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About the author

Call me a Treasurehunter (Weiila)A musical (!!) written by DomaDragoon, featuring a lot of the Final Fantasies and Breath of Fire 1 ^_^ Follow Locke Cole as he fights for survival, dignity and love in the Midgar slums. Features Celes Chere, Squall Leonheart, Nadia Guardia, Gobi of the Fishthingclan, Faris Tycoon, Kefka Palazzo and many, many more! Soundtrack available in a shop far from you!
Critics say: "Another fabulous DomaDragoon production, get your tickets now before they are sold out!"
Control (Weiila)A very short but very thoughtful story of Edgar's (from FF3/6j) thoughts as he waits desperately for news on about his wife, who's in labour. It's in the crossover section since there's a point towards Live a Live at the end ;)
To Sleep, Perchance to Nightmare (Weiila)A series of vignettes from various games, including Lufia 2, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7 and more. The heroes sure are brave when they are awake, but in dreams their fears arise. Fear of failing, betrayal, loose a case against Squall...


The RPG News Team, 2 ,3 (Weiila)Lookie here, Galloway's brother is a writer too :) And he's leading his very own news team through rain, storms, monsunes, catastrophes and complete insanity... what did you expect?
And don't forget some of the weirdest ways to end a chapter ever invented. Somebody's going to have one hell of a headache...

Jo the Mighty

Valkyrie's bedtime story (Weiila)Written on request from Valkyrie Esker, on her regular "bedtime story" greeting :)
The tale of how evil works in the mind of a normal animal, turning it into a horrifying and deadly monster.
And Jo leaves it to ourselves to guess why that band of heroes are the heroes and working together... ;) Reader reviews of this fic.

Mr. Saturn

The Four Elements (Mazrim)A semi-serious crossover fanfic with characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, and Lufia. Very good plot, as far as fanfics go, with a scattering of humor throughout. Somewhat long, but if you have time, it's a must-read, especially since it's by Mr. Saturn, and if you praise it along with your submissions, maybe your fanfic will have a better chance of getting in!


Character Guide
(Weiila)Well well, here we have a nice little crossover between two rather obscure games - well, one is semi-obscure, the other I hadn't even heard about... Actraiser and Dark Half.
There's evil about, but they're gonna have to deal with some nerds before they can even think of conquering the world and all that other business. Includes war with computers, weird new rules, experimental learning and... well, a lot of headaches for the unknowing heroes.


Protectors of the Plot Continuum, 2, 3 4, 5 6, 7, 8 (Weiila)Enjoy the tales of Tyler and Kirsten, assassins in the Department of Mary Sues, FFVIII continuum - even if they now and then get to visit and preserve other FF's as well. They're part of the PPC. They're a team. They're sarcastic. They want blood. And have a good varity of ways of how to dispose of the Sues!

The PPC is the creation of the original assassins Jay and Acacia, Lord of the Rings' Sue Department. See their honorable work here, as well as other spinoffs.

Read StarStorm's rant about Mary Sues to learn why we hate them and how to avoid being one.


Untitled SD3 fic
2 3
(Weiila)The game maybe didn't end quite so happily after all...
On his long journey away from Navarre Hawk comes to the lampflower forest and meets Dryad, who offers him comfort in his grief over Eagle and his friends. But when Dryad is taken by the Gilderwine a beastman also shows up, a half blood one.
Kevin is having his own troubles, weakened by his bitterness over Karl's death, having been decieved and turned into a Death hand by a demon who's becoming less pleased about his apprentice... and the fact that Lise is after Kevin's blood due to the fact that she blames him for Elliot's death doesn't make the situation any better. But all of this is merely the start of all the trouble.
This story will cross the worlds of fanfiction, Warcraft II and "reality". If you've read "Those not Chosen" by yours truly, you'll "notice" a few familiar faces (all borrowed by Poke with my consent). But there's another, bigger crossover as well...

Teh Exile

The Quest To rescue Nobou Uematsu
(Weiila)Teh is at it again, stumbling through a set of game worlds bending with the reality that reaches for it... or is that the other way around? Prince Cid of Figaro and friends are flung into a quest to save Square from being swallowed up by an evil force... maybe. Nobou Uematsu might be the key to the twisted lock... but he seems to have gone missing! Ahh!
The Second Quest to Rescue Nobou Uematsu (Weiila)Poor Nobou thought that he'd get some peace and quiet after that first adventure, I'm sure. However, ain't gonna happen and the composer is stuck in the middle of another plot, filled with... eh A-levels and dogs.


An Islander Christmas (Weiila)Was a while ago that we last met Robert the WarMage and the rest of the whacky crew of the Islanders, hmm? This hilarious story about Christmas decorationing going all the way to deepest hell and back is set some time after Enter a WarMage, after the still in progress story "Ordeals" by StarStorm. However, you won't have to read that to get what's going on here, just grin at the new faces on the Island and raise your eyebrows as some of them are prone to give a BIT too much information...

About the author

Hanging Around (Mazrim) A long, quite humorous fanfic from Weiila. Her slightly insane style of humor is seen again here, this time in full force, starring characters from FFIV, V, VI, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana, Terranigma, Earthbound, A Link to the Past, Megaman, TMNT, and for a brief span of time (heh heh...), Power Rangers. Any crossover with this many characters is almost ensured to be a bit confusing, but Weiila has masterfully turned that confusion into a hilarious story about the RPG characters...well...hanging around! :) Read to find out more! (updated 21/10)
Monsters of the Deepest Depths of Horror 2 3 (Mazrim) A return to humor for Weiila, and proof that she hasn't lost her touch after her last three (I think...) more serious fanfics. It is the sequel to "Hanging Around" (also in this archive) and has most of the same characters. It shows in its own special way that characters of "good" games must stick together, be they villain or hero, against the ultimate villain that is...*gasp!* I won't say it, but if you have very juvenile tendencies regarding your choices of anime, AND you can't take a joke, might I suggest you not read this fanfic. :)
One Of Those Days (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic set in any particular world, but instead a cross between Weiila's real world home, with the characters in the stories she writes about. Based on the premise that any character she writes about comes to life, as a result of her many crazy stories, she has a bunch of video game characters running around her house. And to top it all off, she has a bad cold... :P The humorous setting, combined with Weiila's writing, makes this a very funny fanfic, another one of those 'must reads' that I'm always talking about. :)
Punstory (Weiila)Well, I'm reviewing this myself simply because it's hardly a fanfic, really. As you see in the title it's all about puns, and yes they're horrible. But as you might have noticed many characters in our favorite games have names that could be used... in a story *grins* I'd call this an extreme crossover ;)

The "Join my army!" gang

Alliance of Light (Weiila)Spawned from an RPing thread at the message board comes this and later on more tales of the warriors the boardies used. "Origin of the Valkyrie" is the tale of the valkyrie Robyn, who due to lack of faith in Odin (well... at least he's got a sense of humor, the old god...) is sent through the X-Zone to various worlds to find the legendary weapons that have been lost. Wil's story "The Eternal Wanderer" tells of how he started his journey through the dimensions... it's all the fairies' fault!
Note that these aren't original stories, they tie in with RPGs too (especially Val ;)). (Valkyrie's tale updated 18/3)

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