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Breath of Fire Series

"You say that is the strength of the destined child? You think you are stronger than God? I don't appreciate that." -St. Evans, BoF I
"Oh dear. Did I just screw up again?" -Bleu, BoF I
"It is a disappointment that we can't turn our fight into a show...At the least, we would kill you in style!" -Augus, BoF II
"You hurt me, Nina...You'll pay for that insult! Then I'll kill you!" -Joker, BoF II
"I'm gonna slap you!" -M.C. Tusk, BoF II

"How cute...what is it?" -Momo, BoF III
"I thought I was saving the world by fighting the Brood...but now I'm not so sure. I've seen the true power of the Brood. I know now that the Brood are far too strong. If they could have destroyed us all in an instant, why didn't they kill us?" -Garr, BoF III
"Is this power...what God feared?" -Gaist, BoF III

"Don't that beat it all?" -Rei, BoF III

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