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Square Crossovers (Crossovers between characters from Square games)

Demon-Fighter Ash

Table of Contents
Chrono Trigger:
Until the end of time

2 3 Epilogue
(Weiila)A superb crossover between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, attempting to close some of the plotholes in the latter. It mostly follows Magus and Lucca as they strive to protect what is left after Guardia falls to Porre, doing everything they can and more than they should have to do in order to stop Lynx from aquiring the Frozen Flame. It is a rather dark story, but also carrying a lot of hope.

D. Krispin

Chrono Crisis (Weiila)Serge lives a quiet, peaceful life in the village of Arni, enjoying his simple existance to the fullest. But strange dreams are tugging at his mind and one night a mysterious fellow shows up in the youngster's room, claiming that his name is Crono and that he needs Serge's help. Their second encounter gets the young man into quite a situation. Familiar faces from both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross unite to battle the empire of Porre...
A growing epic with fabulous descriptions and great characterizations, though Schala seems to have grown rather quirky during her time off princesshood.

James L. Aevermann

Time Screwed Fanfic (Weiila)A crossover starring characters from Final Fantasy 7, 8, Tactics and Chrono Cross. One seldom sees even a somewhat serious crossover, but they tend to be good, and this one is promising if incomplete for the moment. With both humor and serious matters, as the heroes find themselves trapped in a strange world none of them really recognize (though it does seem a little familiar...).

Michael Greenhut

Tears of Blood
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Magus' memoirs. Do I need to say something more? ;)
A fantastic and tender story with its natural darkness, following little Janus through his own eyes, from his birth, his life as Magus and search for Schala. The relationship between the siblings is strikingly beautiful, one of the best characterization of it that I have ever seen. Also, the story contains rather surprising origins of Flea and Slash, as well as a very dark explanation of how the Masamune began to be defiled by evil until it became the cursed blade seen in Chrono Cross. To name a few. Warmly recommended!

Mr. Saturn

The Game (Mazrim)Long, humorous fanfic starring characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, and Chrono Trigger. Focuses on what would happen if characters from various games were forced into proximity with one another, as a result an involving plot isn't needed. If you have some free time, this fic will most likely make you laugh. Reader reviews of this fic.


Mana Knights Anonymous
(Weiila)Seiken Densetsu III, but probably not as you remember it. A young Mana Knight in training is thrown out of his home land after a great fire burned down the secluding forest and turned it into glass. He and his master (who'll have you jumping when you see who it is) leave for Jad, where the youngster meets a varied troop of strange travelers.
Hey, Sephiroth shouts "Get thee hence Dragon Emperor!", how can you not take a look at this? ^_^;

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