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by Ersatz Sobriquet

There once were but two kingdoms. The northern kingdom was the Guardia Kingdom. The southern kingdom was the Zeal Kingdom. This kingdom was ruled by King Cyrus and Queen Zeal. Queen Zeal gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Schala. Schala was nine years old when Queen Zeal again gave birth to a second child. This child’s name was Janus. Janus was different than most other children because he had blue skin, and blue hair. Because of his blue skin and blue hair, none of the other children in the land would play with young Janus. A cursed thing they believed he was. No one at all would play with him, except for Schala.


Schala and Janus were inseparable, and were always seen playing together. One day, King Cyrus became sick. There was nothing that the doctors could do. King Cyrus died not too long after his sickness developed. The people of Zeal were struck with grief over the loss of their king. They mourned for ten days in memory of him. At this time, young Schala was fifteen years of age and young Janus, six.


Soon, a powerful wizard came from a land far away. This wizard’s name was Lavos. Lavos wanted nothing but power and sought to achieve it anyway possible. Since this powerful wizard saw that the kingdom of Zeal was now weaken with the death of his majesty, he, along with his two strongest warriors, Slash and Flea, went to destroy the kingdom of Zeal.


Lavos and his two strongest warriors alone took to the castle and slaughtered many. The people could do nothing against this powerful wizard and the things he was able to conjure with his dark majik. Lavos himself killed the Queen of Zeal in an effortless fashion. Schala they saved and took her back to Lavos’ castle, a older castle that belonged to fallen warriors from long ago. Janus though, was able to escape that day, and he ran and ran deep into the forest.


Janus was soon too tired to run anymore. Nightfall quickly fell upon him and he was too sad and tired to do anything but stop. And stop he did by a nearby tree and passed out. The next day, he was awoken by the sight of a strange creature staring at him. It was a Nu! These creatures were hardly ever seen, known to run away from people if sighted. Yet this one took a liking to young Janus. Seeing that the child was well below the stage of good health, the Nu took young Janus in and helped him to grow strong.


Soon the Nu realized that young Janus, now much older, could use majik, and the Nu helped young Janus to develop his powers to the fullest. Janus somehow knew that his sister, Schala was still alive, and vowed that once he was strong enough, he would go and save his sister. There was no doubt in his mind that she was still being held captive at the evil Lavos’ castle.




During the time that the kingdom of Zeal was destroyed, an old god, Spekkio, God of Form stumbled into the forest known as the Haunted or Cursed Forest, for this is where people believed all apparitions originate from. Spekkio was old and frail, though he knew it to be important to fulfill a great thing within this forest of Sprits. Spekkio, while possessing the power necessary to restore peace and serenity to the now distraught land of Zeal, knew it better not to interfere with human’s doings. The Guru of Time would be quiet upset if he were to tamper with the ebb of time in such a fashion. If the valiant men are to win this battle, then it’s will will be done. Spekkio saw nothing wrong in helping their cause, though.


Spekkio came to the Haunted Forest because he felt as if there was someone here who was destined to restore peace one way or another. As he walked through the forest, he saw a little frog. There was something different about this frog though. When the frog saw Spekkio, it immediately ran up to him, as if it was asking Spekkio to bestow a gift upon him.


This is the one, Spekkio thought. And with that thought, he chanted some words and the little frog changed and grew a whole three feet higher and could talk! Spekkio was very pleased to see such a thing take place. At once he commanded the frog, “A frog you are, but can be so much more! I believe you have the power within to become great things. You must use your powers for good and you will no doubt have good things bestowed upon you. Use this sword. Go on and take it. Protect the Guardia Kingdom with your all. And above all, protect the queen and king of Guardia castle.”


The Frog understood, and accepted the mighty sword, whom the God called the Masamune. “And what art thee to label thyself, o great one?” the frog inquired.


“You are to call yourself Frog, for that is what you still are.” Spekkio responded.


“Yes, my liege.” Frog bowed.


The God of Form then went over to a tree that was in the forest and died quietly, his destiny now fulfilled in life. The honorable Frog lived up to the expectation that was placed upon him by the God of Form. He went around the forest and killed enemy after enemy until his skills far surpassed any of the most skilled of warriors. Realizing he was still in the nude, Frog was able to find some makeshift clothes and soon began his journey to Guardia Castle.



