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The Legend continues!
by Otakon

Artea awoke, and Guy was the first person he saw.
"How you feel Artea?"
"My head hurt's, I think my arm's broken, but other then that, I'm fine." Artea Answered.
"Wow, that must of been a tough battle. I cannot believe that you were almost defeated by that guy, Gale, as Tia has told me"
"I find it hard to believe myself. We manage to wipe out the sinistrals, and out comes a guy half our size and almost killed me and Tia..."
"Yeah, I guess, but I guess this is a little different. You had no armor. So I guess it is a little harder to defend."
"I guess we also had Dual Blade before too...and..."
Guy cut Artea short.
"Yeah, that too."
"Where is everyone else?" Asked Artea.
"They are all downstairs, Tia just got up about an hour ago."
"How long have I been out?"
"Well, you have been in bed for about 3 days now, you really were out cold. And while you were sleeping, we were out, doing all the hard work, getting ready for our ordeal ahead, you lazy git!"
Guy and Artea Chuckled.
"Ah well, time to see the others eh?" Artea asked.
"As you say Artea." Guy Replied.
After several moments Artea managed to get himself out of bed.
"Oh boy... very dizzy..." Artea commented.
"Heh, you need food, you haven't eaten in days!" Said Guy.

It was now in the afternoon, and the sun was setting. The sound of kakirico birds echoed throughout the village, a peaceful, mood setting sound.
Guy, Artea, Tia, Dekar and Helga were all at the inn, having some tea.
Artea was starving, as was Tia, and they were eating their food like wolves.
"Slow down, slow down you two! Keep it up like this and you'll be too fat to fight!" Helga commented.
Not heeding Helga's advice, Tia and Artea still kept on eating like pigs.
"We *scoff* Hab to *chew chew* keeth er *gulp* stregth op *gulp* You know." Artea said, ignoring his common courtesy to not talk with his mouth full.
"And besides *chew chew gulp* your cooking's so good, how else can one resist?" Tia said, taking more time to swallow first.
"Oh well, I guess, since you put it that way" Helga said, as a smile came to her face.
"Just don't choke and I'll be happy." Helga once more advised.
"So, from what Tia has told us so far, we really do have a new threat on our hands. This is not good. I thought we were done after the Sinistrals... will our quest ever end?" Asked Guy
"We must do whatever we must do. We still have time. But we must make haste. 1 year may seem long enough, but 1 year can pass by quite quickly." Said Artea.
"Yeah, I know, but, what are we to do, while we wait for Lexis to make his space ship? We have no where to go, no leads to start investigating on, nothing at all." Guy asked.
"You are wrong as usual Guy. We do have a lead. Gale." Dekar had thought of it before anyone else, which for Dekar, is quite impressive.
Guy was impressed for a second, and then realized something.
"One small problem, sword for brains, how the hell do we find him? He warped off, Remember?"
"You are simple aren't you? Didn't you hear what he said just before he left? Booya! It's obvious that he went to Booya Island!"
Guy slapped his forehead.
"You fool. Booya is not a place, it's an expression. Though I don't see why the hell he used it, considering he lost... it's more of a victory cry. Maybe that's how much of a loser he is."
Dekar frowned. "Humph, you are the fool. I was sure that's where he went..."
Everyone sat silently at the table for a while.
Then something occurred to Guy.
"Hey, wait a second here! I remember Lexis had this gadget, which could measure your power. I'm sure that traces of Gale's power are left behind him, as he warped. We can follow that trail to his location!"
Artea then spoke.
"There is no need to bother Lexis. Now that you remind me, I can sense his trail, there is no need for Lexis's tools."
"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Dekar exclaimed "To Booya Island!"
*BAM*. Guy whacked Dekar over the head, making him fall over.
"May I remind you, he did not go to Booya island, it being an expression used stupidly by Gale".
Dekar gave a grunt as he, Tia and Guy all crowded around Artea.
Artea put his fingers to his forehead and concentrated for moment, before telling everyone he had picked up on the trail.
With the word Warp uttering from Artea, they all morphed and were soon on Gales trail.

