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Seiken Densetsu Fanfics

Duran the Warrior

A Night Out (Mazrim)The first story in the Seiken Series by Duran the Warrior, it sets the scene and introduces the characters nicely. While it is not as well written as the other stories in his series, it is still a good, quick read. Kevin and Riesz (Lise in some translations) make such a cute couple! ^_^
Peace (Mazrim) A nice story about how Kevin and Riesz get to know one another better, it is in dialogue-only format, which seems suited to the way this series is going, with more emphasis on character interactions than on imagery. Nice dialogue nonetheless, and an overall innocently humorous fic.
Growing Up (Mazrim) Continuing on the character development between the characters of SD3, this fic centers around Elliot, who has just learned about the "birds and the bees" from Duran. It is a very humorous story that has some adult overtones, but nothing that I think the visitors of this site will find offensive, I don't think. If you do find it offensive, lighten up a bit, it's not as bad as some out there. ^_^
Shadows of the Past (Mazrim) The first story in the Seiken Series that's main purpose is to further the plot. It still has humor and lighthearted events, but the story is largely about a shadowy figure from Hawkeye's and Riesz's past. Nevertheless, it is still in the "comedies" section to keep it with the other fics in the series.
Making Sense (Mazrim) Another story largely about the plot and shadowy characters, this one focuses around Hawkeye at a fighting tournament to decide who is the strongest fighter. Now we'll finally be able to answer the age-old question: Who is stronger, Kevin or Hawk?

Julius Ceasar

A Thousand Dreams (TD)A cute little Legend of Mana fic about Lil' Cactus, the living cactus we've all come to... uh... love? Anyway, in this fic, his master decides to take him out for a pet. The first part of a mighty saga, which we will all share with our future grandchildren.

Lord Zero

Once Again (Mazrim) A Seiken Densetsu 3 fanfic taking place after the game, it details the rise of a new evil, but focuses more on the relationships between characters. These relationships change like those in real life, and this fic offers a very realistic view of just how these warriors might treat each other, in times of peace and in times of strife.
Shadows (Mazrim) Sequel to "Once Again" by Lord Zero, this SD3 fanfic is a bit more violent, and has a less video-game-ish plot than the first one. A good read, sure to bring laughs as well as thought to the reader. And it has stuff about Norse Mythology, which we all should love :).

The Mana Priestess

Legend of the Jumi
Author's Note
Pearl Version: I, II, III, IV
Sandra Version: I, II, III, IV
(Mazrim) An extremely well-written unfinished Legend of Mana fanfic (ten of an estimated 20 chapters so far) that I couldn't help but put up. Though I've never played LoM, this is the kind of fanfic that makes me want to go to the store and buy a PSX and the game just to see if it's as good as the writing. The characters in particular are so realistic, so well-motivated and at the same time able to conflict, interact, and otherwise hobnob without needing the presence of a "big scary villain" (tm). Real life characters in a game world. I love it!

About the author

Those Not Chosen
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
(Weiila)I'm reviewing this myself for now, Maz' review of it should be up later :)
The product of nearly 18 months of work; a novelization of Seiken Densetsu 3 from the unused characters' view. Duran, Angela and Carlie are saving the world, while Lise, Kevin and Hawk are doing their own share of heroism. I can promise a lot of action, romance, suspense and Kevin making meat mince of half blood demons... >;)
I dare to call this my masterpiece. Enjoy!
Winter Night Thoughts (Weiila)Well here I go again, reviewing my own stuff. Oh well...
Just a brief "tail" for Those Not Chosen, taking place some time after the end of that. If you don't like romance you better stay off this one since the cute-rate is extremely high ;) What else can it be if Kevin is reflecting over his life and Lise, who's lying beside him half asleep?
In the Clutches (Weiila)Erm, I don't write horror. Nope, I don't. So what the heck is this? I dunno, it just popped out O_o
Yet another tail for Those not Chosen, I'm not sure but it might be the start of the sequel. As of now it's a standalone shortie though.
Set a few months after Winternight Thoughts. Somebody is in trouble. Bad. That's about all I can say without spoiling it...
Ready or Not (StarStorm) A wierd, and yet funny fic, continuing on Weiila's "Those Not Chosen" story arc. In here, Sciel plays matchmaker in the bizzare (and quite frankly, sadomasochistic) mating rituals of demons. Thus Kevin gets an unpleasant surprise, and a warning, from Rakadra of all people. Why? Well read and find out. And for those who are worried about the end... well, we've got key sniping points covered if the plotbunny decides to come this way again.


Lighting the Way to Tomorrow (TD)Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, slap yourself in the face, and then wish you had a really pretty lamp because it would liven up the bathroom? No, me neither, but just in case someone does, Monique has the perfect lamps to sell you in just such an occasion. At least, if Gilbert, her lover, doesn't get in the way or accidently steps on them or something...

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