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Final Fantasy X-2

“The Bartre before you is not the same one you faced then!” -Bartre
“Our opponents are a motley band of fools! They’re no match for us!” -Bauker
“A word of advice, friend. Never sneak up on a man unfolding a treasure map!!” -Dart
“Eliwood, I have always despised you. How I’ve longed to smash you and your pathetic morality into pieces! I’ve dreamed of this day, and here it is at last!” -Erik
“Pegasi are noble animals! So, they must eat noble carrots, you see!" -Farina
“What part of my hairdo looks like a bird’s nest?” -Geitz
“I have an attention span of only about half an hour. Too bad, huh? Heh, heh!” -Geitz
“I am Glass! The gods fear my name!” -Glass
“…Man, why do I get stuck with all the lame henchmen?” -Hector
“Well, we’ve got nothing to worry about, then! As long as I’ve got someone I can hit, I’ll be fine.” -Hector
“As a rule, assassins are weaklings.” -Legault
“Uh-oh. Looks like someone hates me. What a pity.” -Legault
“Gah! Do-don’t do that. Warn me when you’re about to talk! It’s not polite to frighten me.” -Legault
“Lord Marcus!! How is it that you know everything!?” -Lowen
“If the stomach is empty, empty, too, lies the heart.” -Lowen
“Overconfident? Who’s overconfident?” -Sain
“You’re making fun of me in a roundabout way!” -Serra
“Ah…I’m so cute it’s almost criminal!” -Serra
“I’ll be here to help you just like before! Aren’t you lucky!” -Serra
“I don’t see any trigger there. Do you? I didn’t think so.” -Game tutorial
“Rest assured…I will kill you all here. But be of good cheer! In dying, you shall all be spared to calamity that is to come!" -Uhai
“Ah, we meet again. You disappoint me by your persistent refusal to drop dead.” -Vaida
“Grrrr!! Not again! This is the 75th time! I could have SWORN Caelin was in this direction! Grrr…Eh? Something’s wrong…Is it a sneak attack? You cowards, waiting there in the fog!! My name is Wallace! The boldest knight in all Caelin (wherever it is)! If you’re not afraid to die, show yourselves!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!”-Wallace
“Show me the foe! General Wallace will crush them all!” -Wallace
“Oh, great…If it isn’t Mr. “Manual of Knightly Prowess”! I mean…General Wallace!” -Wil
“Time to die, darlin’!” -Zugu
-Jonathan T Engel

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