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Crystal Conundrums I: The Windcall (Mazrim)The Windcall - The first installment of Archone's new series centering around the goings on in the game Crystalis. Written with his usual attention to detail and description, this story is quite cool. And Archone does a good, believable, interesting job fleshing out the storyline of Crystalis, which as I recall isn't all that fleshed out in the actual game, which is also cool. Just like playing Crystalis, but better!
Crystal Conundrums II: Flamekiss (Mazrim)The second installment of Archone's new series centering around the goings on in the game Crystalis. The epic tale continues on, losing none of its potency or otherwise coolness from the first. It makes me glad that I don't play so many RPGs, so I can enjoy their stories in the form of actual written works of art, which tend to be better than they are in the forms of games. If you know what I mean. :P
Crystal Conundrums III: Iceheart (Weiila)Ah, this is just getting better and better.
Gebrel continues his journey through the world, searching for answers and swords. In this part he meets one more wise man, one wise woman, a few very... determined females and Mesiah, a woman who's been sleeping in a cryochamber just as the hero.
Crystal Conundrums IV: Thunderstrike (Weiila) :) In my view Crystal Conundrums is one of the best series we have in the archive. The fourth part of Gebrel's journey, and he finally gets a little part of his past cleaned up. It ends with a cliffhanger though, but don't let that stop you from reading this work of action, adventure, drama, romance and humor.
Crystal Conundrums V: Crystalis (Weiila) And finally the last chapter of this excellent series.
In indescribable rage at the recent events Gebrel charges at the Draygonian empire to free the imprisoned Wise men, Azteca and Mesiah.
Send Archone an e-mail if you're interested in seeing an epilogue as well :)
Asina's Thoughts (Weiila)The first meeting between Gebrel and the third Wise "Man", seen through the eyes of Asina. A heartwarming little fic about the queen who makes everybody love her... and some sides of her not really seen in the fic, such as the one easily managing to tease Tornel until his ears burn. I'll say...
Interlude with a Vampire (Weiila)A Romancing Saga 3 quickie by the one and only Archone.
About the vampire Leonid of Podol, brooding and talking about his miserable afterlife. There is of course Archone's brand of humour, but there is also a sad scent about the whole story about a lonely man.
Glorious Eyes (Weiila)This is a short but warm fic from Archone, about the nameless hero in the classic RPG Faxanadu. The warrior stumbles into a bar, bitter over having had to kill an old friend. He meets a special someone in the middle of the depression however...
With a bit of suggestive themes, kids should stay off, but others should get reading by all means!
My dearest enemy (Weiila)Archone adds another sweet 8-bit tale to our fine archives, this one combining the outcoming of the first two Legend of Zelda games for the Nes.
It's a great humorous fic about Link's trials as a king; two Zeldas fighting over him, the boring life in the castle, and Ganon tormenting his sleep. Well, for the last one... almost. Nothing more painful than being beaten in pool, actually...
Dunno about everybody else, but just the first dialogue between our hero and Ganon had me laughing loudly. :)
Golden Love, Golden Sorrow (Weiila)The (second) sequel to "My Dearest Enemy" (see the author's note to see why there's no first sequel in our archives. You don't have to have read the missing story to follow in this one though).
Link continues to have troubles with his Zeldas, while Ganon gets a revolt in his teeth... uh... hands. A great story as usual from Archone, with a lot of soft humor and emotion.
Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams (Weiila)The third (okay, fourth in all honesty but we STILL don't have that nr 1.5) and last story about Link's torments as the king of Hyrule. This story is gently wrapped up in a feeling of dull despair, but it will also dwelve into the deeper meaning of "true love", and I guarantee that it'll leave you smiling for a long time after you've finished it. Without meaning in the current life, perhaps "forwards" isn't the way to go?

Auron Belmont
Knights Bleed Red and Blue (Weiila)Suikoden II. A brief tale of the pains on the battle field and those of loosing a dear friend. The helplessness and horror of the characters is excellently portrayed, though the story isn't a novel my heart ached for the people on the muddy battlefield.

Bounty Hunter Raesune

Tales of Destiny II - Out from the unknown (Weiila)The beginning of a sweet little humorous Tales of Destiny 2 fic (our first, whoo!). I have a feeling thisngs will get a bit complicated during the journey ahead with this set of whacky, jealous and paranoid heroes...

