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Star Ocean II: The Second Story

"I can only guess that they are the dragons I was fighting. I must have been possessed, and now they are on my back." -Ashton
"Will you take responsibility for making me damaged goods?" -Ashton
Ashton: "Hi Claude. This barrel, I think it looks best when viewed from this angle."
Claude: "Doesn't a barrel look the same from any angle...?"
"Of course!! The jewelry that I make is the best in the world. You won't find stuff this good anywhere. You know why? 'Cause I'm a genius jeweler. Hahahahahahahahahahaha." -Abeema, the (weird) jeweler
"Ashton seems to like urns and barrels and things like that." -Rena
Celine: "But you do know what WOULD happen if you DID tell someone what I was saying...don't you."
Claude: *sweatdrop* "Yes! I know...what would happen...I do..."
"To the waiting room!" -Ashton
"She's more like a tornado than a teenager." -Claude, about Precis
"Really? Phew! It just hit me, you know? Maybe it's a BAD name, I mean, who knows...? Know what I mean?" -Precis
Precis' dad: "True genius always gets recognition eventually."
Precis: "Yeah. Waaay after they're DEAD!"
"Look Precis, you see? We have to go investigate the Sorcery Globe, right? Well we just don't have the time to hang around with you. Yes, that's it. We don't have time." -Rena
"Oh, darn...I must have been beamed somewhere." -Claude
"I must be busted on the Undeveloped Planet Protection Treaty." -Claude, after using phase gun thing
"Knowledge is power!" -Leon
"WheewhEEEEE!!!" -Precis

"Barrel...Colorful barrel...Barrel BARREL Barrel BARREL Barrel." -Ashton
"We have a full score with this!" -Claude
"Disappear, you impure people!" -Rena
"Oh, is it already finished?" -Celine
"That better not leave a mark." -Celine
"Got you." -Ashton
"There's Mr. Enemy!" -Precis
"Here I come here I come here I come!" -Precis
"I will turn you into a beehive." -Opera
"Hey. HEY!" -Bowman
"I don't need to be involved, right?" -Leon
"We won, right?" -Leon
"Mommy!" -Leon
"Piece of junk." -Dias
"Ten seconds." -Dias
"Did that hurt?" -Noel
"Okay, cut, end it there." -Chisato
"Uh, 3-A? One missile, please." -Chisato
"Oh, why don't you just go away?" -Chisato
"What's wrong? Aren't you coming to get me?" -Cyril
"Swallow all the wicked people!" -Indalecio

"The law of the jungle!" -Leon
"It's pointless to be popular with the enemies." -Bowman Jean
"I'm okay...I'm okay..." -Bowman Jean
"A creature that has stopped evolving is not worthy of existing." -Narl
"You don't understand. It's our raison d'Ítre. We were created expressly for the purpose." -Indalecio
"Looks like I'll be popular with the ladies again!!!" -Bowman Jean
"Go to Heaven!!" -Bowman Jean
"That was a good workout!!" -Bowman Jean
"Don't take me lightly..." -Bowman Jean
"Help, I'm dying...MOMMY..MOMMY!!" -Fighting Man, at the Lacour front lines
"He is SUCH a BRAT!" -Precis, about Leon
"Well Rena, I guess this means war!! The more rivals the better!!" -Precis, making a declaration of war between Rena and her to be Claude's girlfriend
-bling bling

"BeHIND me?" -Celine
"Goodness darling, how AWFUL!" -Celine, screwing up an item creation
"What a BORE! It was such an expensive map! -Celine
"Let's pretend that didn't happen." -Rena, messing up an item creation
"BURN!" -Claude, using the phase gun
"You're in the way." -Dias
"This is a...tactical escape." -Dias, when running from battle
"Don't get me wrong; it's not as though I think much of you." -Dias, to Claude after the Tournament of Arms
Some of the bizarre food descrpitions
"A type of gelatin. I hear it's edible."
"Gag! Retch! Did you read the recipe?!"
"Wait a minute... how old is this?!"
"Hey...this smells bad."

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