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Final Fantasy IV Fanfiction

Mazrim Taim

Feral Wind (Saturn)Well written and concise. I tend to be quite long-winded in my fanfics, but this one is nice and short. A great plot and nice flowing continuity makes for a good read.


Crystal Kin (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic as a look at how the four fiends of Final Fantasy IV might act toward each other "off-screen." It offers novel views of each of the fiends, what their fears, worries, and desires are. He ties into the game, but the ties are more subtle than you might think. For example, you might wonder why Milon in FFIV is much weaker than the other fiends. This fanfic provides an answer to that.

SSJ Crono

Baron's Heir Final Fantasy IV (Weiila)This is a cute lil' story about Final Fantasy IV. Cecil and more accurately his children get their hands full of kidnappers, but princess Cecilia won't stand for it! Oh no, not this lil' wildcat, as the dwarven Thieves' Guild and a demon lord named something like Ill Truck Gore (as Edge's son says true to his genes) soon will find out.
Quirky and fairy talesque, a nice read.


Enter a Warmage (Mazrim) Quite the lengthy fanfic, yet gripping through most of the storyline, "Enter a Warmage" takes place in a slightly modernized world of Final Fantasy IV (as in modern fashions and medical equipment, etc., but with the same characters and general setting as FFIV), centering around "Robert," an author-created character. This story has action, suspense, humor and serious ideas, which combined with an interesting (if verbose) writing style makes this a story you'll spend hours reading and love every minute. Reader reviews of this fic.

About the author

Kain 2 3 4 (Mazrim) Another great fanfic by Weiila, a novelization of Final Fantasy IV, from the point of view of Kain. It convincingly shows the feelings of Kain, and makes the reader feel for him even as he does horrible things under the mental control of Golbez. The most convincing rendition of Kain in any fanfic I've read yet. This story contains romance, action, monologues, drama, and pretty much anything a well-balanced story should have. A must read!
Rydia and Edge 2 3 4 (Mazrim) Weiila's first try at the romance genre, and a very successful one. It is centered, as is evident by the title, around Rydia and Edge from Final Fantasy IV, and how they eventually grow to fall in love with each other. The only Rydia and Edge fanfic (and believe me, there are quite a bit) that almost made me cry, the emotions and thoughts of Rydia and Edge are extremely true to life; more than once I found them thinking something that I could remember thinking at some point in my life. A very sweet fanfic; if you haven't read any more romantic fics, let this be your first!

Incomplete Fanfics

Unnamed Fanfic Mr. Saturn (Saturn) This is obviously not complete, or it wouldn't be in the "incomplete" section... anyway, this is a work in progress of Final Fantasy IV. I'm trying to stay serious, and follow all rules of grammar, etc. I know where I'm going with it, but haven't found the motivation to finish it lately, so, if you like where it's going, feel free to drop me a line

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