Caleb Nova
About the Author

Random Fortuna
(Weiila)This is a dark fic set in the barren wasteland of the Fallout world. It centers around a man named Card, who due to harsh circumstances involving a fight and a friend is forced onto a job invovling a murder.
The languade is also harsh, so it's not for children.

Chanaur Majere
Dark Legacy;
Chapter 1

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(Weiila)Here we have a fic for Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness. This epic tale starts with Raziel (Cornell) and his sister coming back from their battle against Dracula, whom they fought since the latest Belmont still was too young to handle a whip at the time. It then goes on with Reinhardt of the Belmont family as a grown man sets off together with his friends Chanaur and Carrie. The story is built up around the battle against darkness, but centers on the shyly spiring love between Carrie and Chanaur.
A Castlevania Christmas (Weiila)A tender story from the Dark Legacy world. Not even in the land plagued by Dracula is the times always dark and evil. There was a time between the fights and suffering, where the families still were whole... at least, most of them.
Very nicely done indeed with the past and future heroes celebrating Christmas!


The Dark Ages (Weiila)After his long journey, Link returns to Hyrule where his friends are waiting for him. But a hero's job is never done, of course. The peace is only brief, and they we're off on an adventure again. Poor little Hylian...
I'm never going to get drunk again... (Weiila)Aye. This fic offers yet another reason to stay clear of having to speak out the title.
Link meets an old friend and they decide to take a break at the nearest bar. This turns out to maybe not be the best idea our pointy-haired hero ever got.
Yet so Far Away (Weiila)A cute lil' fic about Link wondering about his life and what to do with it, when he meets a bitter wandering swordsman named Vincent who is searching for the Hero of Time in order to get strong enough to get revenge on a monster he's been hunting. Redemption can be found in the art of... fishing?

Devine Dragon Slayer

Chester's Loss (Weiila)This is a short, touching piece set in the world of Tales of Phantasia (woo! Another one!). It's told from Chester's perspective as he wanders through the remains of Totus village after it was raided by the games first evildoers, and his grief becomes very real.

