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Final Fantasy VI

"Urg, 50000GP." -Person at auction in Auction house
"Now I'm begining to talk like you!" -Sabin
"Mr. Thou! Mr. Thou!" -Gau
-Hydro 10

"Hey! Call me a TREASURE HUNTER, or I'll rip your lungs out!" -Locke

"This is sickening! You sound like chapters from a self-help booklet! Prepare yourselves!" -Kefka

"Son of a submariner!" -Kefka

"You licentious howler!" -Cyan
"Nothing can beat the music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison!" -Kefka
"Run run or you'll be well done!" -Kefka
"I will hunt them down. I will destroy them all! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" -Kefka
"I will destroy everything! I will create a monument to non-existence!" -Kefka
"Ahem. There's SAND on my boots " -Kefka
"I think I'm gonna... *runs to the side of the boat* Not a word of this to anyone o' shrouded one." -Locke
"If something were to happen to me, all the world's women would grieve!" -Edgar

"Uwee hee hee! Don't tease the octopus, kids!" -Ultros
"How 'bout a little magitek mayhem?" -Kefka
"Poor old...oh well, what a worthless excuse of an emperor!" -Kefka
"Edgar, you pinhead! Why do you have to live in the middle of nowhere?!" -Kefka

"I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you!" -Kefka (to Celes)

"Life...Dreams...Hope...Where'd they come from? And where are they headed...? These things...I'm going to destroy!!" -Kefka

"Thou art a royal pain in the --- Confound it all! He's got me talking like him!" -Sabin
-Dark Magus

"Ooh! They're warm to the touch!" -Kefka

"The best thing in life is being free of obligation...otherwise you lose your ability to gamble." -Setzer

Celes: "Aren't you a little short for a soldier?"
Locke: "Oh...the uniform"

"I'm your boss, kupo! -Mog

"Mmm?...This is an outrage!!...Do you really think so?" -Cyan
Edgar: "The little shrimp's grown into a whopping lobster!"
Sabin: "And you're a king crab!"

"Wait? Do I look like a waiter?" -Kefka

Terra: "What's with you, anyway?"Edgar: "Guess my technique's been getting rusty."
"Welcome to my barbecue!" -Kefka
"I think that guy lost some of his buttons..." -Locke, about Kefka
"You're such a fuddy duddy." -Relm
-bling bling

"That's Shadow! He'd gut his mama's throat for a nickel!" -Sabin
"Leave us. The dog eats strangers..." -Shadow
"The Reaper is always just a step behind me..." -Shadow
"In this world are many like me who've killed their emotions. Don't forget that." -Shadow

Kefka quotes from the FF6 shrine that weren't already suggested:
"I command the greatest power in the universe! You are all helpless before me!"
"Now, for my next trick, I will make you all...disappear!"
"Oh wanna fight me?! This is just dreadful!
"I'm all-powerful! Hee, hee, haw! I'm collecting Espers! I'm extracting magic!"
"How does it feel to know you've been working for us?!"
"Now I feel you've outlived your usefulness..."
"Hee, hee, hee !! But what fun is destruction if no 'precious' lives are lost!"

"So thats General Leo... He could be my friend if he weren't my enemy" -Shadow

"Perhaps you've heard this story? Once, when people were pure and innocent, there was a box they were told never to open. But one man went and opened it anyway. He unleashed all the evils of the world: envy... greed... pride... violence... control... All that was left in the box was a single ray of light: Hope." -Banon

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