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Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction

Deth Star Apocalypse

A Time of Miracles (Weiila)Not made in time for the special Christmas update, but here now for your enjoyment.
A heartwarming tale about what the characters of Final Fantasy Tactics have done after the game, told through the viewpoint of Agrais one lonely Christmas eve. Friends long gone, not seen in a while are missed, but somebody might be considering leaving her a christmas present at least.

Doc Shinryuu
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Swords for hire:
Will of Elder Topa
(Weiila)This is a sweet lil' Final Fantasy Tactics fic (our first for that game, too. W00t for Doc!) by Doc Shinryuu, well known from the mailbag :)
FFT is yet another game I've never gotten my hands on, but I still find it quite enjoyable and humorous so those who know the story behind it all should find it even better ;) Ramza's friends that star in this story (eventually series) are short on money and buy a map for a mine...
Master Math (Weiila)And they're back! Time for the calculators to clash... they don't only fight, they can count too! If you're a FFT-character, that's kinda useful ya know...
Trap of the Bandits (Weiila)The third tale of the FFT troupe is here! This time they take on a group of bandits stealing beer... eh, yeah. Also muses a bit on the subject of summons taking a tad bit too long...
Swords for Hire Part 4 (Weiila)The fourth installment in Doc's Final Fantasy Tactics comedy series. This time the group of mercenaries are hired to guard a lonely cart. The driver looks strangely familiar though... and what's the cargo?
It's a hard life when paper clips can be deadly, isn't it? >:)
Swords for Hire 5:
Challenge of Zero
(Weiila)A thief with a familiar name will learn not to anger white mages, especially not if they use really strange weapons. There are also cameos from one of the funniest fantasy series to ever exist ^_^ The funniest Swords for hire as of yet in my humble opinion.
Swords for Hire Interlude: Interview of the author (Weiila)An addition to Doc's author interview, where the author uh... "allows" the characters to ask him questions. Quite funny ^_^


(Weiila)Two poems from the world of Final Fantasy Tactics, the first from Ovelia's point of view, the other from Delita's. They're not a happy couple, and these are two very beautiful though bitter poems by the one and only KaiserVonAlmasy.

Scott Baird

Ties of Blood
(Weiila)Set in Final Fantasy Tactics, but not about the usual crew.
The tale of Candon Oaks, a Holy Knight of the Ajora church, who sets off on a quest to find his sister and bring her back to the light. He also feeds strong hopes of being the one to kill Ramza Beuvolve, the treacherous heathen who brought the lady astray...
An innovative take on FFT with very strong characters and good plot.
Reader reviews of this fic.

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