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Maxim's party
by Otakon

Dekar looked high into the sky, seeing that doom island was in a collision course with the sea.
"I don't feel the evil energy in that island anymore. I guess you did it Maxim." He said, both to his student beside him,
and to Maxim, whom he imagined on the steadily falling island.
"Maxim defeated Daos. He is a great and truly different from other heroes!" Dekar's student said.
Dekar smiled.
"Of course, he is the second strongest man in the world you see!"
Looking puzzled, Dekar's student said, "So who's first?"
"Who do you think? Me of course!" Dekar remarked heartily.
"Ah yes, that's right. Do you think Maxim will come to the castle?"
"Of course he will! He has to! We haven't had our match yet!" Dekar said, unbeknownst to him of Maxims terrible and
untimely fate.
Dekar's student smiled with anticipation.
"Can't wait to see him!".
"Till then, lets go to this party that Guy has proposed!"
Dekar picked up his axe, which he had named after himself, and ran off, out of the castle, and off to Guys homeland.
*Later at Guys party*
Everyone was there; Artia, Lexis, Guy, his girlfriend Helga, Dekar, and even Tia had made it for the celebration.
People from all the towns of the world had come.
Dekar was chatting up the girls, unsuccessfully, with most of his attempts at "friendship" being returned with hearty slaps
to the face.
Artia was showing a crowd of humans some simple Elvin magic tricks, and they watched in awe as he made various
illusions appear in the sky, and making flowers grow rapidly from a seed on his palm.
Lexis was talking to the intellectuals, and some other scientists whom decided to come with him, about the prospects
of flying to space.
Helga was serving food to all the guests, while Guy was serving the victory ale.
Tia had found a corner to herself, and although she had left Maxim to find, Maxim, the person, and not the warrior,
she had to see him one last time, and what a better moment then on his victory day?
Men tried to hit on her, but she shrugged them off, and sat quietly waiting for Maxim.
The minutes passed...
then hours...
Dekar got restless, got up, and shouted, "When do we get to eat the cake!?"
Guy calmed Dekar down.
"No one touches the cake, not until Maxim and Selan arrives... "
Dekar sat down, with a pout on his face.
"I don't get it. I figured that Selan would have warped them out of there long ago, and back here, to Tanbel"
Dekar kicked around a bit.
Tia stood up, realizing something, and ran outside, crying, crying as if all those years of unused tears had formed together
to become a sea of tears, and the feelings inside her twisting and turning, realizing all the vibes she had been getting,
the ones that had been making her cry not too long ago, what they all meant now.
A few seconds later Dekar, Lexis, Guy, Artia and Helga came out to see what was going on.
Dekar was the first to speak.
"What seems to be the trouble, Tia?"
Tia cried for another minute, before answering.
"Do you not see?" Tia said angrily.
Dekar stood there stupidly for a while.
Then he thought he had the answer.
"It's ok Tia, we'll all be getting some cake, there's enough for all of us, even when Maxim and Selan comes!"
"NO YOU DOLT, MAXIM AND SELAN AREN'T COMING! DON'T YOU SEE? THERE DEAD!" Tia cried out, both in rage, and in sorrow.
Artia, Dekar, Lexis, Guy and Helga all stood silently for a minute, while Tia had returned to her crying.
Then Artia decided to speak up.
"Hmm, now it makes sense. I had felt more then just the sinistral energy had dissipated.... I was hoping the other energies
that had left this realm were of the monsters on the island... but two were more powerful then most... it had to be them."
Dekar then said "Maxim can't die... he's too strong to die! He's the second strongest man in the world!"
"I'm afraid he's gone Dekar. All things pass on. Maxim and Selan risked their lives to save us all.
All time in time, bleeds together.
We all knew the risks. In war, the battle of good and evil, people die. It's the inevitable."
Artia said, wisely, as elves usually go.
They all stood silently, letting harsh reality seep in to their minds,
accepting the deaths of Maxim and Selan. Tia continued to cry.
After a few moments passed, Guy said, "I guess it was a little to early to celebrate then..."
"Obviously" Lexis then spoke.
A lone stranger was crossing the desert. She was a beautiful figure, with a rainbow tiara upon her head,
and wearing only some robes and a cloak, she saw her goal in sight.
"Tanbel..." she whispered, with a devilish smile on her lips.
After everyone had been told to leave, there was only silence in Tanbel that night.
"What's going to happen now?" Asked Dekar.
"The only thing we can do. Mourn their death. Then carry on with our lives" Artia answered.
"Everything will be so different without Maxim, or Selan" Guy said.
There was only silence for a while after that.
They all sat at a table, meandering in their thoughts.
Time passed....
Suddenly there was a rapping at the door.
"Who could that be? I'll go answer the door" Helga proposed.
The others watched the door as Helga went opened the door.
There stood the woman in the rainbow tiara.
"Its IRIS!" Dekar shouted.
"It can't be, we killed your true form back at doom island, Erim!" Guy said.
Iris put up her hand and gave a gesture, showing she wanted silence.
"All will be explained soon enough. What I'll tell you now is, Erim does no longer exist in this plane, for now.
