing everything, though. I'm just an annoying perfectionist. :P Thanks and send those pics to me now. :D

New submissions as of 05/27/04
Link yet againLegend of ZeldaCameron O.A fantastic sketch of Link by a very talented 8-year old. Nice work, Cameron!
BahamutFinal Fantasy IVKet ShiBahamut, the king of dragons. This one's style is from Final Fantasy 4.
Chibi BehemothFinal Fantasy VIKet ShiA chibi Behemoth from the general Final Fantasy series.
Czar DragonFinal Fantasy VIKet ShiThe Czar Dragon, a dummied boss from Final Fantasy 6.
Friendly MuFinal Fantasy IXKet ShiThe Friendly Mu from Final Fantasy 9.
Green Requiem, Red Opera and Yellow NocturneKingdom HeartsKet ShiI hate to skimp out, but I'm so tired, and there are so many awesome renderings from Ket, we'll just skip the comments for now and add the artist's own. ^^ Nonetheless, they're all worth viewing. SO DO IT.
Griever and Baby RayquazaMiscellaneousKet ShiA picture of Griever (from Final Fantasy 8) and a baby Rayquaza (from Pokmon). Say "awww"!
In The RiverPokemonKet ShiA scene of a Dratini, Marill, Azurill, and Mudkip swimming in a river. From Pokmon.
Ruby & NallLunarKet ShiRuby and Nall the little dragons from the Lunar series.
ShadowKingdom HeartsKet ShiThe Heartless from the game Kingdom Hearts. This one's called a Shadow.
Cloud!Final Fantasy VIIPiers V.Piers obviously knows how to use shading. Gorgeous black and white contrast here, with elaborate texturing. Good work, ducks.
Cute linkLegend of ZeldaSarahIt'!!!! I think it's a pencil sketch, but regardless, it's a very nice rendition of the sweet little hero boy!
Trillian's Fighter SpriteRPGC CommunityTrillianTrillian's skill at CG coloring NEVER ceases to astound me. On top of that, her artwork is lovely too. Nicely done, yo!
RikkuFinal Fantasy X-2WarrenVERY beautifully-rendered pic of the femme thief in blue pencil and 2B pencil. Probably my favorite of the bunch, hee!

Fancy table format above provided by Tenchimaru Draconis. Yay TD! We all love TD!

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