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"There are Motaviann living in Motavia and Dezoriann living in Dezoris." -Villager, Phantasy Star I
"Myau flaps his wings ploudly." -Phantasy Star I

"Thats OK. Jaha needed a bath anyways." -Sarah, Shining Force II
-Dark Magus

"Four Motavians Flee Fly and fall right on my temple hall." -Raja, Phantasy Star IV

"Groovy!" -Lemon, Shining Force II
"Play time is over now." -Zio, Phantasy Star IV

The long battle is over
We were able to free ourselves from the terrible curse of yore
The souls of those who sacrificed their lives for Algo sleep in peace
From person to person...
From age to age...
As long as memories last
We will not forget the sacrifices that have been made -Phantasy Star IV
This is it
Now we determine Algo's future
Our future! -Phantasy Star IV

"Once pulled Sirufa's finger, and BOY was I one sorry old man." -Otto, Vay

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