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Shining Force Trilogy Fanfiction


Maintained by:

Behind the Screen (Saturn) Incomplete Fanfic based on Shining Force. If you like the story, e-mail its author and convince him to finish it. I'll add a review when it's finished. (Well that's about now, Sat ;) (Weiila 18/3 -03))
Behind the Screen Ch. 2 (Saturn) Chapter 2 in Archone's Shining Force fanfic. Again, e-mail its author if you like it.
Behind the Screen Ch. 3 (Saturn) This is really becoming a page-turner. Well, a page scroller, anyway. Great read. E-mail its author if you like it.
Behind the Screen Ch. 4 (Mazrim) I'm surprised I didn't take a look at this before. It is extremely well-written, by someone who not only can weave an interesting tale with deep, complex characters, but also knows what he's talking about, in terms of combat knowedge. Basically the fanfic is a novelization of Shining Force, or at least that's what I think it is. Having never played Shining Force, I wouldn't know...
Behind the Screen Ch. 5 (Mazrim) Yep, this fanfic just keeps getting better. :)
Behind the Screen Ch. 6 (Mazrim) Yep, better and better... :P
Behind the Screen Ch. 7 (Weiila)Finally, chapter seven of Archone's epic Shining Force tale ^_^ The evil Darksol is nearing his goal, but so are the heroes as they aquire a surprising if brief ally in a deadly situation. The Chaos Blade must be summoned to save the world from the growing evil...
Behind the Screen Ch. 8 (Weiila)The last battle is at hand, but there are a few more things to take care of. Max and his troops are fighting with all remaining strength to stop DarkSol before it's too late, but can they make it?
The end of the currently longest running fanfics in the archives, and one of the best at that.
Well... it's not completely over yet. Archone isn't as mean as those who planned the game...
Behind the Screen Epilogue (Weiila)The epilogue of the epic! Start the fireworks!
Mae travels the now peaceful land, without much hope searching for the piece of her that was lost in the final battle. However, when she finds what she has been seeking it turns out that something is still missing...
Choices (Weiila)This is a spinoff from "Behind the Screen", following not the heroes but two of the villains in their struggle through the game. Lady Mishaela is fooled by Darksol to sacrifice both her and the man she loves, Kaine, to the dark side - unaware that it's a sin she did not need to commit. Through her eyes we then get to follow the war in short, with losses and the evil that infects her. And what happens to her even after death.
A compelling and well-written tale, with a few unusual themes driven to their edge. Now choose to read it, but children might consider not to. It's an evil witch telling the story after all.
TrkJac d Galloway