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Final Fantasy IX Fanfiction

Ersatz Sobriquet
About the author

The Rain Never Touched Me (Weiila)Muses a la one of the more bad-boy type guys of the FF-heroes; Amarant Coral. Bounty hunter, ninja, species unknown? He's got attitude, and he's not fond of the people around him. Excellent characterization.


The Summoner Town Nursery Song (Weiila)Another whacky "translation" by Frijol. This time it's Melodies of life being turned into a somewhat strange nursery song from Madain Sari... yeah ^_^;

Lady Reece

Because (Weiila)A quickie that deals with the relationship between Zidane and Garnet after the lil' thief has run off for a while to think things through and let himself cool down for a bit. Some things never change... Cute, and nice if you feel like reading a short story after all the epics.


The Third
(Weiila)Mikoto's story, told from her view. Mostly in a quite robotic way, as she has no soul or emotions. And even as she gains them her world forses her to once again become cold. Very well written, and a masterful way of with words creating feelings of hopelessness and bitterness. (updated 10/11)

Owen Axel

FFIX: The Return (TD)Short but sweet, Zidane and Kuja discuss the Trance state of mind... sorta.

About the Author

Fallen Angel (Weiila)The first Angel of Death gets to tell some of his story here, about how he was born and trained by Garland in preparation of his quest. Something along the way really went wrong, which was understandable. Here we get a chance to look closer upon it.

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