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Lufia Fanfiction


The Merman Very nicely done, taking place during the timespan of Lufia 2, but if a different event had happened, concerning Dekar (you'll see what I mean when you read it), the characters interacting on the backdrop of one of the most beautiful descriptions of the sea that I've ever read.


The Things We Remember (TD)A rarity in fanfic-land indeed! A Lufia 2 fic! Starring everyone's favourite archer and general overpowered character, Artea. Oh, and there's a lead part for Tia in there as well. One night, Artea is out looking at the stars and doing all the other stuff those crazy elf people do, when strange lights appear in the sky. When he goes to check them out, he faints, and ends up finding himself in Tia's bed without his clothes on. Strangeness indeed.


Maxim's Party A serious (with some humor interspersed) fanfic taking place after the end of Lufia 2, it is very well done, though it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Be sure to check back here for the sequel when it is completed!
The Legend Continues! (Weiila)YES! It's the next part in Otakon's story of the events taking place after Lufia 2's end 8) And even though I smell a crossover I'll let it stay in the Lufia archive for now, together with the first part.
This story will doubtlessly become very interesting as it continues, it already is. Warmly recommended.

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