I am indeed the one known as Iris, and I was trapped, fighting with my other half, Erim. Thanks to Maxim, Selan, Artia and
you Guy, you managed to weaken Erim to this point of where I can fully control myself. I am fully in gratitude of you all.
I used to be completely noble, as Iris, as you see me now. But the threat of Dual Blade had unleashed my darker half.
But I haven't come here to greet you all. I have sensed a greater power, greater then the sinistrals combined.
Maybe more then twice their power combined."
Guy interrupted "You mean to say there's something more powerful then the sinistrals!?"
"Let me finish, as I was saying, yes, there is something more powerful then us. what it is, I am unsure of.
All I know is, I can sense its power, and it is cosmic. Unfortunately, My power is waning, and I'm not sure how long
I can stay in this plane with the power I have now. I will soon have the powers of an ordinary human soon, and cannot
join you to battle this being. Artia, Guy, Dekar and Tia... you are our only hope. Lexis, you cannot join this fight.
You must plan and structure another airship, but this one... must be able to be used in space."
"You mean... that our enemy comes from the heavens? Where is the threat if its there, and not on earth?" Lexis asked.
She answered his question.
"He is coming to this earth. When he comes, he will wreak havoc. The distance he is coming at, if this continues he
shall reach earth in one year."
This only led to more questions from Lexis though.
"Why do I have to build a ship, if its coming here? What use will it be to us?"
"It is only for a back up plan I have, once the it reaches us. Lexis, for the next year, make it your goal to
find a way to get a ship into space! It is of the utmost emergency! And hurry!"
"Hurry! It took nearly all my life to come up with a motor for boats, and now... you want me to get up into space?"
"With your friends Lexis, back at the laboratory, I am sure you can do it. Look, you were already halfway there-
the airship got you up into the island, did it not?"
"True. But now the airship is gone."
"But not your hope. I suggest you go now! And may the gods speed your progress!"
Lexis nodded. "If you believe it best for us, then I shall. Artia, could you do the honors?"
With a nod, Artia resorted to his magic once more.
With a flash, Lexis and Artia disappeared, then a moment later Artia re-appeared, leaving behind lexis at the laboritory.
Once more, Iris spoke.
"Guy, Dekar, Tia and Artia, you must train! Search the lands for powerful weapons! Increase your intelligence!
The battle ahead will not be easy at all! Even I, the once powerful Iris, can no longer be of much use to you."
Dekar smiled.
"At last, back into battle! I can use my Mega Buster once more!"
Guy then said, "Which reminds me Dekar, how come whenever you're surrounded by monsters, you use that mega attack of yours,
but whenever we were in a battle agenst a boss, or just plain old enemies, you never used it?"
Dekar turned his smile into a laugh.
"Isn't obvious? If I were to use it while in battle, it would blow you all away!"
Guy sighed.
"Oh. That explains it. I thought for a while you were just so dumb you didn't realize you could it."
"Oh and that too, aheh. I guess I could of ran into the monsters and done it there"
Dekar said, as a sweat drop came down off his face and smiled stupidly.
"Enough Chit chat!" Iris then said. "This is a serious matter! I suggest you start as soon as possible."
"Very well, Iris. First thing tomorrow morning, the second we awake, we shall start training." Artia said,
as he took charge in Maxims absence."
"As it seems, Elvin one. I shall go now. We may meet again soon, or not."
Iris then turned for the door, and disappeared into the darkness of the night.
Artia then spoke up. "I don't like this. I could sense that she was hiding something from us. She doesn't want to tell
us something, and its very important. But from what she has said so far, is all true, from what I can judge."
Dekar shrugged. Tia nodded in acknowledgement, and wiped her face with her frock. Guy took a deep breath, thinking about
what was to be ahead. Helga looked at Guy, knowing that he has to leave her again. Artia was the first to get up.
"I shall retire now. I suggest you all too. We have a hard future ahead of us."
Artia then proceeded to go upstairs, and take to a bed.
The rest followed, the last to go was Tia.
"Maxim... I want... to..." she said silently.
Then she went upstairs, and got into bed.
For a while, Tia couldn't get to sleep. She still could not get over the death of Maxim.
But something in her head told her that she would be meeting him once again.
But she tossed those notions aside, putting them down as false hopes.
The more she thought of Maxim, the more she missed him.
She slowly fell asleep, her tiredness, in the end, getting to her.
Tia woke up. Something was not right, she could feel it in her gut.
She looked around. Artia was gone. The rest were sound asleep.
She got up out of bed, and proceeded downstairs, hoping it was just a false alarm.
But then why was Artia gone? Just as a precaution, She got a fry pan from the kitchen.
Tia exited the Inn, and looked around, everything seemed fine. Then she heard noises. Foot falls.
They were not yet in the town. But they were coming.
She ran outside, and saw them coming. There were about 12 of them, and 1 big one, in the middle.
