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Capsule Reviews

Welcome to Capsule Reviews, a section containing, of all things, reviews. Any RPG can ostensibly be reviewed, regardless of the year, platform, or system (I just have to have played it). These reviews aren't necessarily as lengthy or in-depth as many of the ones on the Internet - just short, opinionated chatter wrapped up in a paragraph or three - but they will give you a good impression of, if nothing else, whether the game in question is worth your valuable time and money.

In addition to said chatter, each game gets a score out of 5 Red Jewels (). This is an overall score (I don't give separate scores for graphics, music, etc. since each game is really more than the sum of its parts). If you don't have the time to read the actual reviews, you can still glance at the score, which breaks down something like this:

Contains nothing original, and botches the unoriginal parts.

One or two interesting ideas that were never fully realized.

A solid, well-made game; an enjoyable time sink.

Best of year and platform.

Best of genre.

Your fearless reviewer is: Sephiroth Katana

Reader Responses: Angered by one of these reviews? Certain that the reviewer has it in for you? Well, stew no more in your rage! Simply go here to learn about contributing to Capsule Reader Reviews. Knew you'd be pleased.

Rating Game Year Developer Platform
Blackthorne 1994 Blizzard SNES/PC
Brain Lord 1994 Enix SNES
Brandish 1995 Koei SNES
Breath of Fire 1994 Capcom SNES
Breath of Fire II 1995 Capcom SNES
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 1997 Konami PSX
Chrono Cross 2000 Square PSX
Chrono Trigger 1995 Square SNES
Demon's Crest 1994 Capcom SNES
Diablo 1996 Blizzard PC/PSX
Diablo II 2001 Blizzard PC
Earthbound 1995 Hal SNES
Earthbound Zero 1989 Nintendo NES
Escape Velocity Nova 2002 Ambrosia Mac/PC
Final Fantasy 1987 Square NES
Final Fantasy II 1988 Square NES
Final Fantasy III 1990 Square NES
Final Fantasy IV 1991 Square SNES
Final Fantasy IV Advance 2005 Square-Enix GBA
Final Fantasy V 1992 Square SNES
Final Fantasy V Advance 2006 Square-Enix GBA
Final Fantasy VI 1994 Square SNES
Final Fantasy VI Advance 2007 Square-Enix GBA
Final Fantasy VII 1997 Square PSX/PC
Final Fantasy VIII 1999 Square PSX/PC
Final Fantasy IX 2000 Square PSX
Final Fantasy X 2002 Square PS2
Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Square-Enix PS2
Final Fantasy Anthology 1999 Square PSX
Final Fantasy Chronicles 2001 Square PSX
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 1992 Square USA SNES
Final Fantasy Tactics 1998 Square PSX
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2003 Square-Enix GBA
Front Mission 1995 Square SNES
Golden Sun 2001 Camelot GBA
Illusion of Gaia 1994 Enix SNES
Kartia: The Word of Fate 1998 Atlus PSX
Live A Live 1994 Square SNES
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom 1993 Never Land SNES
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals 1996 Never Land SNES
Lunar: Silver Star Story 1998 Game Arts Saturn/PSX
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue 2000 Game Arts Saturn/PSX
Nethack 1985 none PC
Ogre Battle 1995 Quest SNES/PSX
Panzer Dragoon Saga 1998 Sega Saturn
Parasite Eve 1998 Square PSX
Phantasy Star 1988 Sega SMS
Phantasy Star II 1989 Sega Genesis
Phantasy Star III 1990 Sega Genesis
Phantasy Star IV 1994 Sega Genesis
Pokémon 1995 Game Freak GameBoy
Robotrek 1995 Enix SNES
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire 1995 Koei SNES
Secret of Mana 1994 Square SNES
Shadowrun 1993 Data East SNES
Soul Blazer 1992 Enix SNES
Square no Tom Sawyer 1989 Square NES
Star Ocean: Second Story 1999 Enix PSX
Suikoden 1996 Konami PSX
Suikoden II 1999 Konami PSX
Super Adventure Island 2 1994 Hudson Soft SNES
Super Mario RPG 1996 Nintendo/Square SNES
Super Metroid 1994 Nintendo SNES
Threads of Fate 2000 Square PSX
Terranigma 1995 Enix SNES
Vagrant Story 2000 Square PSX
Xenogears 1998 Square PSX

©2001 All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. All rights reserved.