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Chrono Trigger Fanfiction

Demon-Fighter Ash

Table of Contents
Chrono Trigger:
Until the end of time

2 3 4 Epilogue
Table of Contents
(Weiila)A superb crossover between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, attempting to close some of the plotholes in the latter. It mostly follows Magus and Lucca as they strive to protect what is left after Guardia falls to Porre, doing everything they can and more than they should have to do in order to stop Lynx from aquiring the Frozen Flame. It is a rather dark story, but also carrying a lot of hope.

Devine Dragon Slayer

It's Not Easy to be Me (Weiila)Magus looks back on his life and ponders his current situation, and what the future might bring. On the brink of another time gate, he hesitates for a brief moment to remember what he's trying to accomplish and what he has already done - and what the person at the end of the long road would think of him.

d Galloway
About the author

(Weiila)A new story by Galloway, this one a Chrono Trigger tale starting with the destruction of Zeal. A young boy is absorbed by Lavos, who plan to turn him and other unfortunate humans into his spawns. However, this one boy might be meant for another role in the world...

About the author

Winter of the Heart (Weiila)Somebody is standing on a cliff, looking out over an endless ocean and bitterly contemplating the fate befallen the world the person knew. As well as darkly thinking of revenge against the creature that caused it all.
A dark fic and a very good one, with a lightly said surprising twist at the end.


In another dimension... Maybe (Weiila)Now this is dangerous stuff... everybody who plans on reading this better turn off any sanity you have left if you like to preserve it (why you'd like to do so is beyond me, though... ;) ). It's a completely crazy humor fic; Eihra gives us the dramatical scene in the Ocean Palace where the heroes are supposed to be beaten by Lavos... sliiightly rewritten. If you thought Kefka was irritating, wait until Frog starts showing signs of being influated by the transvestite angel...

Ersatz Sobriquet
About the author

A Warrior's Bane (Weiila)A very dark and violent story about why Crono can't speak and why his dad isn't present in the game. The horror grips you from the very start and does not let go for the whole fic. It's a great read, but definitely not for younger readers.
Reader reviews of this fic.
Glen (Weiila)Sorta alternate universe... sorta. It's a retelling of Chrono Trigger in fairy tale form. It's not really the plot you might remember... and still it is. Almost. Somewhat. ^_^

Jade Dixon

Power Is Beauty (Weiila)Now here's something very innovative! How often do you see Flea get to narrate his... err, its... own fanfic? This is a very interesting little story with a twist on the end that'll surely have you jumping on your seat.
Silk Shackles (Weiila)Schala is the star of this work, finding herself thrown from graces and into a time and era where Zeal is long forgotten. Even if she is treated kindly, her own demons are torturing her constantly. A very interesting fic looking at the psyche of this dainty-looking princess and her attempts to deal with her past.
As well as learning not to mess with the reflexes of a certain warlock, especially not when he's in the middle of a clash with his least favorite green knight.


The Time egg (Weiila)You know the drill. Everyone makes it through and live happily ever after once the big ugly meanie is dead. Or is it so? In this excellent story KaiserVonAlmasy plays out the scenario after Chrono Trigger's end, but not the sequel fic we are used to see. Here, the heroes failed to resurrect a comrade before killing Lavos.


The End (Weiila)Natt serves us his first fanfic, a short story of Crono and Marle's life together many years after the game's over. It's a sweet story considering their daughter Marleen and her vivid imagination. Or is it imagination? Almost surreal at points, in a good way.


Dreams Come True (Weiila)A short but nice songfic by Pokefreak, about who else than everyone's favorite character Magus (can it back there in your corner). It's very sweet and a little bit sad towards the end, even though there isn't a pagescroller it nails the character pretty well in my opinion.


Legend of the Reptites (Weiila)Ah yes... these green, bald, well developed and ugly fellows could really deserve a few fanfics as well. Good ol' Starstorm gives Azala a better face, not as an ignorant lizard with a taste for human blood, but as a responsible leader determined to save his people from destruction or fall with them.

