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Lunar SSSC

"This is the most prestigious toothpick in history!" -Kyle
"Now shut your cakehole and let us take your boat!" -Jessica
"At least I set foot in a school, you dumb bastard!" -Jessica, to Kyle
"It's even more magnificent than I imagined, Alex...." -Luna
"You have to understand Alex. Girls are supposed to prevent boys from having fun." -Ramus
"You're THAT Kyle?! Well, spank my bottom and call me pinky!" -Thief in Bazaar

"Through hard work and bad hygiene, I can achieve anything!" -Kyle
"Foolish humans, why do you treasure these things? Don't you know they are made from my sh..." -Quark
"I'm Mel de Alkirk, governor of Meribia. Since you're new here, I'll warn ya. If you dare to make any sort of trouble in my town, I'll pop your tiny little heads off your twiggy little necks and mount them on me trophy wall" -Hell Mel
"Another night of wine, women and song for Kyle. Just between you and me, I think I had a little too much of the wine, but the women didn't complain... *falls down*" -Kyle

"Victor, my 'ha's' are blowing chunks..." -Ghaleon, Making of Lunar SSSC video
-Mr. Saturn

Kyle: "I think I'd better bring some protection."
Jessica: "Kyle, that's disgusting!"
Kyle: "What's wrong with bringing my best shield?"
"I bet Dragonmaster Dyne drank milk every day Alex, it did his body good." -Nall
"It looks like a big blue booger...well, let's start picking!" -Nall
"We're not interested in what YOU'RE serving. Let's go Alex." -Luna, to a prostitue

"I won't rest until I have ALL the money!" -Ramus
"Not Ghaleon, dear Quark, Magic Emperor Ghaleon!" -Magic Emperor Ghaleon

"I could never fight without my clothes on...I'd keep tripping over my sword. Heh heh heh....." -Kyle
"The only digits allowed to penetrate my nostrils are my own, you ignorant fop!" -Ghaleon

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