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Quest for Glory Series

Quest for Glory I: So You Wanna Be A Hero?

"You needed a bath anyways!" -Fairy
"Outside you get eaten, inside you get robbed." -Same the beggar
"What is the meaning of life? 42." -Gargoyle
"Come a hero from the east, free the man from the beast, bring the child out of the band, and drive the Ogress from the land." -Prophecy
"YEEEECH! Is that what you look like?" -Skull
"Good for what ALES ya!" -Bartender
"Beginners! Why do they send me beginners?!" -Chief Thief
-d Galloway

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

"Getcha fire wood burned. Burned by real Fire Elemental!" -Shopkeeper
"Hero? The name-ugh!-kinda escapes me at the moment!" -Houdini
"You want...such a fool of a wizard to be your sponsor?" -Head Wizard
"I...I can't see!" -Blind Guards
"What good is knowledge and wisdom if you can't use it?" -Erasmus
-d Galloway

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

"Magic is for weaklings and women!" -Leibon
"Demon, I beseech thee! Demon, I summon thee! Demon, I become thee!" -Leopardman Wizard
"You are neither a storyteller or a liar. Both can communicate better than you." -Rajah
"You die a hopeless drug addict." -Death Scene, (after lighting and using the pipe three times)
-d Galloway

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

"That's the price of too much fame. Now you've gone and guessed my name!" -Leshy, (First Riddle)
"Hero sandwiches or Hero-on-the-half-shell?" -Baba Yaga
"Now Katrina can have all the darkness she ever wanted, and much, much more." -Ad Avis
"He's dumber than a styrofoam cup!" -Franz
"Eeeny, meeny, chili beany, the spirits are about to speak." -Unknown voice
"You take my Mark 4 thieves toolkit, and then are dumb enough to show it to me?!" -Chief Thief
"I am supposed to believe that a Prince of Shapeir stands before me?!" -Burgomeister
"Just use the right spell to teleport him. The last time you tried this, you brought the clothes and left the person behind!" -Fenris
"Some call me mad, but I much prefer Dr. Cranium." -Dr. Cranium
"You'd better MOOSE your way out of this one" -Narrator, (use action on moose head)
"Trying out for the part of soup du jour or auditioning for the main course?" -Bonehead
"Little graveyard humor there." -Igor
"Hector Hexapod had a hunch, that hapless hero was his lunch! Since you brought no better fare, he chose to eat you then and there!" -Death scene
"Case-and book-closed" -Death scene
"The spears are too BOARING to be taken around with you!" -Narrator, (use action on spears)
"Is this an inn or a cemetary? I've had livier times at funerals!" -Punny Bones
"Did he have long, pointy ears like Leonard Neimoy?" -Franz
"Guess she liked the pie, or you would have taken it's place!" -Bonehead
"It doesn't take long for you to realize you can't breathe water." -Death scene, (use action on Rusulka)
"You're the one with the skull still stuffed with brains- use them!" -Bonehead
"You guys are so narrow-minded you could look through a keyhole with both eyes." -Punny Bones
"If Igor get big hero job, can he be pyromaniac, too?" -Igor
"The gypsy toasted Igor!" -Hanz
"Check his breath. It smells like Igor!" -Franz
"The book is written in simple words, and was obviously intended for Fighters." -Climbing Book
-d Galloway

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

"Guards! You idiots!" -Minos
"Toro fight hard!" -Toro
"Don't wanna be turned into a toad." -Arestes
"Ebenezer Scrooge-our hero" -The painting in the bank, (examine it)
"I never thought anyone would read the crap I wrote."-Famous Adventurer
"Greetings, greetings, greetings!" -Pottery Merchant
"I guess it gives you the munchies rather than relieving them." -Salim
"At least I'll die knowing you're hosed." -Assassin
"You're dead meat!" -Assassin
"She is probably looking for the Assassin's master, rather than asking meaningless questions!" -Minos
-d Galloway

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