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Final Fantasy III: The Movie Part 3
by Nell

Divide and Conquer:

Chapter 6.

"Setzer?" Relm tugged at his jacket sleeve. "We have to stop at Thamasa first. I have to tell grandpa what we're doing and-..."

"No, Relm. We have to stick to the plan right now, we can't make any sudden stops." Setzer said, obeying Edgar's orders to go straight to Figaro castle to tell his men. "Humph! I always thought you were fun, but I guess you're just an old grump!" She was starting a scene as she often did. "I beg your pardon?" Setzer was saying looking down at the tiny girl.

"Relm, please don't be this way," Celes was saying. "we have to much to worry about right now." They all were quiet for the rest of the way. 'Like seeing my grandpa and making sure he knows I'm okay isn't important....? Why are they treating me like some dumb kid? I'll show them how dumb this kid ain't.' Relm stood up and walked below deck, no one followed or had even seen her for they too must have been in their own thoughts.

When they approached Figaro castle his men were already there welcoming him as they landed. "How did you all know I was coming, I thought you were all standing down?" Edgar said stepping out of the ship. "We saw it from a good distance, sir." One of his guards replied walking beside them into the castle.

"I need all my weapons brought to me right away. And also bring the experimental ones." "Sir, yes sir." They rushed away to do as he asked. Edgar turned to talk to some other of his guards, "I need to talk with you." he lead them up the hall into a room. The others waited patiently for him to return to the ship and when he did he wasn't smiling.

"Bad news, I take it?" Sabin asked. "We're gonna have to go it on foot."

"What?! " They were all baffled by his words. "What does thou mean, sir?" Cyan asked following close behind him for an explanation. "Setzer, your ship is far to noticeable for us to sneak around we'd never get in anywhere un-detected....We're gonna have to leave it once we get to Nikeah for supplies." Edgar said hoping he'd understand. "You're the boss." He replied though you could tell he was a little hurt.

"Take these," Edgar handed them each a sack to fill with things they'll need when they get to Nikea which had become the worlds biggest trading and selling market. "fill it even past it's limits who knows how long we'll be doing this."

"Yes, sir." They said in a joking voice, to show that he wasn't being entirely bossy. "Away we go."

Setzer started the engines and headed towards the village, his spirits partially crushed, but, what they had to do was more important than being able to fly his ship, so he set his mind on that instead.

Chapter 7.

The trip there was pleasant everyone began to loosen up once they got to the village. They looked around for food asked what types of weaponry the merchants there had and the sales people who had taken the job more professionally. "Oh, I'm sorry." Locke said, as he bumped into someone walking by. Gau noticed his hands slipping the pouch into his belt and figured he'd do the same.

"Gau want honey." He said straying from the group and snapping up a jar sucking it down from his fist. "Hey you gotta pay for that!" The sales man shouted at him. "I oughta cut you in half for this!"

"Sounds like there may be a scrap of trouble." Cyan said. They all turned in the direction of the noise and ran to see what it was. "Gua not mean to steal, just do like friend Locke," the boy said in a shudder. "Is that supposed to be an excuse!?"

The man was obviously angrier than they thought because he pulled out a knife and held Gau's hand down, but just as it was coming down on him a dirk clashed against it and knocked it out of the mans hand.

"Mind explaining what you're doing?" Locke said holding the weapon to the mans neck. "Locke we're not here to fight," Edgar slammed some gold coins down for the honey because he was just as annoyed but trying to keep it down. "For the honey." He said to the man. "That's all I ask." He said lower, scooping up the coins to count them as they walked back into the crowd.

"Almost makes you wonder why we're trying to save their lives." He said looking back at the small shop. "We shouldn't call anymore attention to ourselves," Celes was saying. "there could be eyes and ears everywhere too many people know us by now." She was talking in a low voice. Over by the salesman's stand a man covered from head to toe walked over to him. Who could it be? an enemy or another friend?

* * *

"Once we get there we'll take the first two boats we see out to the Veldt and back to South Figaro and you should keep west of that island, take my castle to Kohlingen when you get there. Any questions-...? Good, see you in the middle and good luck" Edgar said to them. They all bid one another good bye and took the boats to their locations.

