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Final Fantasy Crossovers (Weiila)The Naar Saga doesn't begin here, but in Galloway's earlier stories. Due to their crossover style they're in another section though :)
The King of Fanfiction (Weiila)Yes, it's really this bad. That darn Galloway has brought the Queen of Fanfiction into a bedridden state with all his chasing after me to update more. He's evil. EVIL I SAY!
Well, anyway... with the Queen out, there's a need for a King to take over. One problem, who would that be? A contest must be held, calling all the male authors from all over in a whacky contest... and some females too, for some reason.
... and who the heck made Magus chancellor?!
Defenders of Fanfiction (Weiila)Defenders of Fanfiction is the sequel to The King of Fanfiction, in which various authors joined a treasure hunt to determine who should be King... er... janitor of the Castle of Fanfiction. Life's been relatively peaceful for a while (how that works with Magus as a chancellor, I'll never understand though), when suddenly the Treasures of Fanfiction are stolen. This cannot be tolerated of course. Let's all get off our drunk and ping-pong playing behinds and show those thieves what happens when they mess with THESE authors!
The Naar Saga
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)Here we go again, another saga by Gallo! ^_^... ^_~... ~_o... o_O... not AGAIN! Galloway, I have one word for you! Crack! Well... I would have that to say, if it wasn't for the fact that children aren't allowed to play with dangerous things like whips... Falchin comes back, babbling something about his father's curse and hinting about some new evil. Galloway is having omnious dreams about getting mutilated alive and there's doubtlessly madness ahead. You know, the usual stuff...
The Movie Saga: The Lost General (Weiila)Naar might be defeated, but one of his generals remain. Darkmare is his name, rotting is his game... as well as tentacles, which means that if he doesn't keep away from the female characters I will have to... run screaming.
The Origin Saga
2 3
(Weiila)What, did you think Gallo would leave us hanging? Nope, not this writing psychopath! Another Saga begins, and in this one there'll be timetravel (AAH!), dimension hopping (AAAAAAHHHHH!!), Mox popping in all the time (AAAARGHH!!!) and some new family ties (would scream again, but I have collapsed due to lack of oxygen from all the shrieking).
Damn, there are too many Galloways here... RUN!
The Christmas Saga, Chapter 2 (Weiila)Due to Sin being in charge of the Christmas celebration at RPGC, a chunk of the community members decide that it might be safer and more peaceful to spend the holidays over at an old hotel. The phamplet claims that you're not allowed to have read "The Shining" to be the there, though...
Includes Santa's evil Twin Half-brother, beer, obscure references, people trying to destroy the internet, that bloody shrinking, old enemies returning, new enemies showing up, children, chibifications, beer and zombies. Lots of beer. And even more zombies.
The Reaver Saga (Weiila)Another saga is starting before the last one even has ended! Whee!
This story takes place after The Christmas Saga, in which Galloway ended up (as you should already know, my pretties) with the sword Reaver (from the Legacy of Kain series) on his arm. Some higher-ups however decide that it's better to have it removed, and Galloway and crew sets off to find a way to have this fixed.
Well, this shouldn't lead to having to save the world after having being turned into kids again, right? RIGHT?!
The Christmas Saga 2
Part 2
Part 3
Wow. I thought these would NEVER get updated!

Following the events in the last Christmas Saga, d Galloway has been banished from RPGC for the holidays. During a routine mission in Fresno, he comes across a frozen catgirl, and they soon get involved in a far more dastardly evil. Oh, and Wil has to save Christmas from the evil Mordack, Val and F. Galloway go to Rock Gorge, and...JUST READ THE THING ALREADY!

Christmas Saga 3
1 2 3 4 5 6
It's another glorious holiday in RPGC. Galloway tries to throw a play (with the unwilling help of the RPGC Task Force), Weiila trains in more powerful white magic, Wilfredo Martinez investigates an ancient conspiracy, Nelimar and Belladonna take on the One that Binds, Trisha is being evicted from Canada, and Val must find the impossible.

Yep, just another holiday.

The Future RPGC (title pending) (Weiila)When they said that some people shouldn't be allowed to breed, they (whoever they were) didn't know how right they were. 25 years into the future, and RPGC is still going strong!
... still standing.
... most of us are still alive. And married. And Heaven save us all, we've all become parents!
Another humorous story by our very own Galloway, which starts out with our resident valkyrie Val deciding that she wants all of her husbands killed, and throws out her son Ryelandt to get the job done. After recovering from the stabs she gave him for good measure, he runs into Galloway and his daughter Maria.
I want the special rescue squad alert and ready at any given second!


