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Chrono Trigger: Until the End of Time
An original fan-fiction by Demon-Fighter Ash

Based on characters created by Square

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Fall of Guardia

Chapter 1: Out of the Past
Chapter 2: Survival of the Fittest
Chapter 3: The Pages of History
Chapter 4: Janus and the Frog
Chapter 5: The Final Battle
Chapter 6: The Darkest Hour

Part 2: The Cogs of Fate

Chapter 1: Among the Ruins
Chapter 2: The Goddess of Fate
Chapter 3: The Vengeance of the Future
Chapter 4: Orphans of Fire
Chapter 5: Let Love Bleed

Part 3: The Sea of Dreams

Chapter 1: The Shores of El Nido
Chapter 2: Tabula Rasa
Chapter 3: The Dreamless Sword
Chapter 4: The Caravan of Magic
Chapter 5: Where Angels Lose Their Way
Chapter 6: Gamblers and Ghosts

Epilogue: Beyond the Flow of Time

Part 1

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