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Aila and JacquesArtist: Hiryuu
Description: These people are Aila and Jacques from Suikoden III.
BrightArtist: Ket Shi
Description: (Artist's comments) Bright the baby dragon as he appears in Suikoden II.
KorokuArtist: Ket Shi
Description: (Artist's comments) Koroku, a lost dog with a mysterious bag tied around his neck, from Suikoden III.
Snowe and HiroArtist: Neko
Description: A somewhat "romantic" drawing of Snowe and Hiro from Suikoden IV. It's windy and they're wearing mega-huge pants. :P
Snowe and Hiro AgainArtist: Neko
Description: Looks like Snowe and Hiro are having fun (Suikoden IV).
Flik and OdessaArtist: Rachel York
Description: Flik and Odessa from Suikoden.
GeddoeArtist: Rachel York
Description: This is Geddoe from Suikoden 3. Love the coloring and the haircut.
GremioArtist: Rachel York
Description: A headshot of Gremio from Suikoden. In black&white.
Hugo Karayan PrinceArtist: Rachel York
Description: Oh, he's a cool character all right! From Suikoden 3.
Lady ChrisArtist: Rachel York
Description: Lady Chris, from Suikoden 3, was apparently one of the first female heroes who could be controlled, which inspired the artist.
RiouArtist: Rachel York
Description: Riou, Suikoden II hero, in a classic pose.
Suikoden HeroArtist: Rachel York
Description: Suikoden's hero McDohl in colored pencils
JacquesArtist: Tsuki-Ryu
Description: Jacques is definitely a cute guy.

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