Arriving on the north of Earth, they were greeted by much snow and cold.
"This is where the trail ends, he resides somewhere here, although his exact location is pretty hard to determine, as his energy is spread all around here." Artea explained.
Dekar started looking around for a few seconds, then had an announcement.
"Here comes the welcome wagon..."
Everyone looked where Dekar was looking, to see some Ice Golems about 100 yards away, heading their way.
"Ready yourselves!" Guy shouted.
The Golems heard Guy's shout, and were now running in fury towards them.
Guy and Dekar already had their swords at arms, while Artea had begun to string his arrow, and Tia was starting to cast a spark spell.
The Golems were only a few feet away now, and Artea had launched several arrows into each golem, wounding them, but it didn't seem to stop them much.
Guy and Dekar came charging in, Hacking into two of the Golems, which they had now counted to be about 5.
Tia set the spark spell off against the other 3 Golems, which had been an effective attack, and the ice golems melted back into the snow.
The last few golems got a few hits into Dekar, but shrugged it off as he hacked the ice Golems into unrecognizable bits of snow chunks.
"Ha ha, snowballs will never hurt me!" Dekar yelled triumphantly.
"Well, that was fun." Guy said.
Artea picked up his arrows and put them back into his quiver. But as he went to pick up the last arrow, he saw that the ice under it was doing something rather odd.
"Hey guys, look at this... the ice... it's moving."
As they all turned to see what Artea was talking about, it started happening where the other 4 mounds of ice golem were.
To their horror, they realized that the ice Golems were reforming.
"Quickly, start Sparking the reformations!" Artea told to Tia, being the only other magic user in the party.
One by one, they sparked the 5 golem reformations. but only a moment later, it started again.
"I got a feeling that unless we find a way of getting rid of all this snow, we are seriously screwed, they just feed off the new snow to reform themselves." Guy noted.
"Perhaps now would be a good time to run?" Artea suggested.
Everyone started to run, but they didn't get too far before they heard in the distance a shout.
Suddenly a giant chunk of a meteor came down on the area they were just standing in, blasting the snow down to it's bare earth.
Everyone looked around for the mystery meteor mystic, and Artea was the first to spot him.
"Over there!" He pointed to a shadow at a nearby hill.
Everyone looked over, and had their weapons ready in case of attack, but the shadow seemed to be waving at them instead of trying to cause harm.
"Let's go greet this guy," Guy suggested. "It's only right we thank him for getting rid of this annoyance."
Everyone walked up to the hill, and as they grew nearer the shadow slowly turned into a man. He had blond hair, a 5'o clock shadow, and was smoking a long filtered cigarette, and he had a lance on his back.
"Greetings!" The mystery man called. Guy spoke up for the party.
"Hello there. Thanks for that, I think. Those golems might have worn us down if we had to keep at them like that."
"No problems. Glad I could help. Well, now that I helped you, I was wondering if you could help me."
"I guess we could. But first, tell us. What are you doing here?"
"That's a good question. I don't rightly know. In fact, I was just about to ask you if you knew where this fucking place was..."
"Sorry, can't help you there. We were just following someone we are after. Umm... why don't you know why you are here?"
"Well, to tell the truth, the last thing I remember is waking up next to a metallic wreak, a couple of Kilometres* away from here. I sheltered there for a while from the cold, but eventually decided to come out and see if I could find anyone else, as my food supply is getting quite short."
"So, do you even know your name?" Guy asked.
"Err... no. Sorry. All I know is... well, not much. I can remember, stars... monsters... explosions... and magic. I have a whole arsenal at my disposal. That's it. You're the first people I've met since I woke up about 5 days ago."
"Well then, since it seems you are even more lost then we are, care to join us? we're after somebody we need to talk to, and we have a feeling he really doesn't want to talk to us. A little help would be appreciated, and perhaps we can find out where we are and help you in the process."
"Sounds fair to me. I have nothing better to do."
"So guys, what do you think? Shall we let him join?" Guy asked the rest.
Everyone nodded, not minding at all at the collection of a new party member.
"The more the stronger, I always say!" Said Dekar.
"So" Said Artea, looking at the Mystery man "you say you've been looking around, have you found anything besides us?"
"As a matter of fact, yes. There is a castle just to the east, I tried to get to it before, but it is just flooded with bloody monsters. And there seems to be a white dragon guarding the gates."
"well" Guy said "That sounds about the right direction we need to be going. Monsters, dragons, castles, it's almost as if Gale wanted us to find him! So... " Guy stopped abrubtedly while looking at the mystery man, realizing that he didn't have a name. "erm... what are we going to call you?"
"Well, I guess you can just call me, err..."he looked around, and saw his weapon. "Lance."
"Well then Lance, please to make your acquaintance, I am Guy, this is Tia, this is Artea, and the big guy we call Dekar. So, Lance, lead the way!"


End of Part 2- Lufia 2, The Legend Continues!
Well, that's it for another episode of the new adventures of Lufia.

Like my crappy ascii drawing? Thought you wouldn't. Spent a whole 5 minutes on it.

I have to apoligize, I made a HUUUUUUUUUUGE mistake in the last episode. " Artias' " name is really spelt as Artea. (I guess that came from the fact that I always thought of it as Art - e -ah instead of Ar - tee.) Thanks to Chibi Lute for correcting on me for that.

Sorry this fic was a little shorter then the last one, but I will be updating the fic a lot more often in future now, so though the content will be smaller (or longer if I'm feeling bored), it will be constant.

Can you guess our cameo guest? No prizes, but I won't spoil it for those who a little thicker then the rest. ^_^.

Lufia, and its characters, are copyright of its respective owners, which are Nintendo, and Tiato.

This FanFic was written dedicated to the memory of Maxim, the only hero I know of who gives up his life in the end to save the world .
That's a hero. THAT'S noble.
If you haven't played Lufia 2: Rise of the sinistrals, DO SO.
It is a GREAT RPG. IMPO it is one of the greatest RPGS.
IF you need help on it, check out for a In-depth shrine on it by Sinistral and I.
Then after you done that, play Lufia 1.
Its not as good, but it wraps up what happens to some of the characters to some of the characters in Lufia 2.
(Yes, in order of the series, 1 is 2 and 2 is 1, cause they were made in that order)

This is an original piece of work, and cannot be copied without the writer's explicit permission.

(Original to the point that I made up what's going on all the characters are Nintendo's and Tiatos)

The only site that has rights to display it is currently that's it.

No other site may use it without emailing me. Free for personal use.

*note- I used kilometres as I am an Aussie, and we use the Metric system over here. Damn whatever system you use that's different from mine. I really don't care. Really. Now leave me alone.

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