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Final Fantasy VI Fanfiction


Scent of an Esper (Weiila)Christmastime in the world of Final Fantasy VI, after the end of the game. The children of Mobliz have been moved to Figaro castle where they can live safer and warmer, as well as under better care from not only Terra. But the children's "mama" has a bit of holiday trouble that the kids are and probably should be kept unaware of for quite a while longer. As another hero under Archone's care noticed, it's tough when two people fall in love with ya at the same time...

Cody and Charles Farone

The world goes to hell
and it's all Locke's fault

2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Well, the title pretty much... says it all :) If you like really weird humor, this is a fic for you. I suppose all the characters involved can be grateful of is that Kefka isn't around anymore...
There are two versions of part 2, but they are quite different from each other so I left both of them in. :) Hilarious. Reader reviews of this fic.
8th March. Changed the author to the real ones. Credits added.

Ersatz Sobriquet
About the author

Vanilla Nights (Weiila)Considering who wrote this fic, being the master beside d_Galloway of horror, this is a surprisingly tender and warm story about the man in black from Final Fantasy VI; Shadow. A look at his life - without getting sentimental, mind you - he does in the end come to the conclusion that right now, in a time of peace, things can actually turn out alright. Not perfect, but good enough.

Herr Rommel

Of Love and Gunsmoke (Weiila)Oh, don't you dare to leave this one unread!
This is an Alternate Universe story, in which Final Fantasy VI has been turned into one of ye olde gangsta' movies, with Locke as the leading char - a typical "she was a tough broad, but she needed my help" kind of detective. It's got drama! It's got action! It's got romance! It's got Kefka leading a mob squad of killers under "Godfather" type Gestahl while governor Edgar Figaro only can wring his hands!
And don't drink tea while reading this. Just a kind piece of advice from a lady who spluttered with laughter whenever another character stepped into the scene in his/her twisted role. They all stay true to their professions - in a way.
Promises to Keep
2 3 4
(Weiila)It's the sequel to Of Love and Gunsmoke, and the Second World War is in its final stages, as the FFVI heroes aren't safe from drafting either - darn Herr placing Figaro in USA just do a gangster flick outta the game, eh? Don't look at me like that, gang!
A rather brutal story as it never was very pretty by the front, and no romanization of it in sight either.

About the author

Author's note
(Weiila)What the title says ;)
A shadowy past;
The story of Shadow
(Weiila)The first installment in a series that are meant to clear out the past of each hero of FF3/6j. Starting with Shadow Goyangeta takes us through the life of a wanted man, from his tragic first days in life to the tragic experiences that turned him to a ruthless assassin and ninja.
Heh, seeing Kefka call Gestahl "uncle" just gives me the creeps...
A chip in the pile;
The story of Setzer
(Weiila)Second one up too! This is about Setzer. From a boy seemingly cursed with misfortune to a skilled cardplayer and owner of the airship Blackjack, much thanks to a certain, kindhearted scientist and mechanic.
Just a Treasurehunter;
The story of Locke
(Weiila)Goyangeta's tales of the characters of FF6's past continues. It's Locke's turn next; about how he met and lost Rachel to heartbroken and bitter join the Returners.

Herr Rommel

Promises to Keep
2 3 4
(Weiila)It's the sequel to Of Love and Gunsmoke, and the Second World War is in its final stages, as the FFVI heroes aren't safe from drafting either - darn Herr placing Figaro in USA just do a gangster flick outta the game, eh? Don't look at me like that, gang!
A rather brutal story as it never was very pretty by the front, and no romanization of it in sight either.


Ravages of Glory
Chapters 1 and 2
Chapters 3 and 4
A fic sent during the time of the War of the Magi in FF6, a time reltively untouched by fanfiction writers. One of the most interesting and unique fics I've read in a long time.


The Returners Save Christmas (Weiila)After the world was saved, Terra seems to have been falling into a depression. She still takes the time to tell "her kids" a Christmas story about a good king trying to save his country however. The legend of Santa Clause in Final Fantasyesque style... very cute ^_^

Lady Aliena

The Narshe Trials (Mazrim) Set in the time after the end of Final Fantasy 6, this story provides a somewhat sad (if true to human nature) idea of what the future of the world will become. Celes is imprisoned for her previous ties to the empire, which of course angers the people who she fought with to save the world. This fanfic, from the points of view of three different people, shows how this new world of governmental politics is faced by the former heroes who saved the world. I know I'm overusing this word, but it's quite cool. :)

Valkyrie Esker

The Forgotten warrior 2 (Weiila) Hey, whatever happened to that other Doma guy who survived when Kefka poisoned the river? Considering the fact that he didn't seem to be around in the World of Ruin, maybe he left on his own quest, found a group of daring warriors and went on his own journey...

Aww come on, what are the odds for that?
In a fanfic? BIG!
A great story with action, humor and that special glistening in the eye... or at least a glistening somewhere among all the letters.

Mazrim Taim

The Kefka Project(Mazrim) One of my darker pieces, this fanfic goes in depth about how Kefka became the insane magic-user he was during Final Fantasy VI. It is a prequel, obviously, taking place before Kefka's rise to general. Nothing much else to say - it's a bit verbose at times, and I'm afraid it doesn't have too much humor, but I think it's a nice dark, deep piece. I may be biased, though. :)

About the author

Final Fantasy III: The Movie
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(Mazrim)Quite the epic Final Fantasy VI fanfic, complete with CG'ed pictures of FF6 from Final Fantasy Anthology, the plotline is interesting, quite dramatic, and makes this fic seem all the more 'epic.' A Cinematic Experience...The Final Fantasy. (Updated 10/11)

About the author

Gogo's Secret (Mazrim) A short fanfic by Weiila, taking place moments after the end of FF6. It is about who Gogo really is, though many people who like to read "secrets" sections of certain shrines may already know the climactic plot point. That's ok, it's still quite a fun read, with realistic characters (and I do like believable characters, as you may or may not have known)
Moments with Celes (Mazrim) A very innovative fanfic, about Locke's relationship to Celes, from both points of view. Instead of being all in one chunk of action, this story takes place in short segments; the important parts of their relationship throughout the game. Starting with the tunnels beneath South Figaro, it goes through the story of the game, following Celes and Locke through such important events as the Opera House scene, the Solitairy Island, and, of course, the beloved Phoenix Cave/Rachel scene, showing the thoughts, feelings, and words of the characters. The first in a series of three stories including Gogo's Secret II and Worshippers of Insanity.
Gogo's Secret II (Mazrim) NOT the sequel to Weiila's original short fanfic "Gogo's Secret," this FFVI fanfic has a completely different take on who Gogo is. While many have said he/she was a certain character who I spoiled inadvertently in the last update (whoops), this takes a completely different approach. I don't want to give away the Secret, but on the whole I will just say that this story is very innovative, interesting, and on the whole, cool. The second in a series of three stories, including Moment with Celes and Worshippers of Insanity.
Worshippers of Insanity 2 (Mazrim) A very interesting, if controversial (in light of recent events) story set in FFVI, about the return of the Cult of Kefka (the people chanting outside the Mage Tower in the game) and how they make life difficult for the heroes. Weiila wanted me to say that she wrote this a month before the WTC attacks, and that she does not want anybody to be offended by any similarities between the Cult of Kefka and modern-day terrorists. However, I would never cease to put up writing that might perhaps be controversial, as long as it is well-written, and...well, tactful at least around the controversial thing. As long as it doesn't cause us to get sued... :P The third in a series of three stories, including Moment with Celes and Gogo's Secret II.

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