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Call For Peace
by Richard B. Sampson Jr.

Call For Peace A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people. Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance. Special Thanks to Howard Phillips Lovecraft)

As I sat at the meeting, I had heard that my son, Max, had found out some interesting facts about the Crystoids. What he had told us was that there was a way to stop them, and that Lena was still of her own mind. I was almost lost on that thought when I heard Radr say, "SO YOU ARE SAYING THAT WE HAVE A WEAKNESS TO THE CRYSTOIDS?"

I watched as Max said, "Yes, they can't have all the horsemen destroied if their leader is still alive. That is why they are only sending War out."

I then heard Vet say, "That makes the task more difficult, but not impossible. Anyone War doesn't kill turns into a blood crazed creature. He is the riskiest of all the horsemen to near by far."

I then said, "True, but he's the only horseman that the Crystoids are allowing past their normal realm. And with his might and power, there might be only one place where they would have him."

I watched Vet look at me and say, "Li, are you saying that they would station War at the location of their master transporter. Where I used to call home." When I nodded, Vet just looked around and said, "It makes sense. It is the most important of all their land based locations."


I nodded and said, "It would be best. Besides, one of our hidden posts is right near the location. We can ambush them before they know what happens." To me, it was a sound plan.

My son nodded and said, "My mother is right. Besides, our surveilence has shown that the Crystoids don't have many guards there. We can defeat them, and destroy the horseman with them."

I then heard Vet say, "True, but then we have to head to the home of the Crystoids themselves. It will take many of of the Guardians, and we must not fail."

I looked at everyone and said, "I have a strong feeling that we won't fail. If Isis' spirit is watching us, she will not let us fail." I knew it was possible for us to fail, but we were too strong in our beliefs to fail.

I, as well as everyone, watched as Radr thought. Soon enough, Radr finally made his decision. "WE HAVE A COURSE OF ACTION, AND WE HAVE BEEN ON THE DEFENSIVE LONG ENOUGH. IT'S TIME WE FOUGHT BACK. IN THE MORNING, WE ASSEMBLE FOR THE STRIKE. IF THINGS GO WELL, BY THE END OF THE DAY, WE WILL DESTORY THE CRYSTOIDS." Those word brought hope to us all. Soon, we would bring an end to this darkness that had befallen our world.


It had been a long night, and I had been restless for most of the night. It was early in the morning when I awoke, and I needed to think. Today could be the last day of my life. In a way, if I died, I would no longer have to worry about what was happening, and I'd be with my husband again. However, there was a downside, and that was if the Crystoids succeeded, even the dead would not be safe. I was almost lost in that thought when I heard the door to my room open. There, at the door, was Vet, Hope, JaNa, Max, and the Captain. When I saw him, he just said, "Worried about what will happen?" When I nodded, he said, "I understand. Years ago, I risked my own life to save Rich's. Now, we are risking ours in hopes that future generations can be born."

I nodded and said, "I know. Hope was the last child to be born to anyone. Now we must give her a future to look forward to." I saw a tear run down Hope's cheek. She was well aware of what had to be done.

JaNa looked at me and said, "We need to end this horror, and I have a feeling with Hope helping us, the horror will end."

I nodded. My granddaughter was the symbol of hope. I just smiled and said, "True, but I don't think her magic will be able to stop War." It was the truth. I didn't think the power she had could destroy War.

I then heard Vet say, "I have an idea on that. I know a powerful Calm spell. The only bad thing is, after I use it, I can't cast it again for days."

This had me worried. I looked at Vet and said, "Are you saying that if we get struck by War, we can't be saved."

I almost flipped out when Vet nodded, but then she said, "From what has been observed, what happens to the victims of War's strike is like an unknown disease. Some people tried Cure spells, but failed."

I sighed and said, "Ok, maybe we should get going, but if anyone gets struck, kill them." It was an order I could tell no one was comfortable with. I looked over all the people in the room and said, "Does anyone have a better idea?"