Doma castle. "Surely my men would tell me if they've seen anything," Cyan was saying as they walked up to Doma castle. "They are very loyal." They all nodded as they passed the castle. "Do you have a Chocobob stable yet?" Terra asked wanting to pick up the pace for the Veldt. "That we have some of the best birds next to Edgar’s." Edgar laughed and shook his head to the thought.

"Why Edgar that's the first time I've seen you smile through this whole thing," said Locke patting his best friend on the shoulder. "Something going on up there that I should know about?" He said this lowly so the others wouldn't hear. "Why nothing at all Locke, don't worry about me." Edgar was saying trying to smile. "I wouldn't worry if you'd give me a better reason to believe you than a half hearted smile..." he looked at him to see if it hit anything. Nothing.

As they walked inside the castle entry they heard the chirp of the birds in the distance. "Geez, how close are those things?" Locke said over the noise. "You remember that door that lead to nothing?" Cyan was saying and they laughed knowing what he was talking about. "We built the stable over the water, right this way sirs," he steered them through the doors to a marvelous stable for the birds.

"Gau want this bird!" He said running over to one and trying to climb on, the bird let out a loud sound and moved away. "You can ride with me Gau" Terra said with a smile to his innocents. "Lets saddle up." Edgar said, and they all hopped on a bird and exited through the stable doors to outside. As they herded into the Phantom forest whispers went up around them but the birds feet were stamping too hard for them to notice. Until- Whiff!

"Look out!" Locke shouted. An arrow flew through the sky towards Terra and Gau, he leaped off of the bird rolling into the under-brush but the arrow grazed Terra's arm knocking her off the bird, "Terra!?" they shouted turning around to go back for her but more arrows came followed by a flood of soldiers they began to attack them with their sword, axes, and bare hands atop their birds.

Edgar knocked a Templer Soldier off his bird but went down with him in the collision, they broke into a savage sword fight and in the end Edgar came out triumphant with a few little cuts. "I can't believe these ruffians are so close to my castle," Cyan was saying. "don't let any of them get by!" He used his swordtech slicing soldiers in two with one swing.

Locke blocked an arrow with his shield and knocking it out of the way as he swung his boomerang around the woods knocking soldiers to the ground one of them was coming right towards him, Locke stood up on his bird and jumped on top of the man knocking him to the ground and stabbing him with the assassin. 'Why can't I help them? I can't just sit here and watch them all get hurt, but if I reveal my secret ohhh. Why does this have to be so hard?' Terra thought watching the fight. As she stood up she moved her hand showing that her arm was completely healed.

Battle cries went up in the air as the men disappeared from the fight, when it was all over they froze and looked around. "Is that all of them?" asked Locke looking around. "I think so..." Edgar replied. They re-mounted their birds. "Is everyone okay?" He asked looking at them. "I'm alright," Locke said "Cyan?" "I am fine." He replied then asked, "Terra?" "Yes, I'm- Gua? Where's Gua?!" They looked around the forest with their eyes. "Gaaauuu?!" Terra shouted.

* * *

With the others they're arriving at Figaro castle once again. "We should take a nice nap," Sabin was saying as they walked inside. "this could be a tiring week." Sabin went down the stairs to the man that takes them to Kohlingen while he was busy with that Celes and Setzer stood in the hall waiting 'I really wanna see Grandpa Strago, but, Edgar says no....'

"Hey Relm, I'm sorry about being so mean before...I was being a little high strung" Setzer said apologizing to her but she was lost in thought. "Relm...?" "Huh? Oh it's okay, I'm already over it, I mean I'd wanna make Edgar happy too so don't worry about it."

"You're awfully quiet though, is something wrong?" Celes asked her, feeling the girls head. "Hey, come on, can't a girl just not wanna talk?" Relm replied swatting at her hand. "Sorry." Celes said sadly.

The castle jerked and started to move. "Guess this starts the first day of hell?" Setzer said. Celes gave him an odd look. Shadow was looking at Relm stare into space and it seemed as if he knew what she was thinking. When the castle came to a brief hault, Relm took her chance and wandered into the prison room's cell and into the tunnel un-detected. As the castle started to move again they walked down into the room with Sabin.

