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Did I Make The Right Choice? by d_Galloway

Did I make the right choice? Sometimes, I wonder about that. Page and Simons are dead; that, I have no problems with. They were a threat to humanity itself. Then again, am I a threat, as well?

The Illuminati's mission is to rule the world. It's Page's mission all over again. I replaced one tyranny with another. Am I so foolish, or is this what I really thought was best.

On the plus side, people have gained more freedom than they had under the control of Page, Simons and Majestic-12. The Grey Death has nearly been stamped out; I saw to that personally. Civilization itself might recover. But then again, we still have global tyranny. The world is in the palm of people like Dowd and Everett now; I serve under them, like I did before during the battle with Page. Only then, I had more free will.

Paul is alive, but he doesn't seem happy about it. I think he wanted to die back there, in his apartment. Majestic-12 and UNATCO were easily beating us; we could have both been killed. But what if I hadn't come to Paul? Maybe he would have died thinking his own brother didn't care for him. Maybe, somewhere inside, he's glad I fought instead of ran. But knowing Paul, that's not likely.

Tong seems somewhat displeased. He returned to Hong Kong a week ago to deal with some problems with the Triads. When he asked me to bring down the entire Internet by destroying Area 51, I didn't listen. Maybe I was being a coward; I knew that action would kill me as well. But then again, maybe the people should be connected with each other, sharing ideas for a greater good.

Helios was de-activated shortly after I killed Page. He was a real dictator, capable of controlling all electronics. He wanted to merge with me, in order to gain total control over humanity. He was intelligent, no doubt; his AI was so astronomical that he could definately lead humanity into a brighter future. But then again, he is partly Icarus, the same program that killed Daedalus. I somehow know that Icarus was the dominant part in that duo. Maybe I didn't want to die; once again, I was a coward.

And what about Gunter and Navarra? Maybe I could have tried to reason with them. Instead, I used their killphrases and wiped them out before I could have the chance. Then again, they were maniacs, always looking for the next person to kill. Navarra brutally tortured and murdered prisoners, breaking every policy at UNATCO. Gunther just watched it all, almost as if he was enjoying it. They were maniacs; that is all there is to it. Or is it?

But that's enough. The past is over. I made my choices; I cannot go back. I have a meeting with Everett over what to do with some of the stuff discovered in Area 51 tomorrow; I need some sleep.



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