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Final Fantasy X-2

*When a battle begins*
Rikku: I could do this blindfolded.
Paine: Go ahead.
Rikku: *giggles nervously*
*When a battle's won*
Paine: Sorry we had to win.
Rikku: I'm not!
*When a battle's won*
Yuna: Duck soup!
Paine: Duck what?
"Can we not almost die next time?" -Rikku
"That's how it's done, spunky monkey." -Rikku
"Booboos be gone!" -Rikku, casting cure/life magic
"It's...Smiting Time!" -Rikku, casting Holy
"I think this blade could use a new sheath. Any volunteers?" -Paine
Yuna: Who's there?
Leblanc: Er, Leblanc. Remember that name well, loves!
Yuna: Ah, the thief.
Leblanc: Whatever do you mean? That's what I hate about amateurs...
Rikku: Maybe she'll go away if we ignore her.
Leblanc: You! I heard that! Just as I was saying: amateurs! They have no concept of what it takes to be a true sphere hunter.
Paine: Amateurs? Weren't you following us?
Leblanc: Following? A mere coincidence.
*Ormi and Logos appeared at the scene.*
Ormi: You was right, Boss, as always.
Logos: Indeed, following them has paid off splendidly.
*Everyone in Yuna's group snickers*
Leblanc: Laugh while you can!
Rikku: Think we need a password?
Paine: How about "'s...ass."

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