"Hey guys," he was saying when he saw them "we're almost there." "I think something might be wrong with Relm, she's being too quiet." Celes said to him crossing her arms across her chest. "Oh yeah?" He looked around. "Where is she?" "Probably still upstairs." Setzer replied. "Maybe she really wants to see her Grandpa that bad and she's kinda down from it, I'll have a talk with her when we get to the village, you guys can take a rest for a while." And so that was the plan, or so they thought, because there wasn't going to be a talk with Relm. She had already been on her way back to through the tunnels and back to the surface to head to Nikea.

"Well, we're here," Sabin said when they finally stopped. "see you two later." They went into the main part of the castle and to the bed room for a quick rest, while Sabin looked around for Relm.

"Relm?.....Hey Kid where are you?" He walked into the kings room remembering how much she adored his brother he thought she might naturally go to his room, but she wasn't there. "Well where is she?" He walked around the castle searching every room. "Relm? Hey Reeelm? Relm arrony?" He laughed out until he realized just what was going on. "Hey guys..."

Chapter 8.

"I can't believe she would sneak off like that," Celes said a little annoyed at Relm’s actions. "I mean when did she do it, how?" "She must have left when we hit the crossings under the castle, that little scamp." Sabin said punching his fist into his palm. "No need to let her slow us down, I say we leave without her." Setzer said callously.

"Setzer, show some heart" Celes ordered. "And you know what else?" They gave him a questioned look. "Shadow is missing too."

"Fantastic! Why don't we just lose our whole party!" Setzer said leaving the room in a huff. "Why's he so angry?" Sabin asked Celes who had turned and looked out a window. "How should I know, inner frustrations I guess...we really should go. It's getting dark outside and that isn't good for anyone." "You're right, Setzer?!" He shouted in the back room to him. "Lets go!" He re-joined them and they left the castle and headed for the woods near Kohlingen.

* * *

I have to make it home? Now which ship was it again?" Relm asked herself out loud as she walked through the town cave that leads to South figaro. She lit her way with a torch that she'd taken from the wall. "I wish I weren't alone in this, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do." She heard a rustle behind her and gasped.

"But she still has to keep a buddy for safety, aaahhh!! " She ran through the cave and right into a battle. A grease monk threw a wrench at her and she was hit. "Ah! " She took out one of her old rainbow paint brushes and made a sketch of him tossing the wrench right back and killing it. "I...did it... I did it! " She jumped and cheered like she were dancing. "Swoo, calm down Relm, you'll be alright by yourself." She walked along trying to avoid more battles, she'd like to get to her Grandfather in one piece, but she had this weird feeling that someone was following her.

When she made it out of the cave there was just a short run through the field to the South and she would take the next boat back to Nikeah then to Thamasa. 'I hope I have enough money.'

Rhinox! He used a scratch attack on her and she blocked it with her shield. She made a quick sketch of it and sent the scratch back but it wasn't enough! She tried again to use something different but she had no control over it and used scratch again. She realized that it might be too strong for her grabbed her things and ran.

When she got to the town she went straight to the docks paid the man and took the boat to Nikeah. 'Don't worry grandpa I won't let the excitement pass you by, and I won't let you worry about me from some letter about a war that might start up if we can't stop it. I hope....we can stop it....' she bundled herself up and went to sleep.

* * *

That night. The group had made their way through every inch of the forest and there was no sign of soldiers or secret bases. Near Kohlingen anyway there was still the area around Jidoor.

"Dammit! You think by now we would have seen something, other than your typical confused animals gone bad." Sabin, obviously bored said leaning his back against a mountain side. "you're right," Setzer agreed only subtler.

"Maybe they haven't made it this far yet?" Celes tried to think of a logical explanation. "We should have seen something by now." he leaned against the wall just then same only-... "Whao! Oof! " He slammed face first into the ground. "Setzer!" Sabin and Celes gasped.

