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Final Fantasy V Fanfiction


Of Light and Love (Weiila)Another mildly humorous piece by Archone, though it's also quite sweet (if a little twisted, perhaps. Hehehe... but it's too dang good to really bother) and tender. And deals with a plot normally only used for tragedies and dramas. A love triangle.
Faris is in love with Butz. Lenna is also in love with Butz. And when both of them confront him on the same evening, the travelling hero has to face that his heart belongs to each one. But perhaps, with a bit of sisterly love and girl talk, there can be a solution that makes all three happy...
Superb characterizations, especially the parts with Faris' pirate life situation are splendid.

Morgaine MacLir

Oneesama E (Mazrim)A series of letters from Lenna to Faris from FFV, written very believably and well, it really captures the essence of who Lenna and Faris are, all in all an extremely good fanfic. Read it now!


Call of the Eternal Wind (TD)A short fic about how, and why, Bartz started his adventuring career, and got involved with that whole crystal thing. Pretty nice.

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