Who they were, or what they were, she couldn't see, it was still too dark to see anything.
She walked forward, passing some trees, when suddenly, from a tree, something grabbed her. She was about to
scream, but two things stopped her.
A palm on her mouth, and Artia's voice.
"You fool. Are you trying to get yourself killed?" He said.
He pulled her up into the tree with him.
Artia then told her: "There's 12 of them. They look like Arch Mages. Though the biggest one is not.
He is probably the leader."
"I think you might want to use this" He said, as he handed Tia a whip.
"The Aqua whip!" Tia said.
"SHH! Try to be quiet, will you? There almost here."
The troop got nearer. They were so close now, Tia could smell the magic, seeping off their body's.
Artia could see them perfectly now, with his advanced Elvin eyes showing all.
He whispered to Tia.
"I was right. Arch Mages"
"Arch Mages? I thought they were only in the ancient cave?"
"Well, it appears now they have escaped. That, or they have been brought out."
"But what about the big one?"
Suddenly, one of the mages looked up, in Tia and Artia's direction.
"I have a feeling we are about to find out who he is" Artia then stating the obvious.
The big one pointed at them, more at their tree though, then at them.
One of the mages stepped forward, and gathered energy into his palmed hands.
Then they heard it. A muffled voice then spoke.
The energy ball flew from the mages hand, and quickly turned into several fireballs, and hit the tree Artia and Tia were on.
The power of the blast hitting the tree shook Tia and Artia out of the it, sending them crashing to the ground.
There were some muffled laughs coming from the Mages.
Then the big one stepped forth.
He was clad in leather armour. Though vertically he was tall, he was a very skinny being, with a cloth covering his face
in a ninja like manner.
He spoke.
"My my, aren't we a clever little Elf and Human. Hiding in a tree to sneak attack the advancing troops.
Sorry to disappoint you. My troop heard you from a mile away, and could smell your filthy existence."
Tia opened her mouth to speak, but the stranger continued before she could get a word in.
"I supposed you want to know who I am. I am a messenger. My name is Gale. I have come to tell you that your fate is at hand,
and you will all die soon. Either I'm to kill you now, or if I fail my job to do so, which NEVER happens, you will be..."
Before he could finish, Artia got out his bow, pulled some arrows from his quiver, tore off some feathers from each arrow
so that, when released, flew at different directions.
He quickly loaded 6 arrows onto the one bow, and shot at six of the Arch mages, and repeated quickly with the other 6.
"Meet my friend, I call it, Arty's bow! Named after yours truly!" Artia shouted triumphantly.
"How dare you interrupt me!" Gale said angrily, while the twelve Mages behind him clutched the arrows in them, with a weird look in their eyes.
Tia then took her chance to attack.
"Lets see how you like, GALE!"
A cold breeze came in, and quickly turned to snow, the icy tempture sure to cause damage to their attackers.
Gale then returned attack.
"A very funny joke, but no one uses my name without my permission! Ice Valk!"
The Ice continued to grow even more, and they could see the image of the ice queen in the sky, and the storm got worse.
Suddenly, Mere seconds after they were struck with Arty's bow, the mages got up again, and pulled the arrows slowly
from their bodies.
"Ha ha! It takes more then a few arrows to keep my men down! Mages, round them up, try not to hurt them too badly.
I still have to finish my message!" Gale said gleefully.
Each of the Mages attacked, either with a powerful spell or they physically hit Artia and Tia.
The cold wind and the constant attacking, Artia and Tia alone couldn't take it anymore and they blacked out.
Moments later, they came to. The ice had stopped blowing, but the ground was covered with white ice,
and some red from blood of the battle.
They were weak, and couldn't do much more then look a round.
"You think you're so good don't you? Hmm, Now don't try that again, it annoys me! Anyway, if I kill you now or not,
it does not matter, you will die soon, if not by my hand, then by the others hand!"
Artia managed to gain enough strength to talk.
"Who... is thi.s... other pers...son you talk ab...out.... messenger for?
Gale smiled evilly.
"You will meet him in a years time! Lets just say, he's a, "certain someone.""
Suddenly, he heard a rustle from behind a tree.
"A certain someone? You are like that other bug I squished, who also took orders from "a certain someone"
someone without a name!
I suggest you go back to the rock you crawled out from, before I squish you like the other bug!"
Then Dekar burst out from the trees, jumping up high into the airand several seconds later, landing again, waving his axe around like
lightning, coming in at high speeds, and crashing into the Arch mages, causing a great explosion, which left an iceless crater,
killing them all, and knocking Gale forwards, onto his face.
Dekar got up and looked triumphant. "Mega Buster! Boy oh boy its been a while!"
Then gale got up, brushing himself off.
"ARgg! I'll return! BOYYAAA!"
Gale turned into a purple ball of light and disappeared into the sky.
"Just like the other one! D…jŠvo! whoo boy! Are you guys ok?"
Artia had gained enough strength to stand up, and Dekar helped Tia up, and they walked back to into town.

