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Final Fantasy 3: The movie Part 10
by Nell

The Cast and Credits:
In order of appearance:

As they fled from The Imperial Vector base to Miranda, their spirits were lifted but the question of what to do now was at mind.

Locke Cole:
A Professional treasure hunting, thief. Who searches the land for expensive Relic's of the past.
Age: 25
Birthday: November 24
Weight: 147 pounds
Height: 5' 9"
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Kohlingen
Likes: Maps
Dislikes: Mushrooms
Treasures: Bandana
Hobby: Napping in fields
'Well, I guess it's back to the good old domestic life, trading this, borrowing that. It won't be the same though, I'm gonna miss these guys.....maybe I could make a schedule for myself to see everyone once in a while, than maybe things won't be so lonesome. And who knows, maybe someone might need some assistance in shop lift- I mean hunting down items.' He smiled to himself and sped up to get back into step with the others.

Sabin Rene Figaro:
Martial arts master and twin brother of Edgar. He left the castle not wanting position as King, when there father passed away. He trained and lived, up in the mountains.
Age: 27
Birthday: August 16th
Weight: 233 pounds
Height: 6' 3"
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Figaro Kingdom
Likes: Barbells
Dislikes: Anything weak
Treasures: A coin with two heads
Hobby: Martial Arts training.
'Maybe I should go back home?' Sabin thought blankly. 'I mean I miss my bro' and thing's have gotten kinda dull without him in my life. Course that'll really slow my training down a lot,' He looked over at Edgar who was staring down at the ground as they walked. 'Wonder what he's thinking about?' He wondered.

Terra Bradford:
A mysterious young woman, part human- part Esper. Used by the Empire as a Magiteck Knight. Born with the gift of magic...
Age: 18
Birthday: October 18th
Weight: 105 pounds
Height: 5' 7"
Blood Type: unknown
Hometown: The Esper world
Likes: Children
Dislikes: Crowded places
Treasures: A piece of shattered Magicite
Hobby: Playing with Moogles
'Setzer....protected me back there....Why? Is there something there that he's not telling me about?' She wondered watching the back of his head. 'I feel like things are finally going to be alright...Kefka is dead and all the magic is truly destroyed, now I can be...a normal girl.'

A young wild boy found on the Veldt. He's kind of different from your average kid.
Age: 13
Birthday: April 5th
Weight: 169 pounds
Height: 5' 3"
Blood Type: B
Hometown: The Veldt
Likes: Things that shine
Dislikes: Clothes
Treasure: A teddy bear
Hobby: Hunting
'Gau, sure glad this all over. He getting tired of fighting, wanna play with friend Relm now she fun, fun, fun, fun.' He galloped up to her side.

Edgar Roni Figaro:
King of Figaro and ruler of the kingdom and South. Considers himself a ladies man and is a true mechanical genius.
Age: 27
Birthday: August 16th
Weight: 169 pounds
Height: 6' 2"
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Figaro Castle
Likes: Ladies and weapons
Dislikes: Lectures Treasure: A coin with two heads
Hobby: Flirting and making weapons

Celes Chere:
A Rune Knight, and former Imperial General, who was infused with magic as a child and trained to fight with the Empire.
Age: 18
Birthday: unknown
Weight: 127 pounds
Height: 5' 9"
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Vector
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Dressing girly
Treasure: Knowledge of magic
Hobby: Sharpening her sword
'I still kinda wish deep down that Locke liked me more, but if he really just wants to be friends than that's alright with me, I guess. Besides, I might not have time for a boyfriend with the new job I might take up.' She smiled, content with her thoughts.

Relm Arrowny:
A young lady with the ability to paint beautiful picures, and also dangerous ones-.She's acts a bit mature for her age, but she never lost her youth.
Age: 10
Birthday: September 9th
Weight: 88 pounds
Height: 5'
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Thamasa
Likes: Pancakes with maple syrup, and cute things and painting
Dislikes: Caterpillars, scary people, nasty medicine
Treasure: A ribbon from her mother
Hobby: Art
'The kid might not be to bright,' She thought when Gua got up beside her. 'but I like bad about grandpa, though......I sure am-...gonna miss him...' She lowered her head. 'But I guess this means I have to start growing up and not relying on grandpa so much anymore.' She looked at Celes who smiled down at her.

Living in darkness no one knows much about the mysterious ninja as far as the bad reputation he's been given, for being a sneaky, cold blooded, killer.
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Weight: 145 pounds
Height: 5' 10"
Blood Type: Unknown
Hometown: Thamasa
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Dreams
Treasure: His Dog, Interceptor
Hobby: Throwing stars

Cyan Garamonde:
A knight whose become king of Doma Castle, he is great with swords but machines are another story. He's very loyal and very old-fashioned.
Age: 50
Birthday: January 3rd
Weight: 158 pounds
Height: 5' 10"
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Doma
Likes: tradition and History
Dislikes: Machines
Treasure: A watch with a family portrait
Hobby: Collecting old weapons
'I'm glad that all my friends are ok, maybe now thing's can go back to normal and I can put it al behind at peace with what happened to Elaine and Owen.' He smiled at the thought of true peace of mind and walked a little faster to the village.