"Owww" He groaned getting up dusting himself off. "What the bloody-... guys have a look at this!" They pushed their hands against the wall feeling for an entrance. "Where are you?" Celes asked just as she was being grabbed by his hand, she pulled Sabin along with her and when they were inside they couldn't believe their eyes. "Look at all this gold!" Sabin cried. "Where did it all come from?" Celes wondered out loud.

There was a tiny little work shop; it seemed, set up in the mountain, like a planning room. "All these maps ......" Setzer picked one up wide-eyed. "Look at this...." He showed them a map with red markings on them. "these maps must mark every base on the continent. They must already be out there full-filling their missions." "You think so?" Celes asked looking over his shoulder. Setzer shrugged his theory and stuck the map in the back of his pants.

"Llllets, get out of here, okay? I feel a bit un-easy." she said rubbing the draft from the entry off her arms. They walked to the entry way and slid out when they were out in the sun light. "Having fun? " They wasted no time in the attack, they couldn't let the map get taken. Celes fought bravely with her Regalcutglass. Setzer used his slot to his advantage, taking out three of the soldiers with his mega flare. Sabin used his training grabbing a soldier slamming him to the ground with a suplex.

Men were jumping off the mountain side, pulling out swords ready to attack. "Stand back!" Sabin shouted raising his arms for an attack. "Air Blade! " A strong wind picked up around them, slicing the remaining men in half. "Lets, go show the others." Sabin said in his exhaled breath. "Yeah." They agreed following him.

Chapter 9.

The Phantom train was no longer there so they had to make their way to Barren Falls by following the tracks.

"I can't believe that Gau would wonder off like that," Terra said picking a leaf from her hair and dropping it to the ground. "I'm sure sir Gau is fine, Terra." Cyan tried to comfort her. "He may have been scared and run back to the castle."

"You're right, Gau is fine," Locke says putting his arm around her shoulder which was a little hard from across a bird that wanted to walk a little faster.

"I wonder how the others are doing?" Edgar said up ahead of the group. "It's getting pretty dark." Cyan walked up ahead to catch up with Edgar. "Maybe we should set up camp?" He asked in question. "No, not right here. We should make our way to the Veldt first than we sleep." Hearing their conversation Terra sped up with Locke doing the same.

When they passed the others they sped up as well. "Hey guys, wait up!" They traveled as fast as they could be carried until they hit Barren Falls. "You know the drill." Locke jumped off the cliff side with Terra following. "I guess no one told them that they have a walking path to the bottom now." Cyan patted the birds on their sides and sent them back to Doma. "Shall we, sir? Cyan asked. "By all means, after you." They walked down the path to the Veldt.

* * *

"What took you guys so long?" Locke said panting and wiping hair from his wet forehead. "We took the path." Edgar said with a sly smile. "Are we going to stay in town?" Terra asked. "Mhm mm, too risky. We better camp out in a cave somewhere around here.”

They walked over to the mountain that lined the waters edge and looked for a cave to camp out in. "Found one!" Locke announced and they walked inside setting up their sleeping bags. "Good night everyone." Edgar said to them. "Good night." They replied and went to sleep.

As everyone drifted off to sleep, Edgar remained awake staring into the dim light coming from the cave entrance. 'Can I be so responsible?' He thought 'Can I be as adult in this type of situation again? ha! Me?....A leader.....A king.....A friend....A person. My young life taken, all by the flip of a coin for a place in life that I thought I wanted.'

He began to remember that night their father had died, when he and his brother had to decide who took the thrown, Sabin had rebeled aching to keep his youth while he had been eager to be an be like his father, a beloved ruler of the land, but he also wanted to keep himself normal, to be a good friend, instead of becoming power hungry like other kings in the lands.

'I have done that....but to what extent? What if I had been the one who left?.....Would I be feeling this fear of failure to protect when needed every time?....No, I'd be right along with the rest of them just hoping for the best outcome- trusting my abilities rather than the thought of my duties to serve as leader..... could I?' He rolled over on his back with his arms behind his head and stared quietly into darkness.

"What's that noise?" He said to himself. It sounded like music? But where was it coming from? Edgar got up from his sleeping bag and walked to the mouth of the cave. 'It is music!' He looked around the best he could and felt for Locke’s bag. When he got it he dumped the contents out and searched for something. "I hope he kept them," He whispered out loud. "ah, here they are." He smiled at the fist full of clothes that belonged to the soldier Locke had taken them from.

