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Final fantasy series crossovers


Don't come into this Coffee Shop This is another humorous FF-series crossover, this one taking a look on the villains from Kefka to Seymour trying to once and for all decide who's the most evil one. Of course, this means a lot of meaniness, Seph making use of the Masamune and all that jazz ;) Good stuff, too! Reader reviews of this fic.

About the author

The FF break room d_Galloway's first shot at the humor genre brings us a hilarious look at what all the FF-characters do in their spare time. From FF1 to FF10, this is an allout relaxing experience. And if you believe that last thing you should go and vote Kefka for president ;D This is as crazy and funny as it can get.
The FF break room 2 Ah, here we go again... new and improved break room, new camera, new... situations... darn that Black Mage for using poor cute little Vivi's abilites for his dark cause... evil I say!! As hilarious as the first one, so get reading :)
The FF break room 3 (Weiila)The series o' FF-madness continue... now with more explosions, chicks, FF1 ninjas and Starcraft!
The FF break room 4 (Weiila)And enter ze villains with long swords and irritating laughter... plus, a mysterious new nemesis delivers his first threath of death...
The FF break room 5 (Weiila)Err... the mysterios enemy Mox attacks! Who is he? What does he want? And... what the heck, Galloway?!? Expect a very surprising plot twist in this one... OK, so it isn't pure FF but the episodes need to be kept at the same place to make the series make sense, don'tcha think?
The FF break room 6 (Weiila)And now ph33r the skills of Edward, Black Mage, Zell and the society of irritated fanficauthors. ;)
The FF break room 7: Attack of the Dark Fics (Weiila)(OK, this isn't pure FF either but in order to keep the series as one easy-to-read thing yada, yada...) Ahem. As we all know Gallo is really our current horror fic master but has recently turned to comedy, and in this one they come back -with another, certain charater whom shall not be named here- to get him back, preferably dead not alive! Of course, Sephiroth, Kefka, Black Mage Edward and all the other brave heroes (...) come to save the day! Oh God...
The FF break room 8 (Weiila)Will it ever end? Hopefully not... :) Will Magus ever learn? Hopefully, but not expectable...
Final Fantasy: Solid (Weiila)An actionpacked fic, with over ten induvidual characters! Live the drama of a lost love, a seemingly hopeless mission, bravery of one hero and his companions as they seek to free the innocent Frozen Continent from insane terrorist! Oh yeah... and some hostages.
Forced into yet another mission, the hero Cloud must follow the commands of Colonel Steiner whether he likes it or not. With the help of Relm and Tifa, will he prevail?
Use almost over five different vehicles and weapons to free the continent!
Get ready to face the danger of the millenia!
Two free blocks on your memory card(tm) required for saving your game.
Final Fantasy: Solid Part 2 (Weiila)Updated again. On his way through the terrorist base Cloud manages to get himself caught. Hit the square button like there was no tomorrow!
Final Fantasy: Solid Part 3 (Weiila)The grand finale approaches! It'll take stealth, bravery, one heck of a lot of codec calls and jokes to win!
Godcrapit, can't Kuja just die like a normal villain!? No wait, he does die like a generic villain...
Final Fantasy: Solid 2 (Weiila)Here we go again! You need the original story to play the second indignation... uh... ignoram... ignition!
Final Fantasy: Solid 2 part 2
3 4
(Weiila)And the epic tale of bravery goes on! Cloud survives the tanker... or so you thought, perhaps? Something is definitely foul here (like we didn't see that coming...). (finished 14/8)
The Mox Saga
Characters an'
(Weiila)Remember MOX from the Final Fantasy breakroom? Well, seems that one was fake (we all knew that...) and here the REAL one shows up. The series stars several other people from the RPGC community and will tie in with the FFbreakroom series :D Reader reviews of this fic.
The FF break room 9 (Weiila)(Yes it's supposed to be placed here, you'll understand when you read The Mox Saga)
The Mox Saga continuance (Weiila)We now return to our other main program...
Return of The Mox Saga continuance (Weiila)Well you see... something went wrong with the recordings of scene 14-16, it's all explained in the revised episode 16. But you'll never notice, I swear! *tries to smile honestly*
The FF break room 10 (Weiila)Just when you thought you were safe, here we go again!
The Moxsaga continuance strikes again! (Weiila)The grand finale is near! Hold on tight as Gallo leads the troop towards slaughtering of evil and DBZ. Except for Piccolo, of course.
SUPER-HAPPY-BIG-BIG ff breakroom! (Weiila)Extra long episode! A new villain is in the hoods, turning the characters to babies! Also, you'll have some hints in this...
The Final Fantasy Breakroom 12 (Weiila)... and even more in this one, about this new evil who claims that his powers is greater than Mox'. O_O Hold on tight, a new story with RPGC fellows is on its way. Otherwise than that, in this part is a peek at a few of the heroes as children. Oh golly...
The Final Fantasy Breakroom Character bios (Weiila)I was wondering when we'd get a load of this ;) Raw, but truthful character descriptions... at least from the Break Room's character world.
The Daemon Saga Prelude
(Weiila)Another RPGC/Final Fantasy/other crossover by Galloway, the sequel to the Mox saga (it honestly shouldn't be in the FInal Fantasy Crossover section but I think it's best to keep the sister-series in one piece). This is promised to be darker and a bit more violent than the other crossovers, but there's still humour.
Trying to figure out who the mysterius two persons he saw during the MERC mission, Galloway finds some interesting facts...
... Are you staring at my leather outfit? *cracks whip*
Daemon saga part 2 (Weiila)What's to say besides OW! when Gallo slaughters DBZ even more and brings in original characters?
Daemon saga characters (Weiila)Character bios! What did you expect, the Nobel prize? :)
The Final Fantasy Breakroom Halloween! (Weiila)Halloween special and Daemon saga interlude! ^_^ Not very scary, but it's about Halloween, so...
Daemon saga part 3 (Weiila)Do the fusion trick, do the fusion trick agaaain... and don't mess with my original characters, they will bite your head off... Meliah and Gemini are kidnapped but makes a grand escape, Gallo and Neo fights evil like animals, Magus is strangely pretty much absent and a man with a hook joins the battle! Whooo!
Daemon saga part 4 (Weiila)The third chunk of the tale turned out really small (though there's a new episode in it), but I decided to make a new part for the special episodes... see the heroes split up in four groups to get to Daemon, each group's episode being written by the author leading it!
RPGClassics community fics (Weiila)The third saga, Naar, is as far as I can see so filled with RPGC characters that it weighs over the line. You can find it in the RPGC community fics section :)
The Final Fantasy Breakroom Christmas special (Weiila)Well, it's that time of the year... the time of socks over the fireplace, being together with family, stuffing yourself with too much food... and of course save Christmas!! And with a break room filled with bored heroes, is there anything better than to go out and do your holiday job?
This spells disaster...
The Final Fantasy Breakroom 15 (Weiila)Relive the classics, the breakroom is alive again! Whoo!
In this episode, three mysterious figures show up and start messing around with the Square HQ as well as mystic portals and time. Of course, the FF characters + the author and friends won't just sit and watch all this occur! Oh no, not us!
Though the participants might start wishing they had...