d Galloway
About the author

The Coming of Avoozl (Mazrim)A Quest for Glory 4 (!!) fanfic written in an odd, yet very cool archaic-sounding mein written as the Hero's (a cool archaic legend name, I guess :) ) journal, talking about his journey to find Avoozl...I've never played the game, so at times I don't really understand, but it's a cool fanfic nonetheless.
After the Evil (Weiila)Another Quest for Glory 4 fic by Gallo ^_^ This one taking a look on the aftermath of the game, when the hero attempts to pick up the pieces and get a normal life. It might not be actionpacked, however there is quite a few humorous moments and the plot is interesting. A truly nice read.
Blood Reign (Weiila)A Blood Omen fanfic. That it's an RPG is borderline, but those who have played it voted it into the archives, so here it is in all it's... ehm... bloody and messy glory. Hey, what do you expect when Galloway goes back to his horror roots?
The nobleman Kain finds himself murdered... and after death chained between two pillars in a really warm place. Ain't that just peachy? Well, he soon gets out, with a little help from a necromancer. Hello, have you ever heard of them, Kain dear? When they say they'll help you for a price it might be smart to ask WHAT the price is before agreeing...
The Clock Tower (Mazrim)A Clock Tower (again, !!) fanfic, written by the one and only d Galloway, this fic is a written account from the eyes of Jennifer, a character in the popular game Clock Tower, about the events of said game. d Galloway's writing style is quite creepy, not so much building to a crescendo of total weird madness, only to dissipate harmlessly at the end, as creating an aura to settle disconcertingly over the entire book, like an autumn mist...god damn, I'm starting to sound like a literary critic. The point is, it's a creepily awesome fanfic. :P
Reader reviews of this fic.
The Birth of the evil (Weiila)Before, during and after Clock Tower. Each chapter carries the view of a different character from the game, and their thoughts, feelings and placement. No real climax as the major action of the game is left out of the fic, but quite a fascinating piece as you get to see the mechanical, cold thinking of the evil ones and the fears and despair of the heroes as they try to cope with their experiences.
Deus Ex Machina (Weiila)Once again Galloway returns to the horror genre, novelazing the less known game Deus Ex. A young couple in love are enjoying (more or less, that is) a tour of the Statue of Liberty, when explotions tears the giant statue apart. The lady of the two, Sara, barely escapes, but her boyfriend Ted is carried off by strange figures...
Deus Ex: The Interactive Fanfic (Weiila)This is an experiment by Galloway; he writes the story but halts at certain points to let the readers vote on what should happen next. You can follow the story between the updates and vote on it in this thread on the message board.
It's growing to be a novelization of the game Deus Ex, from JC's point of view. Now help him finish his mission!
Did I Make the Right Choice? (Weiila)Another Deus Ex fic, this one taking place after all the action. The hero wonders if he did the right thing, when all's said and done. Deus Ex fans probably knows what he's talking about better than I do, but even so I find it a good read since Galloway somehow manage to keep the reader enlightened enough to follow even if s/he haven't played the game.
Revenge (Weiila)A brief story, a monologue by one of the characters of Clock Tower. I have heard this game is scary but whoa! Now I don't know if I ever will dare to play it. But that's me ;) For everyone else with a healthy inheritage of bravery, there is a creepy fanfic here waiting to be read and a horror RPG to be played!
The Fall of Ichirou (Mazrim)A fanfic set in the world of the game "Sweet Home," which I had scarcely heard about before reading it. It's set before the game, in the form of Ichirou's diary, detailing how his wife, Mamiya, went insane over the death of her child. It's short, sweet, and you don't need to have played the game to read it. After reading it, you should check out the Sweet Home shrine, made by Hiryuu, just to get some background information about what you just read. Quite touching, a bit on the dark side, so I love it! :)
The Death of Ichirou (Weiila)*is hiding under the sofa* Eep! My poor nerves o' weak! Scary... but in a very good way. If you've already read d_Galloway's horror fics you know the fine quality, if you haven't read them yet... what took ye so long? ;) I dunno, do this really need a summary? The title gives a very fine wink, after all... :)
The Sacrifice of Ichirou (Weiila)And the grand, bloody and horrific finale of Ichirou's sad tale. But on the other hand, he's a zombie so who knows when Galloway is in the works... thumbs up... if the judge could find his other thumb, that is...
Tales of the Fallen (Weiila)Well waddaya know, Galloway has resurrected Sweet Home! Well... if that's the word. Fallen, as it says...
Some heroes doesn't make it though, in case you didn't know...
The Gathering (Weiila)A Demon de Laplace fic (Gallo sure plays some non-mainstream games, w00t for that ;)). May the characters assemble at the master's (read author's) command. You have no choice and you know it, guys...
Richard and Joanna (Weiila)A return of horror for Galloway, this is quite a nerve-shaker about a love refusing to die even if the one carrying this love is killed. Pictures how hate can break a man's soul completely. Demon de Laplace fic.
Memories of Odio (Weiila)Well would you look at that, ANOTHER Live a Live fic! And it's memoirs... by Odio, the great demon himself. A look at the human evolution through game, history and the eyes of an evil force bent on destruction.

About the author

The Hatred (Weiila)And here we have another Live a Live fic, pure this time :) This is a silent conversation between a desperate Orsted and a cold, cruel Odio. Very touching and descriptful even though it only consists of two beings speaking.
Relic of the Past (Weiila)Yet another Castlevania fic, told from a surprising point of view. It's Dracula telling somebody who remains unnamed about his bitter view of "life" and the heroes that comes to vanquish him everytime he rises from the grave.
It's not what you might believe it to be...
A truly sincere look at your typical villain in a new light. (Not sunlight, of course!!)


The Unbearable Mirror (Weiila)A post-Xenogears fic in which Billy is hired to take out a group of Reapers in an Ethos church during a thunderstorm. In the fight that envelopes him in a feeling of raw disgust about most of what he is and has been, he drags him through all the thoughts that he has too long suppressed and struggles for the bravery of facing himself. Great to see some unusal games get "ficed", and this one is a great little story to boot!

Duran the Warrior

Cooking With Ashton (Mazrim) From what I've watched of cooking shows ("Iron Chef," mostly), this is a hilarious, if a bit short, cooking parody with characters from Star Ocean 2. We want more parodies of cooking shows!
Odd Guys (Mazrim) A story about Ashton's and Leon's from Star Ocean 2 quest for love. I think that this may rank among the most humorous of Duran's fics, even though I've never played Star Ocean 2. "We were going somewhere, but we had a slight argument and the ship wasn't on autopilot." Heeheehee, quite funny...

E x o d i s e

Star Ocean: Red Star (Weiila)A Star Ocean 2 fic!
The heroes' work is never done (so what else is new? ;)). This story takes place four months aftar the victory in the game...
A star clearly seen in broad light just can't be a good sign... especially not if it's red...