End of Part 1- Lufia 2, The Legend Continues!

Notes and disclaimer.

To those who read my FanFic. I need Input! I have thought of two alternatives to this FanFic.
I could finish up the story with one more FanFic, which wont be as detailed nor as fun, if I don't get a positive response
from this FanFic.
But, if you liked my style of writing, I could definatly turn this into a FanFic series, which goes in depth into
the adventures of Guy, Artia, Tia, Dekar and Lexis.

Please take 1 minute to mail me, tell me what you think. How can I improve? Did you like it? Did it make you puke?
I put a lot of work into it, making sure I don't do too many typos, and I changed the plot over and over until I deemed it
worthy of FacFictioness!

Just Some notes:
Please don't write in telling me that I spelt "Arty" wrong. That is his Nickname in the game.
His proper name is Artia, as I have referred to him throughout this FanFic.

I realize that the Arch Mages don't use the spells I have referred to in the game. But, come on, they know some pretty
powerful spells, why can't they use pissy level 1 fire attacks? Just use your imagination ^_^.

Yes, Maxim's gang does kill Erim, but I like to think that Iris is just the nice person inside her, and she
survives because, well, good always triumphs over evil.
And she comes back to help maxim in the end anyway, telling him to destroy the stones to divert the islands course.
so Na-ah!

Lufia, and its characters, are copyright of its respective owners, which are Nintendo, and Taito.

This FanFic was written dedicated to the memory of Maxim, the only hero I know of who gives up his life in the end to
save the world .
That's a hero. THAT'S noble.
If you haven't played Lufia 2:Rise of the sinistrals, DO SO.
it is a GREAT RPG. IMPO it is one of the greatest RPGS.
If you need help on it, check out for an In-depth shrine on it by Sinistral and I.
Then after you done that, play Lufia 1.
Its not as good, but it wraps up what happens to some of the characters to some of the characters in Lufia 2.
And its still good.
(Yes, in order of the series, 1 is 2 and 2 is 1, cause they were made in that order)

This is an original piece of work, and cannot be copied without the writer's explicit permission.
(Original to the point that I made up what's going on all the characters are Nintendo's and Tiatos)

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