Setzer Gabbiani:
A gambler with spirit and a lust for flying, as well as hitting the black jack tables. He's adventurous and owner of the fastest Air ship.
Age: 27
Birthday: February 8th
Weight: 136 pounds
Height: 5' 9"
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Albrook
Likes: Gambling, flying
Dislikes: People afraid to take a chance
Treasure: His air ship, the Black Jack
Hobby: Solitaire
'I wonder if Terra would come with me to the skies?' He thought not wanting to glance back at her. 'Who knows, maybe we could hit it off.' He slowed his pace and got in step beside her.

A bright, powerful Moogle, that can actually speak English.
Age: 11
Birthday: May 11th
Weight: 94 pounds
Height: 4'
Blood Type: Unknown
Hometown: Narshe
Likes: People who pet him
Dislikes: When people touch his tail
Treasure: An amulet
Hobby: Dancing, singing
'Wait until I tell the others how bravely I fought,' he boasted to himself. 'I'll be a hero.'

A Yeti, that will obey Mog and is a very and is a powerful opponent.
Age: 4 Birthday: September 9th
Weight: 436 pounds Height: 6' 10"
Blood Type: Red Hometown: Narshe caves
Likes: Bones
Dislikes: Caterpillars
Treasure: A bone club made from Behemoth's bone
Hobby: Carving bones
'This time me gonna sleep longer winter.' He thought.

Strago Magus:
A mage knight descendant, and Lore master.
Age: 70
Birthday: June 13th
Weight: 94 pounds
Height: 4' 1"
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Thamasa
Likes: Monsters
Dislikes: Being treated like an "old timer"
Treasure: Old books
Hobby: Reading, making costumes

A copy cat, mimic who dresses from head to toe, disguising his true nature.
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Weight: 132 pounds
Height: 5' 5"
Blood Type: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Treasure: Unknown
Hobby: Mimicking '....................'


Epilogue months later………

Hey Locke,

Hey man how's the thievery, eh? Ha ha. Just kidding, how's the treasure hunting business, profitable? Well, I'm still with Duncan in Tzen, hanging out- learning a whole line of new Blitzes that'll rock our next evil encounter, ya know?
I'm writing this during meditation, so I have to make it short before Duncan opens his eyes and spots me-....?!?! Uh-oh to late, I gotta go for now, I'll write again when I'm exact on your next location okay? I'll see ya man!
You're Bud',
Sabin Figaro
p.s. I saw Setzer's air ship two months ago, I think he was checking the place out, but, he didn't land. Wonder what the guy's up to?


hi relm,

it me gua, Freend terra teech gua the fine print Him pretty good. gua miss freend relm, wish she wood come to home and see gua would make Gua happy. Want to know how freend relm do? bye
Big hug friend Relm,


Hi Celes,
Sorry I had to leave you all alone like that, but, I have a lot to do if I'm gonna learn how to be independent and take care of myself. Guess what? Two weeks ago, I got a letter from Gau, he's doing good I think he said he want' s me to visit Mobliz what a silly kid, but I'm gonna take him up on that offer, ya know with winter and all coming up...So how are you what have you been up to? I sure miss you and the guys a lot, hopefully we'll all meet up again one day. It seems like so long ago when everything happened huh? Well I have to get going still got a lot to do before the gallery opens, Owtzer is opening one down here in Thamasa to show my art, hopefully I'll make tons of money. Has anyone been by the opera house at all? Let me know, see ya later Celes
Your old room mate,


Hello Cyan,

It's funny to write to you after what happened months ago, because I feel it would be more formal to just visit you, but, things were quiet so I thought I would write. So how are you doing? Good I hope. Mog said he's seen Locke a good few times at Narshe, and joined them for dinner once- that must have been nice.....well I've gotten a new job at the opera house, I'm on stage now, not as a singer, but, I'm the person who announces the scores before the scenes open up, pretty good huh? Well, before I really embarrass myself going on about Locke, I'm gonna get out of here....Maybe you could come see a show sometime, all expenses paid? Hope you do, good bye.