What Odd Behavior For Such A Brave Warrior! (Weiila)Sweet, a fic about a game never ficced here before! The classic puzzle/semi-RPG Shadowgate is up for a butchering that probably will leave the poor warlock Talimar crying... provided the fabled... uh... Donald... even makes it to the inner chambers of the castle, since there has been a teeny tiny mistake here...
A hilarious, wicked parody.

Lady Aliena

Hardin's fall (Weiila)Vagrant story. A look in the mirror of the past, telling the story of John Hardin before the game's beginning. With Lady Aliena's trademark of elegant wording and joy of storytelling, this is another great creation of hers.


Questioning One's Faith (Weiila)A very warm (though a bit angsty) Christmas fic set in the realms of Vagrant story. Lea Mondé leaves scars that are hard to erase. They definitely makes you question the society you live in and the things you see around you. But even if your heart is trying to tell yourself that you're contempt with your outlook, you might need that little reassurance that there is something good guarding the world. Even if itäs the servant of the Dark that will bring the belief back to you, he will certainly do it with love.


Progress Quest: Ye Olde Fic
(Weiila)Progress Quest is "the future of RPGs!". How does it work? Simple, you download it, create a character... and then the program does everything for you, killing monsters, assembling treasures, doing sidequests, selling loot, buying equipment... you don't have to do ANYTHING! Convenient, isn't it? :P
Yeah, it really does exist, believe it or not. But as you understand it's a parody, of MMORPGs with just hack-and-slash. And where else can you be a member of the proud race "mud elves" with the class "voodoo princess"? It's just meant to be parodied as it already is a satire, and that's what Pierson has done here. Follow Jeff and his friends as they smite their way through the world of Progress Quest, smiting penguins demons and Bastard Lawyers as they go!

Richard B. Sampson Jr.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Before Light
Forsaken hero
(Weiila)Well would you look at that? It's a Gauntlet: Dark Legacy series! More of these non-mainstream games, gotta love it. So, we have a sorceress, a barbarian tending to eh... transform a little and a valkyrie. And romance, drama and adventure to await!
Let us begin with the sorceress...
Beastly Barbarian (Weiila)... and the barbarian...
Flight Of The Valkyrie (Weiila)... and the valkyrie.
Dark Cloud, Dark Knight (Weiila)Another chapter added. Here comes the knight of the troop.
Memoirs of an Adventure's Child (Mazrim) A very long epic account of this person's play through the game of Final Fantasy Legend, as well as the time afterward. Very interesting and innovative, because the game does practically no character development - you are forced to name your characters and even choose their classes. So the author essentially created the characters' personalities himself; something that I really like to see in fanfiction. It's separated into eight distinct "story arcs,' each arc containing anywhere from one to ten chapters. (31th October, complete!)
The Legend of the Haniwa    
Deadly Desire    
The Birth of the Route of Rigge    
The Restoration Quest    
The Return of Sephiroth    
The Death of Isis and Ending of New Life    

Richard's Next Story Arc

Riders from the Storm

Fear Factor

Darkness Begins to Fall

Tomes of Forbidden Magic

Killer cure

Sibling Rivalry

Call for Peace

Vie Mort, Mort Vie

Yesterday's gone

Every new Beginning (Epilogue)

About the Author

Chronicles of Hollow Bastion
(Weiila)Yet another Kingdom Hearts fic, one that will have you smirking at the poor ol' villains who aren't really what they used to be... welcome to the Edgar Academy, don't be late with your assignments or magic teacher Kuja will get cranky. And shush down on the music lessons, show Garland a little respect. Not to mention the irony of having Sephiroth as the battle teach, getting to command Squall and Cloud around as they practice their techniques. Oioioi...

Teh Exile

Phantasy Star Four Point Nine Recurring (Weiila)Okay... the mercenary and all his friends have fought peculiar evil forces in Chrono Chross and the Final Fantasies... time to wreak havoc in the world of Phantasy Star! As usual when teh is at it, expect an innovative and quirky story.
The forces of Motavia covers before the new and frightening threat, worse than anyone ever has seen before; the plot itself is turning evil. Heroes gather in a desperate attempt to fight the... ehm... Fifth Era? And in the end, perhaps somebody will even find the One Truth. And no, it's not 42, that's the Answer darnit.
Phantasy Star Four Point Nine Recurring: Part 2 (Weiila)Everyone duck and cower, here comes a sequel to teh's last zany tale about Phantasy Star and the games' troubles with false sequels and mispronounced spells. This one will deal with crazy basements scientists with an obsession for dissecting stuff, invasions of universities and how the love for a game series might cause the games themselves one heck of a lot of trouble. Beware of the Hyperplonk!

