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I am going to die. I am already dead.
by KaiserVonAlmasy

No chance to be human when you have a title
I am an instrument, a means to your end.
A thing; An "it"; Your avenue to the throne.
The road once traveled is left to decay.
I have outlived my usefulness, haven't I?
I am going to die. I am already dead.

You swore devotion to me, and spoke of love
Hiding forever what you truly thought of
Me, and all the others who were in your way
Princes and Priests, their price mortal to pay
Punished for their faith in you, and I trusted too
I am going to die. I am already dead.

You're coming with flowers, but roses have thorns
A large metal thorn surely hangs at your side.
My time is imminent, my fate long since set
Soon I will slumber, but I'm not sleeping yet
What repercussions can possibly restrain me now?
I am going to die. I am already dead.

Your smile is hollow and your face is a mask
You'll make me the next, but I can make me the last
My roses now have metal thorns as well
As you send me to Heaven, I'll send you to Hell
I stab, for I'm doomed, but I'm no longer fooled
I am going to die. I am already dead.

It hurts and it bleeds, but it's not quite enough
You'll live to remember this day. Luck is tough.
Remember that I saw not flowers, but the serpent beneath.
Not blinded, not fooled, never going to love you.
Now I shall die, but you I'll still forever defy
I am not afraid to die. I'm already dead.

Delita's Poem

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