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Merlin's Nick Saga

One day in the RPGC chat, Merlin noticed that his usual nick (Merlyn) seemed to already be taken, he wasn't sure why this was so he did a /whois on the name Merlyn, and found out someone was using this name in another channel...he joined the room (under his backup name Merlini) and this is what he, Celes, Ryuujin, Omni_Masters, and Lunaris among others  saw...(please note these pictures are rather large, and I marked in red all the key things/rpgc people talking...)
Even more insanity...
Pretty nutty eh? It gets worse.


In any event, when the imposter "MerLyn" sees me join (and after I send him a private message), he and I have a brief conversation. Here's how it went...

<MerLyn> WHo r u
<Merlini> I am the user registered as Merlyn, why do you have my name? :)
<MerLyn> I Like it
<Merlini> I see.
<MerLyn> I Like it
<MerLyn> I Like it
<Merlini> Understood. Are you from Asia? I didn't recognize the characters in your chat room
<MerLyn> I am Thailand
<Merlini> oh cool
<MerLyn> yes
<Merlini> were you all from thailand?
<MerLyn> yes
<Merlini> neat
<MerLyn> please give me your account
<Merlini> my name? I'm sorry I really can't do that.
<MerLyn> I Like it
<Merlini> So do I.


Anyways, NineInchNails around now suggests I "ghost" him (a command that identifies you as the proper owner of the nickname, it kicks whoever else is using it at the time as well). I like this idea (quote: "uwee hee hee") and the imposter and I have one more chat before pulling the plug on him...

<Merlini> sorry, but I need to take my name back now, anything else you'd like to say?
<MerLyn> I Like it
<MerLyn> eieie


Anyways, with a few taps of keys I boot the guy off my name and take it back. Crisis averted right? Wrong. Check it out.
It seems like the guy did not appreciate me recapturing my nick, so a bunch of people in his chat room flooded me with private messages, it was quite funny, especially as they all began piling up one at a time, look at the top of the pic to see them all. Here is a sample private message:
In all (I counted) I received 65 private messages! It took me a few minutes just to cancel out the windows. All in all it was a pretty fun adventure. So use yo' head! Don't take popular nicks for callsigns!

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