Hey Edgar,

It's me, Terra. How are you doing your highness? Last I heard you added new wings to the castle? It must look really good, I hope to see it sometime. Things are really good for me, I'm still teaching at Mobliz and the kids have gotten so big they hardly need me anymore. I thought I might go out and see some people, now. Gau still needs help with spelling, but other than that he's doing very well I think. I miss you and the others and I mean this by heart I'm going to come and visit you guys. I myself am doing very well and plan to move to another village but I'm not sure which one yet, any ideas? Celes wrote me a while back saying something about me seeing an Opera, would you like to go with me? write me soon, I can't wait to hear from you. Good bye king Edgar.
With found wishes,


Hey Sabin,

Don't say a word about my writing, you try to do it at this altitude. But, how are you doing? Any good news, even if it's bad I'd love to know. I myself am splendid I peeked in on Terra a few times, even wrote to her once, nothing back yet...not that it helps with me moving around all the time. I saw Edgar at the castle last week and said hi, he's doing good if you haven't already known that, he showed me the newest addition to the castle. Wonder who it's for? So far I have made a lot of money with my casino and they always seem to think I'm cheating them- is this the face of a person that would rig a game? I didn't very well think so. I'm going to ask Terra if- you know, she'll go out for something to eat with me sometime where as I've only watched from a far her feelings may have changed- a carrier pigeon, one's from Terra! I'll have to fill you in later all right? See you from the skies.
Best of luck,


Good day sir, Setzer,

How is everything for you? The winter feels like a cold one coming, if ever thou feels things are getting to cold don't hesitate to come by, Doma would love to have you. And how are things with lady Terra? Have you two gotten along yet? I suppose that is personal business. sorry. Things here at the castle are running as they always have, smoothly. I am going on a holiday pretty soon, I'm going to visit another part of the world you know. I'll send you a letter. I would like to let you be the first to know that I have moved on with my life, I am now at peace with Elaine and Owen's deaths, I do keep their portrait forever on my wall but it will remain a pleasant reminder not a problem. I do hope you're doing as good as I am and say hello for me to whom ever thou sees. Good bye.


Hello Terra,

What a pleasant surprise that you wrote me, I was just about to write to Sabin myself, but how are you doing? I'm very well thank you. Running the Kingdom has become a joy rather than chore now, we're churning out a bunch more weapons and they're real beauties, I'll have to send you the blueprints someday. I have indeed added a new wing to the castle for a certain guest staying there now but I'm guessing he'll fill you in when he writes, how are things with you and Setzer going? Have you two gotten together yet? If you don't mind my asking so, I would be delighted to see anything with you my lady after all what are good friends for. I'll be seeing you another day, and good luck with your job teaching, tell Gua I said hello, and to keep at it, writing isn't hard at all. Good bye my dear.
With love,
Edgar Figaro


Hey Terr'

Don't bother with the large writing, I can't get the hang of these ink and quill things. I'm no longer hanging out in the fields of south Figaro I'm actually da da daan moving into the castle, yup. I have my own wing and everything- at least until I leave in the summer or spring. That pampered life isn't for me, no way!
I wrote to Edgar and the the guys not to long ago, all replied back too. I notice I haven't gotten anything from you yet, you avoiding me girl, huh? Ha ha, that's ok, I'm writing to you right? I have traveled a good distance in the time we've been apart from everyone and I found a mother load of relics in this cave the Empire used as a base....sorry 'bout that. Listen to this I'm renting a boat and sail to another country to treasure hunt for all new things pretty cool huh? Only problem with that plan is sea sickness, ugh. I've seen some of Relm’ s art work; she sent me a few and said that they were real treasure and you know what? The little A minus was right. I'll talk to you another time, see ya around.
Never lose your cool,
p.s. We heard you guys in the cave!!!


Dear friends,

Hi. I'm writing this on board of Setzer's ship, he just came by and picked me up one day, Cel' I'll tell you all about it when we meet, cause guess what? We're coming to stay for Christmas!
I hope you guys are all packed up when we get there, I can't wait to see you again. I'm so glad that this all turned out ok, because I'd miss you all way to much to rest in peace, I've found time though to start writing a book, yeah. It's about all the things we went through and we're all characters.....I just have to say that, you're wonderful people and even better friends and I wouldn't wanna know anyone else if I had to do it all over again.
Edgar, with your smile that completes any good sentence.
Locke, with your mastery of not only picking locks but words of encouragement and care.
Sabin, your strength doesn't just show on the outside, it shows on the inside and I can tell it always has, stay forever brave.
Gau, I'll never forget the fun you brought to us with your spunk and chipper look at things. I know you might not know what that means but someday you will you're a very smart boy, and I'll see you in mobliz again soon.
Cyan, where would life be without the good old traditions to it, like simply opening a door for someone man or woman, you'll always have a place with anyone you meet I know. Your family has taught you more than love my friend they taught you to believe and know you can be believed in.
Relm, your art shows more than it's beauty, it shows yours and you'll always be important in everyone’s lives because you bring out the positive side in any situation and Strago is always watching out for you don't ever think you're alone.
Celes, you're a lovely person, you always follow your heart and you have good judgment towards people, you can pick the good from the bad easily, well I know you never run into the bad your presence has to much good around it.
and Setzer, you bring us more than transportation, you bring us high spirits when things are looking bad and you never stop reaching for that star....we'll always be grateful for everything you've done. You've brought the world to me. Thank you.
To all the others you're more important than you know, you fight bravely and remain some of our best friends in the world.
I love you guys and until we meet again. Good Days. And know that you can wake up and say that this was our final fantasy..........
With a lot of love,

The End.

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