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Chrono Cross Fanfics

Lady Aliena


(Weiila)The first story in a series by our lady Aliena, considering the characters of Chrono Cross. This one is about Norris, a commander of the Porre military. A man that tries to stay true to his ideals and belief in the good in people until he gets proved otherwise.

(Weiila)Aliena's series continue with Orlha; the life story of a girl and her twinsister, that never wanted to be parted from each other. Another excellent proof of Aliena's way of describing fear and loss.

Teh Exile

The Quest for the Perfect RPG
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Set in the Chrono Cross world... but the normal heroes won't have any big roles. A group of unlikely allies set out on the ultimate adventure, the Quest for the Perfect RPG. This of course includes leveling up, buying spells, fighting monsters... communicating with the Other side of the Game Over screen and trying to prove that you're not evil just because you team up with Lynx...
If you like RPGWorld, Adventurers! and the like, you'll love this ^_^

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