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Final Fantasy I Fanfiction


Black Mage's Whining Session (Weiila)The song/poetry/parody writer is at it again!
In this one, it's our dear ol' Black Mage brooding over his life and his lack of face and feet. Humorous, but with a bit of a mangled but still grim undertone.


I, Garland, Will Knock You All Down (Weiila)Final Fantasy I deserves more attention I tell you, there's so much in there to poke at! Even the most famous villain's line in history of RPGs has a long way to go before it has been done to death, if you ask me. Especially if there'll still be fics like this, with a lot of humor, action, and an ending that will have you go "... WHAT?!"
It's got it all, peeps!

Ersatz Sobriquet
About the author

150 g (Weiila)A second fic considering the original Final Fantasy game by Ersatz. Now taking a look on how the heroes came to assemble he brings us a bit of drama, action, humor and romance, all in one story. And with a party seldom used in these kind of fics; Black Belt, Thief, Red Mage and White Mage. Reader reviews of this fic.
Compulsory Duty (Weiila)About time somebody gave those little pests... poor little buggers some attention. All those imps... just exactly why do they attack the light warriors when it's pretty evident that they don't stand a chance? Pretty sad about one of them.

Owen Axel

Chronicles of the Light Warriors
2 3
(Weiila)It's another novelization of the legendary original Final Fantasy game, this one a mix of drama, adventure and humor.
Four warriors find themselves in a land they do not think they recognize, and all they can remember are their names. But each one is carrying a crystal shard, and evil is brewin'. So off goes the valiant heroes, bickering among themselves, blowing geometrical shapes with smoke, killing bad guys, getting irritated at kings, opening the way for future games and... playing cards when it's raining.
Chronicles of the Light Warriors: Otherworld (Weiila)Bahamut tells a partly heartwarming, partly tragic story about a Christmas long ago on the world of Effeffeye, before the time loop started and the Defiler, Chaos, begun his rampage on history. Each one of the Light Warriors, before their battle started, is looked upon this last peaceful Christmas - and even Garland.

Scott Baird
About the author

History of the Lefain/
The story of Berrendar

(Weiila)A prequel to Into the Heart of the story, following the Lefainish man Berrendar from his narrow escape from the battle between Tiamat and warmech, until him taking up the duty as tutor of four orphans that will one day save the world.
Into the Heart of the Story
2 3 4a 4b
(Weiila)A yet unfinished novelization of FF1, fleshing out the characters and events taking place during the game.
Being a Light Warrior isn't easy, especially when people see you as nothing but a prophecy. Arguments among the troop itself might not be a good sign either...

Steven Mayo

Lux Aeterna 2 3 (Weiila)Wow. That's all anybody can say about this. Steven has turned the first twenty minutes of gameplay of Final Fantasy 1 into a massive epic with darkness, action and humor. The characters are fleshed out to real humans, and the story is written in a masterful way of storytelling. Warmly recommended!

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