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Breath of Fire Fanfics


Dragons and Demons (Weiila)Ryu finds himself thrown into the prison of Wyndia, lost, dazed and accused of murdering innocent people. With the new addition Trenity in the gang of heroes, he dives into battle against the mysterious fella' Damine.
From Fear to Hope
(Weiila)This is yet another Breath of Fire fic by Chris-Chris, this one a bit of a crossover however. It's officially set in the world of Breath of Fire 3, but the two earlier games will be mentioned and tied into the story. The third generation of heroes thought they would have some time off, but that's just something they can forget, because an ancient evil is awakening below the body of a warrior who turned himself into a dragon to keep the evil sealed. And while they do, there's still room for a bit of romance.

(Alternate mail)

A Wyndian Princess
2 3
(Weiila)If you haven't heard of Mintbaby or read anything by her before, I recommend you to start right about now ^_^
This Breath of Fire 3 story handles the complications of an arranged marriage, and the two finding themselves in it trying to do the best of the situation. Princess Nina is married off to a man named Shamus McNeil (erm, he's quite different from his relatives from the game, SO GET BACK HERE, YOU!). Superb writing and cuteness galore, warmly recommended :)
Beating That (Weiila)A (pretty much) stand-alone sequel to "A Wyndian Princess" (the plot touches it, but only briefly). This one deals with Rei and a half blood Woren named Tai. As usual with Mintbaby's stories, you can expect a sweet, wonderful lovestory, and even if this one is a bit short in compare to her normal works it has her special and lovely style. If you liked her other Breath of Fire 3 story you'll like this one too, guaranteed.

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