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Shining Force Series

Shining Force I

"You and your pitiful force cannot be saved by prayers!" -Darksol
"Lowly worms, I shall crush you beneath my heel!" -Kane
"Good luck, Max. Give Kane a wallop for us! -Man in Alterone
"Donít make me glare at you!" -Old man in Alterone

Shining Force II

"Iíve been waiting! This Great Rod is for you. Isnít it great?! -Blacksmith
"If all the humans are annihilated, thatís okay. Itís their Destiny." -Volcanon
"Do you want to die?" -Zeon
"Iíve never experienced anything like this in my 70 years of life!" -Sir Astral
"I am what I am. That is all that I am." -Zynk
"Do not touch my rock!" -Zynk
"Iím almost dead anyway!" -Hawel
"You...snot nose!" -Karna
"Wow! Heís so brave. Hmmm..." -Princess Elis
"Sheís too beautiful for you! Back, back!" -Sir Astral

"Row...sham...bow!" -Petro's Grandfather
-Ebony Dragon

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