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Final Fantasy X Fanfiction


Final Fantasy X Suteki Da Ne
(THE scene)
(Weiila)Short and sweet about, that's right, THE scene in Final Fantasy X. Stars Yuna and Tidus. Short, sweet and romantic.

Cat Alex

The at Times Tumultuous and Arduous Trials of Baralai and Seymel
(THE scene)
(Weiila)(Weiila)An interesting story with a Romeo and Juliet theme, in which Baralai of New Yevon finds himself in a rather complicated relationship with a woman named Seymel, of the Youth League. The political complications are severe for both sides, as very few look kindly on such an union.
And I dunno about you, but I love the title of this one.

Kimmy B

Auron's Lost Loves
2 3 4 5
(Weiila)A currently brief (but promising to grow) tale about our favorite guardian in red reluctantly telling Tidus about his dark past which led him to the point where he now finds himself.
What Am I Going To Do Now? (Weiila)Really, really short post FFX story about Yuna's feelings. Cute though :)


What If (Weiila)Another story by Mithfeniel (though this is in fact her first, but I sort the fics by name unless it's a series). This one deals with the aftermatch of FFX, and Yuna trying to face the future despite all that has happened.

Morgona Setterwind

Out on the Moonflow, 2 (Weiila)Currently a brief but sweet FFX fic, mostly centering about the heroes that are left discussing what they have lost as they are camping by the Moonflow. It's pretty much standalone as it is, but the author has plans of making it into a longer story.


Akin to Sin (Weiila)A man from our world falls into Spira... no wait, come back here! This one actually makes something of it, and is not a Marty-Stue story. NoOne takes on the more practical problems of being thrown into a whole new world, like cultural differences and the simple things such as having to learn to like the weird food the other dimension has to offer. And while the original character Weston tries to make something of his new existance, Lulu and Wakka try to sort their relationship out - and New Yevon aren't planning good stuff. Pesky fanatics, aren't they?


One Last Breath (TD)A rather strange FFX fic. Auron and Rikku had something going on until he and Tidus got their asses shipped to the Farplane. So after a few months of heavy depression, Auron decides to "kill himself". Only, instead of dying (he was already dead), he suddenly finds himself back on Spira... in Tidus' body!

About the author

Darkness Falls
2 3
(Weiila)Alternate universe stories that are set within the games themselves are almost bound to be very interesting, and so is this one.
During the attempt to kidnap Yuna on the Moonflow, Rikku dies instead of escaping safely. She becomes an unsent and follows the group of guardians just like it was in the game, but seen through the eyes of the young, bitter girl who unbeknowst to her share the fate of Auron. It doesn't get any better when a certain creepy half-Guado notices her shape.

Rinoa Heartilly

2, 3
(Weiila)A romantic and faintly humorous at the same time as very tragic story about Lesca, the first daughter of High Summoner Braska and Yuna's older sister.
It starts on a fated day, just before Braska makes up his mind to defeat Sin. The young half-Al Bhed stands by the temple of Yevon in her own thoughts when she meets a just as young warrior monk, who is contemplating whether to accept his arranged marriage to a Maester's daughter.
(If you didn't catch that clue, his name starts with A ;))
Not yet finished.


Zanarkand Rain (Weiila)Interesting and gripping about Auron remembering his life while watching the rain outside the house boat he happen to be in. Very emotional at parts, and extremely powerful as the painful memories of Braska's death are set free to roam poor Auron's brain. Solace might be found close by, though.
At one point some might find the way of expressing loss a little controversial, but I personally think that considering the situation it does in no way harm the story but rather emphazise the agony that it's describing.

Selenium Wingz

This is my Story (Weiila)The gang of Guardians and their Summoner camp before they start the last part of their journey to Zanarkand, sitting in silence by the campfire. Tidus starts telling them of his memories of the path he traveled to get to this particular moment with the six of them.

Serenity Star

A Thousand Words (Weiila)Pre-FFX-2. Wouldn't that be FFX...? Nope.
Lenne tells her story about what happened to her before she was killed, her career, father and how she met Shuin - onwards to the war and her enlisting as a summoner and finally how Shuin made the desperate attempt to save her from the enemy.

Steven Mayo

Chuck, You're Animated (Weiila)Quite the strange fic, set in Zanarkand and based mainly on dialogue between a couple of boys. It'll probably keep you feeling like one big questionmark until the end, where the feeling should turn into an "Ooooh, so THAT'S what they meant...". A different addition to the archives.


Reunited (Weiila)Bad Tidus! Stay! Yep, that's the way it goes, he's just not allowed to leave if these fans have anything to say about it. Yet another short and sweet story about the blitzer's grand return to life.

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