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REVENGE by d_Galloway

You might know who I am. Then again, you may not. It doesn't matter, for you will all end up the same-dead, at my hands. I anticipate my glorious rise, and my blood runs cold with the thought of finally attaining what I have sought for years-revenge. Revenge against that bitch who destroyed our lives.

If you know who I am, you might wonder how it is that I am alive. The truth is: I never did. My former body was little more than a shell-the real me was inside. So when the shell was incinerated, I escaped from the body. Thus, I was able to survive. Still, even mother-poor mother-thought I was gone. She went after that girl, but died. So did my brother.

When the police came, I hid in the caves. They never ventured into there, and I was safe. It was only after they had all left that I imerged. I took one of my brother's old suits, and ventured into the real world.

Now, you may be wondering why I am able to speak so thoroughly, whil my brother didn't know a word. After I left the house, I assumed the identity of an orphan, a child with no parents, no schooling, no guidance through life. A kind tutor took me in and raised me. Among the first things I learned was how to talk, along with how to read and how to write. He surely loved me. However, despite his kindness, I was unable to love him. I am incappable of love.

For years, I continued this charade. Then, when I felt the time was right, I prepared for my first act of evil as a "human". When the tutor slept, I drew a butcher knife and chopped him to pieces. In order to cover the murder, I smeared some of his blood on myself and placed the weapon by his bed, making it look like a burglar or thief had broken into the house and killed the tutor in desperation, and then tried to kill me, but ran off before the police could show.

I called the police, and acted scared and frightened to throw them off. It worked. They took me to the station, and offered me a chance to stay at an orphanage. I declined, stating I had found my parents, and was prepared to leave the next day if not for the murder. They, like the fools they were, believed me.

I was going home, though. I needed to pick up something.

I returned to my old home. I went to my brother's room and, from a secret closet that he had once told me about, drew my new weapon. Yes, this would be my trademark.

I vanished from existance for a few days. Then I went on my first hunt. I tracked down the Chief of Police, and cut his head clean off. I felt the blood run through my fingers, felt the cold flesh on my fingertips. Yes, this was the power of evil. I drew his wallet to make it look like a robbery, and saw a family photo. Seemed this man had a wife and kid. If my brother were in my place, he would have slaughtered the family as well. I, however, let them live. They would suffer so much from his death, they would wish they were with him.

So I contined my crimes, continued until today. Now I have one thought in mind-the murder of that girl.

I am Dan. I will kill Jennifer.

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