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Other Final Fantasy Quotes

"Crap" -Gilgamesh, FFV
-Adam Shell

"Light Warriors! Revive the power of the orbs!" -almost everyone in FFI

"I banish you to the Cleft of Dimension!" -Exdeath, to Gilgamesh, FFV
-d Galloway

"There is a cute cleric name Ki in the shrine." -First Worlder, FFLegend II
"Bananas are not allowed in this world." -Person in Edo, FFLegend II

"You, the man of darkness using it means nothing to me, you fools!" -Zeromus, FFIV

"Bull, you know you just have the hots for her." -Galuf, FFV

Tellah: "Who's this old fart?"
Cid: "Look who's talking!" -FFIV
"You damn Shinra!!!" -Barret, FFVII
-Mazrim Taim

"You spoony bard!" -Tellah, FFIV
"How violent!" -Galuf, FFV

"Geronimo!" -Cid, FFVII
"She was smiling to the end." -Cloud, FFVII
"All right everyone, let's mosey." -Cloud, FFVII
"@#%!" -Cid, FFVII

"Starkle Starkle little it's time that you guys SINK!!!" -Gilgamesh, FFV
"I, Garland, will knock you all down!" -Garland, FFI
-Macc Maverick

"Whaddya say we find a quieter place where I can show you something, ahem...equally impressive." -Palom, FFIV (J2E Translation)
"Geez! You'll be able to mess around till you're sick of it later!" -Cid, FFIV (J2E Translation)
-Ben Tomb

"See your face upon the clean water. How dirty! Come! Wash your face!" -Fountain in Corneria, FFI
"This is a well. You might think that there is something to it...But in fact it is just an ordinary well." -Well, FFI
"You sense something...Evil?" -Inside the Earth Cave, FFI

"Everyone has to find their own reason." -Cloud, FFVII
-Lunis McCleod

"I'm kupo for kupo nuts!" -Moguta, FFIX
"Ohh soft." -Zinidine, FFIX

"The brave do not fear the grave" -Battle Arena floor, FFVII
-Mako Eyes

"Once a spy, always a spy." -Cloud, FFVII

"I commend your courage, but I shall show you no mercy." -Beatrix, FFIX
" My end is near...Time to die everyone!" -Trace Kuja, FFIX
"ugh..." -Garland and Kuja, FFIX
"Please... kill these opposers of god..." -Zalmo High Priest, FFT
"You miserable Wiegraf!" -Ramza, FFT
"" -Zalbag, FFT

Cloud: " look like a bear wearing a marshmallow."
Barret: "The hell's that supposed to mean!? This happens to be the most comfortable, so shu'up!"
-After Barret puts on a sailor suit

"I do what I want! You have problem?" -Quina, FFIX
"World not complicated place. World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat." -Quina, FFIX
"Good food not only delecious! Good food made with heart! This very important when cooking for freinds!" -Quina, FFIX
"Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself." -Dagger, FFIX
-GG Chrono 4

"Aye, I am Bikke the Pirate, and surprised I am that you scurvy dogs have the nerve to face me. Mates! Get those landlubbers!" -Bikke the Pirate, FFI
"I don't care what you are doing, so much as the idiotic way that you are doing it." -Vincent, FFVII
"Too much hope is the opposite of despair... An overpowering love may consume you in the end." -Vincent, FFVII
"Escape from a world of illusions... Hmph... I wonder which is better" -Vincent, FFVII
"You can't give up now! There ain't no gettin' off of this train we on!" -Barrett, FFVII

"Peace is but a shadow of death, desperate to forget its painful past...Though we hope for promising years. After shedding a thousand tears, yesterday's sorrow constantly nears. And while the moon still shines blue, by dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue." -Kuja, FFIX
-Bodie Murdock

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