Teh Exile

Disciples (Mazrim)A short, sweet piece in the world of Chrono Trigger centering around the idea of a school at the end of time, to teach the disciples things they needed to know to protect, preserve, adventure, and other things like that. It doesn't really have a plot, but it's a cool idea all the same, very well written and to the point, which I suppose is a relief after reading all the 50+ page stories in the archive. :P

About the author

Bored beyond Compare (Mazrim) A very funny, if a bit twisted fanfic about what the characters in Chrono Trigger do while they're stuck in the end of time while Crono and two others go out adventuring. What, you thought they just stood there and gestured? The humor in this is very reminiscent of animes like Tenchi Muyo and suchlike, so it is a must-read if you find those shows funny. And if you don't...well, your sense of humor is obviously flawed. ^_~ A hilarious fanfic.
Departure and Reunion (Mazrim) A sweet little fanfic taking place in the world of Chrono Trigger, fifty years after the events of the game. It offers an original look at what some of the characters' relationships might have been from right after Chrono Trigger all the way up to fifty years later. In addition, it contains some musings on the subject of reincarnation, one which I have always found quite interesting. Another masterpiece by Weiila.
Magus's Quest 2 3 4 (Mazrim) Another Chrono Trigger fanfic by Weiila, though not as focused on humor as "Bored beyond Compare," very good in its own right. An epic adventure that starts with Magus's search for his sister, but unlike many of the fanfics on that topic, it goes on after he finds her. A very interesting fanfic, with Weiila's trademark style of humor, as well as a very thoughtful vein underlying the plot, coming to a climax at an exciting revelation of how innocent Janus became Magus. A must read, even though it is somewhat long. Click on the name of the story to go to the first part (since there's no "1" there) Reader reviews of this fic.
Another Life 2 3 4 (Mazrim)Quite possibly the best fanfic (to date) I have on this site. Written by Weiila, it is the sequel to "Magus' Quest," set in Chrono Trigger in the relative timespan of after the game's end. It's got humor, it's got action, it's got romance (much to Janus's chagrin :P), and it's got Janus's four-year-old niece. As Lucca would put it, it's really cool! Awesome! Read this fanfic now - even though it's almost 100 pages in length, it is definitely worth the time. ^_^ Reader reviews of this fic.
The Prince's Story
(Weiila)The third part in the series about Magus' life after the game; the sequel to Magus' Quest and Another life. Also the prequel to A Look on Another One.
Seventeen years have passed since Charash terrorized the land of Garadia, the sons of Cered and Schala steadily growing up while their sister lives with her husband in the future. While life has been good on the family of heroes, princess Lashey's choice of husband might not have been the wisest. When Janus refuses to serve him, the emperor sets a cruel scheme in motion to set an example for the warlock, one that is quite expoitable for a dark power wanting revenge...
And hey, any chance to have Flea call Janus a drama whore which renders the crossbody being thrown in a lake is welcome, right?
A Look on Another One
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Once again, I return to Chrono Trigger to close a circle I started. In the true Weiila-CT spirit that makes Magus tear his hair out...
In Another life, the Pawn of the Mystics managed to save the little prince Janus from the monster's clutches. That grown man then showed up again in The Prince's Story, quite obviously very different from both his teacher and the original warlock. This is his story.
The world and history needs to be saved by Crono and his crew (once again, you could say), and this time they will be aided by Janus, the Royal Wizard of Guardia. And despite what everyone says due to the way he handles certain situations, I don't think he's really suicidial nor a masochist. Sometimes it's easy to wonder though... hehehe...
A Look On Another One Part 2 (Weiila)The second part of A Look on Another One, and also the final part of the Janus' Saga.
You might find the beginning very familiar, and keep your eyes open for other similarities between this and a classic. You'll soon figure out which it is.
Of searching for Schala, gigantic snakes, mistakes of the past, family and depressed magicians!

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