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RPGC Staff Quotes

Welcome to the RPGC Staff Quotes section! Here you'll find out how disturbed the staff actually is! These are real quotes by the staff.

Shaggy: Subsequentally, more guys hit on me than girls. Strange.... and if any of you repeat that in any way, I shall personally kill you.
Sephiroth Katana: *looks up from copy/pasting Shag's confession to every channel on DALnet, Undernet, EFnet, and every branch of USEnet* Oh...doh.

SK's celebrated corn story: so there I was, having decided to fry some canned corn on the stove. I dumped the can on the pan and went to change. Suddenly, I heard a weird sizzling sound. I rushed back and saw a fireball in the making on the stove, smoke coming out of the pan. Screaming "NOOOO! MY CORN!!!" I dove for it, grabbed it, ran outside and threw it in the snow. Panting heavily, I removed the cover to see a big fireball fly into the heavens, almost catching my face. The next half hour was spent in scraping a large black cinder off the pan. The end.

KúnTaR:can I tell you that the animated gif at the bottom of the page kinda sucks...
ShaheenJim: No, you're not allowed to tell me that. }|>

Kentar:your too psycho !
Sinistral:what do you mean I'm psycho?!
Kentar:well, you know, maniac sick human being. brain eating giant mouse.... forget the last thing I said
Sinistral:but I like brain eating giant mice...
Kentar:well... use at has title... instead of "the greatest of all time" "the Giant brain-eating mouse"
Sinistral:Now I feel special 8)

Onion Kid: Gotta go pee, brb.
::mere seconds pass::
Onion Kid: Back.
Mr Saturn: Geez, did you even leave the computer, or do you just have incredible aim?

Zero (at Hiei's house): Where am I supposed to get paper and ink?
Sinistral: Out of your ass.
Zero: ...
Sinistral: Can you imagine having a paper-cut on your anus?
Zero: ...
Sinistral: Put a band aid on it. If the guy has a hairy butt... auto -hair removal! Imagine the pain of pulling the hair on your ass by its roots...

Sinistral: Imagin what would happen if certain disturbing members of the staff like you and me met and conferred...
Macc Maverick: We couldn't get within ten metres of eachother. If we did, we would start an inverse negative feedback-loop of weirdness. This would create a weirdness-cycle, which would continue until a quantum singularity in the space-time continuum erupts directly over the center of the space between us. This, of course, would suck all matter within a Swarzchild radius of approximately 1 light year into the singularity and end our definition of the universe (as it stands now).
Sinistral: say that in english
Macc Maverick: Okay... You get close to me, we all die.

*Sinistral gives Hiei a chance in Starcraft by allowing him to pick his race*
Sinistral: Choose your doom
Hiei: Terran, I choose you!

Sephiroth Katana :Ever have that dream where you're barefoot in public & this guy stares at your left foot & another guy stares at your right foot & this gal stares at your hands & this other guy totally checks out your butt, & he's thinking "WHOA! Nice butt! Nice, pointy, tail-finned butt! Better not touch it, that butt looks razor sharp!" Me neither, but then again I'm not Lucy Ozone. Thank God.

Situation : Sinistral's waiting for a cab so he can get to his karate classe (no one he knew was around to give him a hand). The cab driver never showed up...Sinistral was about to blow an aggression inhibitor.
Linda (Dragon Ninja's wife): "Hi, it's Lin. John [DN] was carrying the kids upstairs While you're mad, please come and take out my neighbours - they are making such a racket I'm ready to go over there and plow them one!!!!!"
Sinistral:"I'd love to, but for that, I'D NEED THE FREAKING CAB TO GET THERE!!!"
Linda :"That would be some cab fare all the way here! lol"
Sinistral: "I'd use him to plow through the door 8P" (him =cab driver)

This is what happens to Cid when he comes out of a test at his university
Cidolfas: "My mind is blown... I'm trying to think of something cogitent to say and am failing miserably...
int bucket1 = (int) ld / keyNumber++ AHHHHHHH!"

Merlin one time had an interesting run-in with a nickname stealer in RPGC's chatroom, click here to read all about it

Starcraft Chat log #1
Shaggy wasn't answering when spoken to, so Sinistral said...
First Image
Second Image
Third Image
Fourth Image
Fifth Image

Starcraft Game picture #1
Unfortunately, Sinistral didn't catch a picture of what Shagistral (Shaggy) said.
First Image
Second Image

IRC Chat log #1
This is what you get to do when you're a webmaster

Starcraft Chat log #2
A piece of what?!

Starcraft Chat log #3
What do you think would happen if we worked at McDonald's?

Starcraft Chat log #4
Onionkid still pees a lot

Sin's head's a giant twinkie

Starcraft Chat log #5
New possibilities for the new rpg!

Starcraft Chat log #6
How to piss off "popular" airheads, the french way.

Merlin's practical joke (8/20/01)
Peer, who normally simply enjoys booting people out of the chat, decided to show his nicer side, the reactions of the others to the event was quite humorous, especially if you are a frequent chat visitor. I apologize for the fact that the .jpg is kind of messed up, ah well. Click here.

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