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Wild Arms Series

Wild Arms I

"A sword is made for cutting and a spear for stabbing. Mercy is precious, but mercy can also be an indulgence in a world like ours." -Jack van Burace
"The cycle of desire never ends...Luceid will never die..." -Boomerang
Jane: "Don't tell me all this hard work was for nothing! Even McDullen did a good job!"
McDullen: "Thank you, my lady..."
"You? Worried about me?...How sweet..." -Hanpan, to Jack
"I peed in the ocean and the Ocean Gaurdian, Lucadia, got angry..." -Bed-ridden sailor on the Sweet Candy
"It's strange talking to humans." -Chickens, in Surf Village
"Hey! Someone who I can talk to! If we speak the same language, maybe we were meant to be together!" -A horse, in Surf Village
"Get off me, you idiot! How long do you plan to stay on top of me?!" -Jane, to Rudy
"Here I am, dripping with talent, ready to do battle!" -Zed
"My...Sweet...Candy..." -Cap'n Bart
"Elmina will laugh at me. For Elmina, I shall use my sword against you." -Jack, to Harken
"When we found the wreckage on the beach, we laughed so hard. But then I realized that no matter how much I hate that bastard, Bartholemew, we both share a common love of the sea. So I decided to be a nice guy for a change." -Drake (Cap'n Bart's nemesis)
"Many precious things have slipped through your fingers..." -Elmina, to Jack
"Here I am! The Grim Reaper's pen pal! The ultimate Macho Man!" -Zed

Wild Arms III

"I always thought you were a little slow, but now I just think you're completely senile!" -Gallows
"Geez...Why does everyone hate us?"
"Well bro...We have no social graces, just like the boss..."
-Dario and Romero
"Then what do you suggest we do!? Summon a superhero to kick his butt?" -Maya
"Hellooo? I'm toying with you, kid!" -Janus
"That dirty-minded pervert of a father!" -Virginia
"So basically, she's a freak that can mimic the abilities of fictional freaks she reads about. She's gonna freak out!" -Gallows
"Listen to the Donkey's orders and eliminate the enemy!" -Malik
"You can take your pitiful values and shove them!" -Clive
"Erghhh! Trying to figure out everything at once is making my head explode!" -Halle
"I no want you get fried like chicken!" -Zim
"Can't we sue someone for misrepresentation?" -Gallows
"I'm stupefied by your stupidity!" -Halle
"I guess it's pretty obvious there's a pain-in-the-behind monster waiting behind this door..." -Gallows

"And that is precisely the reason that car is off limits to all passengers." -Some NPC that the entire RPGC staff positively loathes

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