In Guardia Kingdom, the King and Queen only borne one child. This child's name was Marle. Marle hated her name, and hated being apart of royalty. One day, when she was but ten years of age, Marle met a young servant boy who’s name was Crono who also was at the age of ten. Crono had fiery red hair and was at top physical peak, even at such a young age. Marle immediately took a liking to Crono, and she demanded upon him to always play with her. He, of course never refused, and they soon became the best of friends. Crono never called her Marle, though. She insisted that she be called Nadia. And so, she became known to him only as Nadia.


Crono grew up to be a strong young man and always entered into the annual Fighting Festival. Here many young men would present their fighting skills to try to compete in the annual contest and then, as their award, become an honored guard with Guardia’s Knights. When one became a Guardian Knight, a royal banquet was held for the Knight, and Tabin’s bell would be rung. The bell was so huge and so well crafted, that even the citizens of Zeal could hear it’s song. Only those who finished in either first, second or third were the ones that would become honorary Guardia Knights. Young Crono though, would always finish fourth.


On the day that soon came to be Crono’s eighteenth birthday was the day that the evil wizard Lavos decided it was time to attack the Guardia Kingdom. So Lavos along with his two henchmen, Flea and Slash, went and destroyed everything in Guardia Castle. Not only did the powerful wizard and his two strongest warriors attacked the Castle with much more ferocity than the Kingdom of Zeal, but they also had a whole army of Mystics, beings of which the mighty wizard Lavos concocted. They captured the Queen and wounded the King very badly.


Nadia was very sad because of this and she stayed in her room for days upon end. During this whole while, she did nothing but cry profusely. Mourning for the lost of her mother, she fasted as well.


Young Crono was confused with Princess Marle’s actions. He asked, “Nadia, why do you weep so? I thought you bore strong hatred for your family?”


All she could say through the tears was, “No. I... My love for them is ever present in my heart, young Crono.”


Crono then knew what he had to do. Right then and there, Crono vowed to go and save the Queen of Guardia castle, which made Nadia very happy. When he went to the castle gates of the evil wizard Lavos, it was sealed tightly by a magic spell and would not move. No attack that young Crono performed with his mighty Rainbow sword would do the great structure any damage.


Frog saw the doings of young Crono and inquired what it was he was doing. Crono told him that his Queen was captured and that she was inside Lavos’ castle. Frog realized that he was suppose to protect the Queen, yet he didn’t. He didn’t even arrive at Guardia Castle! He felt very badly, indeed. So he agreed to help young Crono defeat the evil wizard Lavos.


The young man from Zeal kingdom, Janus heard the whole tale, and he went up to the two warriors. He related to them his story of how the evil wizard, Lavos kidnapped his sister, slew his mother and destroyed his kingdom. He, too wanted to help the two warriors. They agreed, and together, tried to break into the wall of the mighty castle that was Lavos for three straight days without let up, but to no avail.


Finally, the warriors walked away, sadden over the situation that had befallen them. It was now nightfall of the third day, so they went to a cave and rested for the night, determined that they would again start the next day. While in the cave, they met a old man resting from some unknown journey. When the man asked the young warriors why they looked so dejected, they explained their plight.


Knowing that there was someone of old who could help them, the old man identified himself as the Guru of Time, and gave them a Chrono Trigger. He told them to use this egg shaped item which would take them back into time to a person that could help them. The three mighty warriors thanked the Guru for his help and forfeited sleep, using the Chrono Trigger immediately.

A swirl of light and colors formed in front of them in a circular fashion and remained there for some time. The warriors looked at each other with confused and slightly fearful faces. Each one wondered what they were to do at that point. Hearing the voice of the old man encouraging them to step into the colors or bright light, the warriors did so and disappeared as the field of colors dispersed.




The three warriors arrived in a cave that was similar to the one they once occupied. The only noticeable difference was that the old man was nowhere to be found. Walking out of the cave, the warriors realized that they really were in the past, for the mighty castle that was Lavos was now gone. The warriors then started to make their way through this strange world. Soon, they found themselves in the mist of a group of unorganized people.


They were truly a wild bunch of individuals, yelling intrusive things not recognizable to the warriors. They also were jumping around as if the very sense had escaped them for some time.


