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Capsule Reader Reviews

Welcome to Capsule Reader Reviews, a section containing, of all things, reviews by Capsule Reviews readers. Any RPG can ostensibly be reviewed, regardless of the year, platform, or system. If you'd like to submit a reader review, send it to There are no real submission guidelines as such, though I strongly suggest proofreading your writing prior to submission. It's recommended that you keep your reviews on the short side, since the point will tend to be buried in huge essays, but that's a suggestion more than a rule. Reader reviews will be added on this very page as they come in.

So, without further ado, here is the alphabetical list.

Game Reviewer
2400 AD Kisai
The 7th Saga Kisai
Abandoned Places Kisai
Actraiser Kisai
Adventures of Musashi Kisai
Aethra's Chronicles Kisai
Bahamut Lagoon Behemoth
Baroque Skankin' Garbage
Blue Dragon Skankin' Garbage
Breath of Fire Skankin' Garbage
Breath of Fire 2 Skankin' Garbage
Breath of Fire 3 Behemoth
Breath of Fire 4 Behemoth
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Skankin' Garbage
Chrono Cross Behemoth
Contact Skankin' Garbage
Dark Cloud Behemoth
Dragon Quest VIII Mr. Saturn
Final Fantasy Crash26821
Final Fantasy III DS Skankin' Garbage
Final Fantasy VI Niktaw
Final Fantasy IX Behemoth
Final Fantasy X Behemoth
Final Fantasy Tactics Behemoth
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Dinoracha
Grandia Skankin' Garbage
Growlanser: Heritage Of War Skankin' Garbage
Kingdom Hearts Behemoth
Kingdom Hearts Skankin' Garbage
Der Langrisser Skankin' Garbage
Langrisser V: The End Of Legend Skankin' Garbage
Last Armageddon Kisai
Legend of Dragoon Behemoth
Legend of Legaia Behemoth
Lost Odyssey Skankin' Garbage
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Mullenkamp
Lunar: Dragon Song Skankin' Garbage
Mystic Ark Kisai
Odin Sphere Skankin' Garbage
Okage: Shadow King Skankin' Garbage
Paper Mario Behemoth
Phantasy Star II DomRafa
Rhapsody Kisai
Rudra no Hihou Mitora
Shadow Hearts: Covenant Skankin' Garbage
Shadow Hearts: From The New World Skankin' Garbage
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story Dinoracha
Super Paper Mario Skankin' Garbage
Wild ARMs 3 Sinistral
Wild ARMs 3 Wilfredo Martinez
Wild ARMs 4 Valkyrie Esker
Xenosaga Mullenkamp

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