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Dreams Come True
by Pokefreak_85

Never thought I’d feel again, feel the darkness fade
And see the morning sun arise.

“So this is what happiness feels like.” He thought as he hugged her. “I’ve been miserable for so long I had completely forgotten about this feeling.”
He held her at arms length to look at her.

Now, when I hold you face, so close to mine
I see a place where the sun will shine

Now the future seemed a lot brighter. It actually seemed bearable.
“But could this really be true?” He asked himself. “I’ve caused others so much pain, do I deserve happiness?”

Do I dare to trust this time? Ooh, the Bells of
Fortune. Will I ever hear them chime?
Only those who have been burned before truly know
the meaning of hells flaming core.

“But I have also been through hell.” He continued. “I actually deserve some happiness too.”
He hugged her again so she wouldn’t see the pain in his face as another thought came to his mind.
“But what will she think when she finds out about my past?”

Then, when the walls are breaking down on us.
When all we see is misery.
Will you still believe in me?

“She will understand.” He quickly told himself. “She is my sister, and we’re finally together again.”
He closed his eyes to stop the tears of happiness of finding her, and fear of losing her.
When Magus opened his eyes again, he was lying on his back, wrapped in his cloak. He could hear Ayla snoring and the occasional beep from Robo.
This time he didn’t even try to stop the tears. He had thought he would finally be happy. That he had finally found Schala.
And someday he will.

If… Dreams Come True.

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