I heard Max say, "Well, we don't know if the problem will end when War dies. Plus, if it doesn't, we may be able to cure it after some time."

I then heard Hope say, "We did think that maybe we could put the victims into suspended animation. That way, when we succeed, we can work on curing them." I had to admire Hope's optimism. However, I felt that if I was to be struck down, I'd want to go to my husband.

As we headed up to the surface, I just held Vet back for a moment and said, "Vet, when the time comes, please kill me. If I'm infected, I want to join Rich."

I heard her whisper into my ear, "I'll do my best to carry out your wishes, Li." It gave me some comfort. It was about the only thing that would make me feel comfortable as we headed up on our mission.

As we approached the blind, I heard Max say, "Our scouts have told us that the site is almost empty. All we have to do is get in, secure the base, and defeat War when he arrives." The way my son described it, it sounded easy.

I just said, "Max, I hope you are right. The Crystoids might be expecting us to try something." When we finally all got to the blind, I looked out to see that the scout had been right. I could only see a few Crystoids, but I could also hear the hoofbeats of War's horse.

Soon I heard Captain say, "Alright, let's stop the Crystoids, and do it in the name of Isis." I heard some of the soldiers cheer, and rush out of the blind. I then heard the Captain say, "Vet, the second War is close enough, blast him with that Calm spell."

I watched as Vet nodded, and then he headed out. Vet turned to me and said, "Don't worry, I'll do my best to keep my word to you. Now let's go." I followed her out into the battle, and it did look like it was going well. Even Hope was doing a good job, using her magic to stop some of the Crystoids.

It was then I saw it. War was coming up behind her fast, and had his sword out. He was going to kill my granddaughter. I quickly ran out into the battle, jumped and pushed Hope away, shouting, "Hope, look out!" I was in time to save Hope, but I felt War's sword go into my shoulder. I felt it go in, and felt him pull it out. The pain was unbearable, and I collapsed to the ground.

I held my shoulder, and prayed that the beast would kill me. Then I heard the Captain yell, "Now Vet, before it's too late." I then noticed Vet was making the motions of casting a spell. She was casting the Calm spell. War realized what was happening when it was too late. He started to convulse and then exploded, sending the rune stone on it's armor skyward.

As the rune disappeard, I heard Max run over and say, "Someone, put her in suspended animation."

I just looked at Vet. She knew my request. I watched as she put her hand on Max and said, "No, Max. She wants to leave. It's her time." I could see how crestfallen he was.

I looked up at my boy and said, "Max, rescue your sister. She needs you to help her. She needs you to save her." If they survived this ordeal, I knew I would see them again. I felt the Captain at my side and lift me up. "I take it we secured the base." I could already start to feel the rage build in me. I didn't have much time.

Captain just looked at me and said, "Yes. The troops are getting ready to head to the home of the Crystoids. In a few hours, it will be over."

I then saw Vet head over and hand me something. "Li, use this once we all leave. It will destroy the base and you. It's what you want." I then looked at it. It was a Hyperbomb.

I nodded and said, "You better get going. You don't have much time." I watched as all the troops headed to the transporter. Soon, there was a hum and they were all gone. I looked at the Hyperbomb and said, "It's just you and me. Time to end this game." I pushed a button on it and waited.

After a short while, I looked at the device and noticed that it had not gone off. In fact, the timer hadn't moved once. I looked over the Hyperbomb, looking for a manual override. I needed to use it. When I found the button, I start to press it. Just then, I felt a blast hit my back, causing me to drop the Hyperbomb as I fell. When I got over the initial blast, I looked in the direction it came from. It was Sharm, the Crystoid that helped is save Vet. He looked down at me and then pushed a button on his arm. "My queen, everything happened like you planned. They have no clue on what will happen. The lone one down here will not be a threat." I watched as Sharm headed into the transporter.

When he disappeared, I felt darkness start to sweep over me. I couldn't think straight, but I felt a rage burning in me. As I lost consciousness, I let the last words pass my lips, "Evil Crystoids. You .....plannned....... this."


Vie Mort, Mort Vie

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