He went outside and slid them on, when he was done he tried to look into the river for his reflection by the moonlight. Nothing but a shadow. "Guess this is as good a time as any to trust those abilities." He marched across the field to where the sound was coming from.

There was a shack by the hills, surrounded by dirt walls. 'What are they doing in there?' He thought to himself as he peered over the clumps of dirt. Edgar moved closer to the window and looked in....they were having some kind of party. It was a bar, there was music, women dancing, what was going on?

A group of soldiers were heading to the entry way and Edgar used this chance to slip in un-noticed. "Yeah, did you see the look on those fools faces when we pounced on them?! "

The soldier laughed loudly. "Oh, p-p-pleeease don't hurt us! Ha ha haa!" Edgar walked over to the bar and sat down trying to be casual, the bar tender gave him an odd stare, but asked his order anyway. "What'll it be?" He wiped out a mug and turned around. "Um..." He cleared his throat. "Any type of rum would be nice." The man mumbled something he didn't hear and he surveyed the place with his eyes twisting himself on the stool seat.

'Filth...' He thought and as he skimmed the room his eyes came across a dart board with a picture of him on it. He looked rather annoyed by this, "What's next on the list? " One of them asked. He turned back around the right way hearing his mug slam down on the counter.

"That filthy town, Mobliz a distance away, might as well start close if we're gonna take over this place" he continued listening in on the conversation. "To the Empire." He said false hearted raising his mug and taking a drink.

"Saaay," The bar tender began to say. "You new around here?" "Why no, I-..Oof! " A soldier smashed a chair against his back pushing his stomach into the bar counter. He groaned in pain trying to stand up and fight, but as he pulled out his sword he suddenly felt dizzy. "Ohhh, what's-....happening? Am I drunk?" He held his head hearing the soldiers laughs fly up.

"How'd you like your drink your highness?" He sneered at him. "Get him!" Edgar swung around blindly but missed every time. The soldiers were getting live with excitement from the thought of fresh returner blood.

They pushed him around the room and as he was shoved to one of the men, he was kicked in the stomach and dropping to his knees he was bashed again over the back, thinking it were over he shook the sick feeling standing up in battle stance. "Lets go." Edgar said bravely. He wouldn't go, not without a fight! Not now. Not ever!

He whipped out his newest weapon that had just been made, an auto-crossbow with flame arrows, his aim was a little shaky but he fired. "Look out!" Soldiers leaped out of the way and some of them blocked his fires. "Aaahhhhh!!!! " One of them cried, dropping to the floor trying to put himself out. The drug was too strong for him causing him to stumble backwards and fall against the wall. "He's ours! " A Templer guard said, but, when they advanced on him. Flash! A huge white light lit up the entire place. There was a loud buzzing sound over head. Edgar shielded his eyes to see what it was along with the soldiers.

Bum Rush! With a flash the room was in a battle! "AAHH!! " Soldiers shouted. "Neveeerrrr!! " Locke broke a chair over a mans head then smashed his face into a table. "Ooooo! " Cyan jumped into the air using his Schimitar. Celes was kicked in the back but spun around and returned the gesture in the stomach, the soldier rolled over a table and he stabbed him with a Illumina.

Sabin punched a soldier into the corner of the wall and gave him a full faced pummel attack. Terra ran over to Edgar lying delirious in a corner. "Are you OK?" "Just a little bruised," he said getting a helping hand to stand up. "I think-" he stammered out. "I think they're gonna torch Mobliz." "What?!"

She couldn't believe her ears! "Come on, Terra!" Locke's voice shouted. "We gotta go!" She couldn't hear him she was blinded by anger. Sabin slipped his arms around his brother, "I got him," he started for the door as the bright light faded away, but, she wasn't listening. "Terr' what are you doing?" Sabin asked watching her.

A heat began to grow around her body as she spread her arms walking to the center of the room pulling heat in, she then brought her hands together like a prayer and she began her command....." Phoenex Fire Strike! " The others ran for the door as the place went up in a blaze.

......To Be Continued

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