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Dragon Warrior Fanfics


But Thou MUST! (Weiila)Humoristic piece by Archone, you all know what to expect, right? Prepare to laugh...
The Dragon Warrior Nester banishes the dragon and saves the princess, as the legends have told and ballads have told. However, it might turn out that saving Gwaelin might not have been his wisest pick of heroic deeds, after all, considering how possessive the girl is...

Lord Edrick

The Curse Lifter Man, for all their good up-bringing and education, the heroes of Dragon Warrior are still stupid enough to equip stuff clearly marked "cursed". So now the merry group of three warriors of the second game in this series have to search out a way to get rid of the cursed sword. This might not be too complicated in the end, but still it's a funny lil' story that I recommend.


For Rosa (Mazrim) A very moving fanfic about how Saro, a half-elf with slightly anti-human tendencies, becomes NecroSaro, main villain of Dragon Warrior IV, a nefarious being who wants to destroy all of humanity, all for the love of Rosa. It shows very realistically how Saro slowly becomes more and more evil, losing sight gradually of the reason he started his whole anti-human crusade. One of the few fanfics that manages to be an extremely emotional experience.


Not So BlindDragons Quest VIIIWell, I wish I could tell you more, but...I have no PS2 anymore, and therefore have never played Dragon's Quest VIII. Still, this is a good, quick read, especially since it was written by the goddess of fanfiction herself.

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