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Lufia Series

"My love is my sword...if I were you I'd stay away from thoughts like that." -Dekar and Guy, Lufia II
"Magical Lady Magical Selan!" -Guy, Lufia II
"What's the matter little knight? You don't seem happy to see me!" -Gades, Sinistral of Destruction, Lufia I

"So, the little knight has a little sword. But does he know how to play with it?" -Gades, Lufia I

"This is no time to futz around." -Artea, Lufia II

"I've forgotten how to miss. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to get whoever wants to go first!" -Dekar, Lufia II
-Dark Magus

Sailor: "Lexis' inventions never work the way they're meant to."
Girl: "I know the last one sank a ship. What was it again?"
Sailor: "It moves ships without wind."
Girl: "You have a good memory."
Sailor: "I know, it was my ship!!"
-Crono Cloud

"Certain someone? You work for someone with no name?" -Dekar, to Idura
-d Gallowy

"You little hooches!" -Daos, Lufia II
-Macc Maverick

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