Chapter one
(Weiila) If you read Online life (a comic by Spoonybard, a link to it can be found in the Link section of RPGC), you know the staffmember's more humorous sides (this can be found at the message boards as well). And here thay are; in fanfic format! In the Prologue the main characters and villains are introduced, in chapter one you will once again face the fact; cuteness is the deadly sister of DOOM! Superb characterizations, humor, plot and even art! With 70% more My little ponies! For character bios and even drawings of some of the people participating, go here (Faetan's own page)
Chapter 2 (Weiila)The horrifying and hungry Moogoon attacks! And that's merely the start of it... the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter gives me the creeps! O_O
Chapter 3 (Weiila)The long awaited continuation of the whacky RPGC tale ^_^
Still in captivity Faetan meets the strange figure who instructed Charlemagne what to do in chapter 2. Even worse, they are old friends... Macc is brought to safety by another helmeted fellow. Merlin tries to find out if Lunaris really managed to kill Faetan by mistake, and as Mazrim isn't allowed to tell him, our piano magnet have to turn to... other sources... the search is on and the fellow Hiryuu collected from Moogoon's preys make his entrance (God save us all...). Features Macc facing off his evil copy (in his own words: "Finally, a story in which I can actually hurt Dark Macc, it's like a dream come true! ^_^").
Chapter 4 (Weiila)Can you say "hoo-ha!"? Well, "yay!" works too ;) It's another chapter of Rendezvous!
In this one, Merlin goes out in the middle of the night to find the source of his piano curse. Who is the person (apart from Hiryuu) who hates Merl enough to grant him such a cruel gift? The answer... lies within Sluggish Hollow.
And what happened to Tenchimaru after he was about to get married off in the last chapter? *grins*
Rendezvous Chapter 4.2 Something
Guest Chapter by Weiila
(TD)The gang is assembled once more. After Merl manages to work his way through certain... "issues", Zero manages to awaken an ancient horror. Filled with inside jokes, this one's great. Ask around if you need help understanding them :P


Adventures of Mabatsekker & Kat-Chi Sareas - Medieval 2 (Weiila) Another community fic, this one by Mabatsekker. Mainly starring him and his beloved Kat-Chi as they struggle in a warntorn country with the land's and their own personal troubles. Very emotional and delicate.
Chapter 3 (Weiila)The tale continues ^_^ Kat finally wakes up! Aww...
A bit short chapter, but very sweet.
Chapter 4 (Weiila)And the plot thickens...
Chapter 5 (Weiila)Warning; very cute ^_^ Kat is back to full health and Maba comes to see her with a question. Aww...
Chapter 6 (Weiila)The trip finally sets off. What awaits our heroes?
This chapter is a bit more humorous than the earlier ones, I recommend it and of course the rest of the story :)
Chapter 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
(Weiila)Who is the strange person that the four heroes are set to protect? She turns out being a seemingly blind, fragile little woman... with mixed blood.
Chapter 16 (Weiila)The group mourns their loss, but there's nothing to do about it now. With or without their fallen comrade, they have to move on, and aim to avenge his death if possible.
Characters (Weiila)Character bios for "Adventures". What did you expect? ;)
Tenchimaru the little Half-Dragon and Big Bad Lunaris (Weiila)You better read Rendezvous by Faetan to get all the jokes ;)
A creepy, actionpacked tale of Lunaris going crazy and hunting down poor little Tenchimaru Draconis, leaving disaster in his wake. The poor RPGC people getting on the way can only pray for survival...

Mazrim Taim

How the X Stole Christmas (Weiila)And here's a parody of "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" from our classic librarian, RPC style ^_^ What's to expect apart from chuckle teasing rhymes and a bit of our speacial insanity brand? ;)


Second Sun
(Weiila)Quite a different RPGC fic. In October 2008, a gigantic monster lays waste on the world. 200 years later, humanity is coping with the life in the ruins at the best of their skills. But life isn't easy, with monsters and extremists worshipping the destroyer, the "Second Sun". During a job for ClothHat, the bounty hunter PC finds a sleeping man in a nest of monsters, and brings him to the Fortress where the people of New Brooklyn lives. It turns out that the fellow is from two centuries in the past, a few years before the Second Sun happened...

Wilfredo Martinez

An RPGChristmas story
Part 2
(Weiila)This whacky story takes place all over the world of RPGC and the outside.
Wil gets the responsibility to fix the RPGChristmas party and goes off to find inspiration. Sadly he also gets the order to teach Santa's daughter Jingle the true meaning of Christmas, but the Tower of Bable and the Staff forum might not be the best places to look for it... or is it?
Those Thought cops can't be good news, though...
The RPGC Xmas story 2003 (Weiila)This one didn't quite make it to "The End" before the Christmas update either, but it's here now at least!
The sequel to last year's Christmas tale by Wilfredo, RPGC is preparing for another celebration... Absolute Alcohol strictly forbidden.
But things quickly take a turn for the worst through challenges between over-powered authors and new mystery villains with a hatred for Christmas. Remember to wear a safety helmet.
The RPGC Xmas Story 2004
Part 2
Once again, it's a late christmas fic.

(d Galloway)Wilfredo Martinez continues our fine RPGC Fanfiction tradition with his epic christmas story. This time around, Wil brings his niece, Nelimar (aka Makko), to the beautiful land of RPGC, and soon after, they go on an epic, very serious adventure across dimensions. Expect giant insects, evil masterminds, an old villain returning, Wil suffering from certain...problems, and a purple RPGC. You know, as typical for a Wilfredo Martinez Christmas Fanfic.

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