Requesting to talk to whoever was in charge, they were lead to a woman. She was called “Henti ji Huersd” by the people there. The warriors would later on in life realize that she was the God of War. She had blonde hair, and fur skins that covered her most modest parts. The woman asked of them, “What be you business here?”


The honorable Frog stepped up and told the woman of their problem. The woman seemed to understand, and showed them a picture of a strange contraption that could be powered on it’s own. They were to use this strange vehicle to destroy the walls of Lavos castle. They asked how they were to build it. The woman simply said to follow the directions and requested them to leave. When asked of the fine woman’s name, she told them, “Me, Ayla. You go now. Not safe here. Reptiles kill. You be gone.”


They left and returned to the cave and again used the Chrono Trigger. The same magical happens occurred while using it the second time and the warriors again walked through the swirls of color. They soon returned to their own time, though the Chrono Trigger was no more and the old man, too was gone. When looking at the instructions to build such a vehicle, they again pondered how to go about constructing  it. Crono then remembered someone who was a servant back at the Guardia Castle who might be able to offer assistance on this matter. So off the three warriors went to see this one who could help.


They soon arrived at a little house, not to far away from Guardia Castle. Knocking on the door, a young lady soon emerged from it. She was very beautiful, indeed, and most of the men sought to get her. She was nineteen years old and she had purple hair. She wore a one piece body suit and had dirty gloves on. When she saw Crono, she became very happy and embraced longingly. At once, the group began telling of their problems to the young engineer.


“Lucca,” Crono started, “You are the only one who can help us out now. Please, build this strange contraption for us.”


She agreed, and she started to build the strange vehicle with the help of a strange being she called a “raabot”. With the raabot’s help, who’s name was Robo, Lucca finished building the vehicle that very night.  Lucca named the vehicle Epoch, and told  them that it will get them into Lavos’ castle. She taught them everything on how to operate the machinery. Once they ate some food to regain some much needed energy, the three warriors boarded the vehicle and started their way to Lavos’ castle.




Alas, the mighty warriors didn't know how to drive such an abomination, and they crashed into the wall of Lavos. When Lavos discovered this, he sent out all of his Mystics creatures to go and destroy the three meddling heroes. But, the heroes destroyed the Mystics until there was nothing left of them. Lavos wasn’t fazed in the least and immediately called upon his two best men, Slash and Flea, and told them to go and destroy the warriors. Crono went and did battle with the mighty warrior that was Slash, while Janus battled the magic wielding sorcerer who would be Flea. The battle was intense, and lasted for hours, but in the end Crono and Janus won. Crono and Janus could barely stand let alone fight the more powerful wizard Lavos, so the mighty Frog stepped up, and commenced battle with him.


The battle lasted for days, the sounds of battle becoming increasingly unsettling. Finally Lavos, weaken, tried to escape and leapt high into the sky. He was so high, he could kiss the clouds! But Frog did not let that discourage him and leapt right up after him. Up, up, up they went, until they met and fought long and hard in the sky. The mighty Frog soon ended the battle when he used his mighty Masamune sword to pierce the very heart of the great wizard.


The wizard’s limp body flew into the sun and a great blast soon came forth and knocked the mighty warrior, Frog back down to the earth. Frog hurled towards the Earth with such speed and intensity, the likes that none had ever seen before. His body soon became covered with blazing balls of fire as he rammed a mountain with such a great fierceness, that a valley was created.





The great and wonderful hero Frog was never found, though the Queen of Guardia, and Janus’ sister, Schala were saved. Nadia was so happy that her mother was returned safely that she adopted her original name again, Marle. Janus and Schala were happy too and began to rebuild the kingdom of Zeal ever slowly. And soon, young Crono married the beautiful young Lucca.


Alas, though, for when the Queen of Guardia went to the site where Frog fell back down to the earth, such a sight was never before seen before that time. It was as if there was a depression in the very earth itself! No one knew what became of the mighty warrior and no one knew what his name was, and so the Queen decreed that the honorable Frog’s name be Glen, and that the valley that Glen produced and valleys like that one be named after him. And so it is, to this very day.





Notes D’Auteur


When a story is told over and over again, it tends to change up a bit. I took that idea and placed it in the world of Chrono Trigger. Everything was changed around and even some of the characters names were changed around, though you still knew who it was. Very simple storytelling so as to not boggle the mind. A fairytale, if you will. I hope you enjoyed my rendition of a classic story.

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