Vanguard Ziggy

Girls' Night Out (Weiila)The male heroes of Xenosaga are sent out on a little shopping spree, but it turns out that the planet Zeus II has some very strange rules about how to get the wares. The kind of stuff that makes normal stupid sidequests pale in compare. For one, Jr. finds his female side and thinks up new ways to kill great evils along the way.
A very funny humor story, really enjoyable whether you've played the game or not!
Long Ago (Weiila)This prequel to Xenosaga is the tragic story about Jan Sauer, who's better known under the name Ziggy in the game. The fic takes us through Vanguard's theory about why this man ended up killing himself, thus ending up as an android.
A single father tries to take care of his son while doing his job as an inspector well. Things start to fall apart when he gets a little too involved in a war against a fanatic and his family.
The theme might be regarded as controversial in these times, but it is a gripping and well written story which is the only thing that counts, after all.
The Genesis Experiment Part 1 (Weiila)There is something foul on the planet of Amadore; the area around it seems to have turned into deep space's version of the Bermuda Triangle as it swallows merchant ships and destroys space battle cruisers without a trace. Being the great heroes that they are, the Xenosaga crew are sent to investigate. Who wants to bet money on that they'll be seeing a familiar face or two?
Not only does this connect to the time between "Der Wille zur Macht" and "Jenseits von Gut und Bose", but it also have nice links to Vanguard's older story "Long Ago", so I recommend reading that one first if you haven't already.

About the author

We Met in Another Prison Cell (Mazrim)Another fanfic by Weiila (so we know it'll be good :P), set in the world of Tales of Phantasia. A romance story centering around Cless and Mint, starting near the end of the game, it's filled with passages and dialogue that just ring so true to reality, yet are so…tender and kind make you want to smile and even shed a tear of happiness by the end. There's no doubt that Weiila is extremely talented at showing human emotions and character through writing, and this story just shows that even better.

Wilfredo Martinez
About the author

And All For One (Weiila)I haven't played Saga Frontier myself so I just have to believe Wil's word for the plot :)
A sort of in-game alternate universe, sortof an experiment to see how it would have been if all the characters would have been together at once and not just in smaller packs. Quite humorous at times as some of the heroes aren't too trustful for each other all the time. Wil's writing is just like in his "The Eternal Wanderer" straightforwards and with a cheerful tone. Only the beginning so far, but there'll soon be more.

About the Author

Enter Oblivion
(Weiila)Well, well, our first Kingdom Hearts fic, featuring the group of Square heroes living in Hollow Bastion. All is going pretty well for them, there are a few Heartless showing up but their wise king Ansem is searching for the little pests' origin, so that shouldn't be much of a threat (yeah, right...).
It is, however, blaringly obvious that the castle is in dire need of more people to socialize with...

Ultima Mayu

Prophestess (Weiila)Our first Valkyrie profile fic, a story about Liselia, a maiden living in a sanctuary. And it turns out, she's a highly valued maiden too; many come to claim her home and powers for themselves. In the end she has to do something drastic to stay safe.
Personally I don't know any Japanese so I just take Ultima's word for the trasnlations. It's a nice touch in any case :)
The Two Made One
Author's notes
(Weiila)Another fic for a not too known game ^_^ The game here is “Rudra’s Treasure” (Rudra no Hihou), and now don't you get any ideas from the title of the series. These stories are a collection of tales about how the four heroes Scion, Riza, Surlent and Dune must encounter and accept challenges from the ancient heroes Saizou, Mitora, Houzen and Meifa to be able to combine their own powers with the ancients.

Various Authors

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, Chapter 12 Brett Ultimus (Weiila) A novelization of Ogre Battle; March of the Dark Queen, and a promising one. It begins with betrayal of the king and quickly continues to the uprising of rebels. Very humoristic at some points as well, a truly sweet fic :)
Bound by Honor, Bound by Respect Megaman984 (Mazrim) An unusual fanfic in that it takes place before the game of Skies of Arcadia, a Dreamcast RPG. I haven't played it, but Megaman984 does a very good job in explaining technical terms and ideas in the game without having to stop the action to do so. A short, yet still well-written fanfic.
Parasite Steve Mr. Saturn (Mazrim)A short, humorous fanfic starring the characters from Parasite Eve, as well as Mog from FFVI. Nothing much else I can say about this, good writing + funny jokes = good fanfic.

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