About the author

The Weakest Link: Final Fantasy Style (Weiila)Parodies, parodies... of TV-shows. Let's play the Weakest Link with the Final Fantasy heroes of the Playstation and Playstation 2! Who'll win this wrestlematch of brains and cunning, and walk home with the prize money in their grubby hands?

About the Author

A Knight of Spira
2 3, 4
(Weiila)The beginning of an epic and interesting story, a crossover between Final Fantasy VIII and X, with a bit of VII in the mix.
Through accident a chunk of sorceress' power is sent through time and splits in two, each part going into a person who isn't ready for the responsibility: one man who'll use the gift for his own selfish plot, the other a young, blond woman of the Al Bhed, one who became a celebrity after having been the guardian of the High Summoner Yuna.
With the knowledge of sorceresses and their powers lost in the stream of time, Bahamut must intervene and do the only sensible coming to mind:
Bringing the most powerful Knight of all to Spira in order to help the new sorceress.


Crossroads of Destiny (Weiila)A second generation FF7/8 crossover with good characterizations of the oldies and interesting new peeps.
Sifan Leonheart is despite "wild" protests from himself a lot like his father, irritated by the way people seem to want him to live a life similar to his father's; in detail. But others than him have different plans. After an accident he, his friend Avatar and Relafen Almasy are thrown into another world, where the orphanage Phillona Strife and her friends are fighting against the new Shin-Ra.
About the twisted will of fate, insane scientists' legacy and irritating voices in your head. Beware!

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